Steve Lesnard, Product Marketing Using Digital Technology

Digital technology has changed the way businesses market their products because of the many amazing benefits. On the other hand, while using digital techniques has numerous advantages it can be counterproductive if not used properly. Brands that leverage digital techniques properly are those that put the needs of their consumers first and are the main focus on all their strategies. Product marketing strategies that are successful are those that have clear benefits and are of value. Steve Lesnard gives brands effective ways they can market their products using technology. According to Lesnard, there are two main principles that one can use to market their product effectively. The following are the two main principles.

  1. Simplify to make the product memorable

The main goal of marketing is to ensure that consumers remember your brand each time they want the specific product you are selling. One way to ensure that you are memorable to your target audience is by keeping it simple. The introduction of your product should be clear and outlines the consumer benefits. A good example is the iPod campaign whose slogan is 10k songs in your pocket. The focus of this slogan is on the benefit of having music on your phone anywhere anytime. This slogan has stuck among many music lovers worldwide. This communication strategy worked effectively as it tapped into the emotions of the target audience.

  1. Bring it to life to make it real

Another principle that Steve Lesnard offers is by making the whole marketing experience real. This relates to the consumer experience and how they receive it. One effective way of making the product alive is by the use of videos. You can create videos on the product to act as adverts showing its numerous benefits. Another way is by using testimonies from other consumers as a way to show your new customers of the value of the product. Many people prefer purchasing products they can relate to and using testimonies is one way to do this. People want real-life experiences with products before making that decision to purchase.

Therefore, as you prepare for your next campaign, put these into consideration and you are bound to succeed.

Article Title: Continues Its Southeast Asian Expansion

Article Text:

Over the past decade or so, also known as Jingdong, has managed to grow exponentially. The company was initially started as a small storefront in Beijing and has since managed to bloom into an e-commerce giant that Forbes magazine recently estimated to be worth over $11 billion. Through this time, the company has also attracted more than 100 million active users, a base which has been steadily growing every year. The majority of this has been because of Jingdong’s dedication to customer service, but also because of a few key partnerships, investments and innovations that the company has made.

In the past few years specifically, has been expanding across Southeast Asia, with the first of these steps being an investment in Tiki, Vietnam’s leading B2C e-commerce business. Not long after this, the retail giant launched an Indonesia e-commerce platform that’s been growing steadily in the few short years since it was established. Now, however, Jingdong is furthering this expansion with a move into Thailand by partnering with the Central Group, who have a significant amount of experience in the area. The pair launched a beta version of their JD CENTRAL e-commerce site in June of last year for a select amount of users.

The platform includes products in a variety of different areas, including the likes of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as cosmetics, as well as fashion products and home appliances and much more. Over the following few months, and the Central Group were able to collect a significant amount of data about how their customers shop. Perhaps one of the most surprising things that they’ve found out is that Chinese products are quite popular in Thailand. According to Jiangdong, some of the top selling brands on the JD CENTRAL platform have been Chinese business like Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, and Lenovo, as well as a few others.

Furthermore, and the Central Group also realized that 80% of users were accessing the platform through a mobile device. Coupled with a variety of other information, the pair were able to optimize and improve JD CENTRAL Group to best meet and exceed customer expectations.

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Know These 5 Fantastic Methods For Media Outreach Campaign

Getting to the media entails a very long procedure. Approaching them the ideal way through nurturing simply is 1 part of this sporting activity.

If you ‘d like your media outreach to come to be flourishing, you need to realize there are things which you need to learn. You have to show your abilities and also plan to speak about whatever you are and whatever you’re doing. Convincing them that you must be dependable in the market is the secret.

Right here are 5 tips that can assist you win your project:

TIP # 1: Are you the one they call for?

Have you got essential statistics or research study to review?

Do not simply keep necessary details within the cupboard– press reporters such as visuals. For them to appreciate you, show them that you have actually obtained crucial facts and characters, not simply your message. Supply them professional tests, graphes, stats or product demo clip which could be valuable for their narrative.

TIP # 2: be prepared to work together.

Reporters are always trying to find breaking up and also relevant information. They do not need stories which are boring and lack recommendations.

They’re constantly on-the-go, hitting their target dates and continually on the search for excellent tales. They are specialist in their field and also have actually mastered their jobs effectively.

Are you prepared to collaborate? To make sure that you’ll be found, show off which you are likewise an authority in your arena. Know your brand name, market, as well as industry.

TIP# 3: Strive.

If you wish to be successful in your media outreach, after that you have to help this. “Rome isn’t constructed over night.”

Share significant information. Blog site best press release distribution  on a regular basis. Interact with your audiences. Handle your standing. Be active on the societal sites. It is not restricted to what was pointed out.

TIP # 4: Know your media market.

Are you targeting the national or local media? Be specific in targeting that kind of media you are most likely to operate.

When releasing your effort, you should certainly know which sort of market you are likely to achieve. Is it an area paper, radio broadcasting, publications that are local? If you’re prepared to permeate the federal market, ensure you’re aggressive.

There are a bargain extra competitions from the residential industry, however with much more, amazing rewards should you succeed. The press launch is one way you’re able to reach tens of countless news as well as media electrical outlets in no more than one rock. Keep in mind that it calls for expertise, abilities and a great amount of investment.

Tip # 5: Be well-informed regarding the various kinds of media.

To succeed with your media effort, you Need to Know the differences in between these 3 Sort of networking:

Profession Media: It’s the biggest networking as it aims almost anything utilizing a precise audience or details industry. It might contain meetings with sector professionals, detailing posts and also FAQ inquiries and also customer inquiries.

Regional Media: It’s a media electrical outlet which starts in the city, city or area. It is frequently an amazing location to begin your networking project. It’s outstanding for covering stories taking place locally, or you wish to align with regional news that’s currently making waves at the headlines.

National Media: In situation you’re striking a significant susceptability, then this is the excellent networking for you.

The Way Hiring Media Outreach Services Can Assist During a PR Crisis

Public Relations agencies or Public Relations boutique firms are in control of media prep work, marketing, media outreach and some other interactions of any kind of company venture. Throughout any kind of public relationships disaster, getting a Public Relations service makes sure that the problem can be addressed suitably by reducing the damages and keeping the company’s brand picture.

If you do not require to lose your business over a disaster, search media outreach solutions which might assist you throughout those vital times. A PR agency handles your Public Relations emergency situation administration, as well as aids you with:

1. Accepting the responsibility for the trouble.

Whenever your company experiences an internet backlash or inadequate reviews which have escalated to a significant issue, do not conceal. Rather, address it promptly to lower the damage.

Just take obligation for your problem, based upon Forbes.

Immediately answer all bother with your organisation. Do not say with any person.

Make sure that you discuss it to your social networking web pages. This produces the impact that you are on top of this circumstance. When you talk about the upgrades with the general public, they keep their confidence as you maintain your integrity despite the troubles.

2. Beat the top of this narrative.

As a brand-new brand name, you want to prove you could care for the scenario. To be able to quit the circumstance by exploding, do anything you intend to do.

If you’re the president or the Chief Executive Officer of a company, instantly upload an apology, either communications or anything is needed. Be applicable, behave as promptly as possible.

3. Continue beyond mentioning sorry.

Issuing a declaration which states” I will look at what” is not the solution that individuals wish to speak with you.

As an example, let them comprehend that you’re modifying plans and guidelines.

It counts a great deal before your faithful customers turn away from their brand name.

4. To be liable and also transparent.

In the realm of their social media, it’s important to get track record management to secure a brand’s validity. Throughout a situation, producers should stay clear, answerable as well as proactive. That is to state; they ought to find out exactly how to admit, approve the duty and also ask forgiveness.

5. Get ready for social networking strikes.

Sadly, some little services disregard this truth.

Even you aren’t energetic on the social sites, do not feel the trouble can not go viral. Make sure you intend making use of a Public Relations service concerning just how it is feasible to deal with these circumstances. Prepare a technique and also modify it when called for.

6. Crisis Management Public Relations

When a brand-new comes under assault, it’s very difficult to limit their online reputation on the net. Their credibility for a brand might be destroyed in a minute whenever these things occur.

They’re seasoned and certified in shielding against attacks and also protecting the image of brands or individuals.

They might help in the method you have the ability to develop approaches to take care of the most awful case scenarios during an attack. When you find the aid of PR business, they can help you in recovering your image quickly complying with a case.

As an instance, if your organization became a heading due to an industrial crash which declared lots of lives, a PR firm can aid by advocating national and also neighborhood meetings. On the other hand, the method isn’t to consume everything and also do nothing.

A PR company can suggest that you release, best press release distribution to manage the matter. You will accept meetings with the media to be able to clean out things.

Performing instantly can cleanse an individual in addition to the brand’s standing. A great Public Relations management can make certain you can resist throughout a disaster.

Donata Meirelles advice on fashion: aroma in the house

Businesses try to maintain their identity of their brands by having an account with registered fragrance in order to make their clients to always have a memory of the times they were in the enterprise the time they smell the fragrance. Donata Meirelles is a professional in offering fragrant homes from the times of Daslu, where the environment was always filled with a good aroma which makes you to miss it again.

You need perfumes as part of your life during the summer times. Channel perfume is a French mason colon that is made available in the stores in Brazil. The perfume has the ability of making you escapism and travel, whether physically or mentally, and it gives respect to three maritime towns that have made part of the founder of the brand.

Pari Deauville is a path to the fresh pasture with orange, patchouli and basil notes that make the town of Normandy which was the first one to get a Chanel shop in 1913. Paris Biarritz, is known to be the most aquatic from the three and it has a enticing component of grape fruit, lily of the valley, tangerine, white musk and vetiver. Paris Venise is mostly for ladies and the perfume has a note of cedar, red fruits, amber, iris and geranium. This helps to boost the revenue of the season.

There are three more citrus scents you need to know and that are new in the market. One of the new fragrances is Hwyl. This is a second edition of the Bernabe perfumer and it is motivated by the mossy gardens of the forests in Japan. The perfumer said that Hwyl fragrance has the colon with a sense of solitude and rescue in natural way and it creates the ability of smelling a wide range of potent extracts. The perfume is best choice to migrate from day to night time using the same colon.

Donata Meirelles said that she has found the best place to always have the candle lit is at the door area of the house. This makes you and your guests to be welcomed by the aroma as soon as you enter the house in a cozy and intimate way. She went on saying that she further lights a candle in the main room and another in the library area and the wash room too.

However, Donata Meirelles advices that it is not good to have a candle in bedroom since they can make you get sick and distract your sleep too.

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Rebel Wilson is Confident With Who She Is

Rebel Wilson just celebrated her 39th birthday, and she celebrated with a little catzercise. She dinned fuzzy kitty ears and armbands as she had fun with her friends and she even baked a cake. Her pics on Instagram picked some interest and is a reminder that she will be starring in her upcoming movie, Cats.

Rebel Wilson is always the star of her own show no matter where she is, it seems. She is bubbly, charismatic, sexy, and her personality is infectious. She is very successful and is living the celebrity lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that she is obnoxious.

Rebel Wilson is still sweet as ever, and she has also retained her integrity. She doesn’t let the many pressures of Hollywood get to her, and she refuses to do anything that is against what she believes in or stands for such as get naked in front of the cameras. She is a strong woman, and she is a wonderful example of what a strong woman should look like and what one would do.

Rebel Wilson even has her own trendy clothing line for plus-sized women. She was not sure if designing clothes would be her things but turns out that she is pretty good at it and plus-sized women everywhere have her to thank for their stylish duds.

Rebel Wilson has settled into her new lifestyle of fame and popularity, but she hasn’t let it change her. She is still the same girl that everyone has always known, and her own success is inspiring to others who want to find their own success.

Rather than change her figure like so many people do tend to do to fit in with Hollywood’s mold of what people should look like, she has decided to embrace it and to even use it to her advantage. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She has found something that works for her, and she is proud of who she is which is why she doesn’t feel as if she needs to change in any way. Rebel Wilson isn’t insecure, and she loves who she is and just the way she is.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong- The Owner Of The Largest e-Commerce Firm

Article Text:

Richard Liu, also known as Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and the CEO of, the largest e-commerce platform in China. Currently, is worth close to $60 billion while Liu is reported to have accumulated a wealth of over $11 billion according to Forbes. Through the success of the, Liu has attracted major investors such as Walmart, which owns 12 percent of the In 2017, invested in Farfetch with the aim of capitalizing on the opportunities in the luxury fashion industry.

Richard Liu graduated from the People’s University of China with a degree in sociology. However, he spent a lot of time studying computer programming and other computer science related disciplines. Upon graduation, Richard Liu secured employment with Japan Life, a health product company where he held a number of positions including those of director for business and director for computers.

In 1998, Richard Liu Qiangdong started a solo business by setting up a shop to sell computer accessories. His first business was known as “Jingdong” after his name and that of his first girlfriend. In by 2003, Jingdong owned 12 stores all dealing with computer accessories. However, at the same time, there was a SARS outbreak that forced workers and customers to remain home-bound. Due to this outbreak, businesses were affected forcing Liu to reconsider the mode of operating his business. In 2004, Jingdong transitioned into an e-commerce business and renamed Richard Liu closed all the physical stores to focus on e-commerce exclusively.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was determined to make a difference in the industry by establishing a business that would correct the mistakes of other businesses that existed and before. He noticed that many businesses that were doing e-commerce before used to engage in business malpractice such as priced cheating and fake items. Richard Liu created the difference by investing in quality consumer goods sold at the right price.

In 2014, Tencent, the owner of WeChat acquired a 15 percent stake in However, the deal involved using WeChat social network to market its services to over a billion active WeChat users. In the same year, went public in the United States under NASDAQ.

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Article Title: Richard Liu, CEO Of The Widely Known eCommerce Site.

Article Text:

While many people have heard of the eCommerce site,, some may have yet to learn about it’s CEO and founder, Richard Liu. Liu was recently named on Fortune 500 List of World’s Greatest Leaders in 2016. This was following his hand in bringing to be listed on NASDAQ in 2014. Since this award, stock prices have surged giving Liu a net worth of USD $12.7 billion. Liu has been with since 2004. In 2005 Liu closed down all physical store locations to focus on eCommerce, a decision which was heavily rewarded by the eCommerce business as a whole taking of soon afterwards.

Liu holds sociology degree from Renmin University of China. He was born in Suqian, Jiangsu, China and currently lives in Beijing. He met his wife, Zhang Zetain, while studying at Columbia University and has been married to Zetain since 2015.

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Article Title: Susan McGalla Explains the Role of Women in Business

Article Text:

During the last century, women have made substantial advances in the world of business and power across the world. There are more women in high profile positions today, than ever before. Susan McGalla is only of many recent examples of the heights women can reach in the modern world. There have been numerous studies showing the boundless potential in a workplace with a diversity staff team. Susan McGalla story is awe inspiring for a rising generation of young individuals who feel more empowered than at any point in history.

The story of Susan McGalla begins in her childhood. She grew up in a male dominated family where she had to rise up to the challenge. Her father was a football coach and in a environment surrounding my male siblings, she was not given any special favors. This allowed her to develop a sense of pride and ambition like few other women. She knows nothing is impossible with handwork, that includes breaking the all important glass ceiling in the business industry. Her career has taken her to countless impossible place. It began with American Eagle Outfitters, where he would obtained the president position before moving on. The next step was forming her own company P3 Executive Consulting. This business is designed to give high level professional consulting to major business. She has an active contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla’s leadership has given the Pittsburgh Steelers a renewed growth of popularity. Fan interaction is up through ticket and merchandise sells. The glass ceiling is possible to break for any individual who seeks to take themselves to new heights. There are programs where women can connect with each other and boost up each of their reputation in the market. Sponsorship programs have women the chance to reach equal status to males.

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Edwin Miranda: (R)Evolution In Marketing

Not many successful businessmen are ready to provide help to those who are just beginning the business of their own. But this is the story of a different man.

Edwin Miranda is an ambitious and very talented entrepreneur. He is the founder and a Chief Executive of KOI IXS marketing agency. His agency is mostly focused on various brands campaigns in order to clients reach more of intended consumers. While Edwin Miranda is in charge of the management, the company has been ranked as one of the top marketing agencies. He can grate on the company’s success to his good choice of designers, and content creators he gathered in his company. He is also a very innovative man that incorporated technology into his business.

Waiting For The Right Moment

Sometimes, one has to be patient and still very determined in personal goals.

Edwin Miranda’s idea of company KOI IXS came up to his mind when he was just 21. His ambition and major efforts took him into a path to the realization of his idea. His marketing agency was continuously growing and expanding its business and also its influence.

The number of clients was increasing which led to a high rise in the agency’s profit. Very much self-confident, Edwin Miranda claims that KOI IXS will be the leader in the evolution of marketing and innovations trends in the marketing business. Good prediction.

And speaking of predictions, do you know what predictive marketing is?

Concept Of Predictive Marketing

This concept is based on using available data from customers in order to predict future market trends and possibilities. Edwin Miranda thinks predictive marketing should be represented both in large companies as well in small business enterprises.

He considers predictive marketing as a major tool for successful marketing. His extensive experience and knowledge in this field make him a referent advisor in this area.

His greatness is in helping and motivating small businesses and young entrepreneurs.

Miranda always advise them to set realistic and achievable goals and to keep working on them.

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