Organo Gold’s PSL Recipe

A classic pumpkin spice latte recipe was released by the organic coffee company, Organo Gold. This delicious-sounding recipe was released as part of a series, to celebrate International Coffee Day. A pumpkin spice latte, or PSL, is a great autumn drink with classic fall flavors.

To start, generously sprinkle pumpkin spice mix into your coffee grounds. This infuses them with the cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spicy flavors. To double down on the pumpkin flavor, add a slice of fresh pumpkin to the coffee water while it is heating. This will develop a greater pumpkin taste and balance some of the spicy sweetness. You can leave the coffee as in, after brewing normally, or create an ultimate beverage – according to Organo Gold’s website.

Add the brewed coffee to the blender, with a scoop of pumpkin pie filling or pumpkin puree. Add milk or cream, plus more sugar. You can blend this together and serve hot or add ice to make the drink more refreshing. The combination of cream and pumpkin will make this beverage incredibly creamy.

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Luke Lazarus, A Serial Entrepreneur, Knows How To Help Businesses Succeed

The majority of new businesses that start up quickly fail and Luke Lazarus knows that and is eager to help new businesses find ways to succeed. While many others have failed with their businesses, Luke Lazarus is one of the rare people who has been able to not only find success with one business but several.

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He is known as a serial entrepreneur because of his great work with his businesses. He could have continued starting up companies of his own and finding great wealth through doing that but decided that he would rather help others make their business dreams come true.

Luke Lazarus created four successful companies before the age of thirty-five and has become a consultant. He believes in using analysis, systems, and a variety of other things to help attract attention from customers.

One of the things that he believes are most important for a company is for it to develop an emotional connection with its customers. He wants each company that he works with to have a story and to tell that story well through its advertising.

Luke Lazarus says that he has worked with many talented people who weren’t thriving with their businesses because they didn’t have the skills that they needed to make them succeed. He says that business owners need to be knowledgeable to do well with financing and marketing.

They need to learn how to travel the world to get investors because, without good investors, they will never succeed. He believes that they need to learn how to quickly capture the attention of potential investors and that they need to make their businesses and the stories behind them as interesting as possible.

Luke Lazarus works internationally with all of the companies that need his consulting help. He is from Australia and attended the University of Melbourne, even though many universities around the world were interested in him and offered him scholarships.

He started in his career at the age of 24 and worked hard over the next eleven years to start four companies, sell them, and find himself with a great deal of wealth.

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He could have retired at that point or went on to make millions more but decided that he would rather help others. He knows that having a good vision for a business is important and encourages all of those he is working for to figure out what their vision is. When he is not working, he enjoys time with family, friends, and his dog.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

Expansion Helps Grupo RBS Become One Of Brazil’s Most Important Media OUtlets

When we look back at the history of the Grupo RBS media company we find ourselves drawn to a business that has grown from a single radio station to one of the world’s largest media outlets. Just how did a startup radio station find itself expanding across the state of Rio Grande du Sol in less than a decade and into Santa Catarina a further decade later? The Grupo RBS brand has never been seen to stand still and rest upon the laurels of the success it has achieved in the past.

In 1957, the Radio Gaucho station launched in the Southern Brazilan state of Rio Grande du Sol. The idea that the company would quickly outgrow Rio Grande du Sol was obviously not on the mind of Grupo RBS founder Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho when he named Radio gaucho as the term was local to Rio Grande du Sol. Just five years later, TV Gaucho was added and by the end of the first decade in operation what is now Grupo RBS had established its first newspaper.

The expansion within Rio Grande du Sol under the leadership of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho came at a fast pace with other radio stations purchased and added to the brand at regular intervals. It was in 1979 that the expansion into the neighboring state of Santa Catarina took place for the first time as the name of the brand was changed to Grupo RBS. The brand did not arrive in Santa Catarina with a small move, instead, the brand made its first move with the inauguration of the Florianopolis TV station, reports by

Since the rapid expansion of the Grupo RBS brand in Southern Brazil has also affected the movement of the brand into the rest of Brazil. The Grupo RBS brand has grown so quickly that it has become a traditional part of the Brazilian media landscape and continues to be so in the 21st-century. A move into mobile content has seen Grupo RBS become one of the leading global providers of digital media under the leadership of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer.


Just As In The Past, Marc Beer Is Once Again Leading A Company To Impressive Accomplishments:

Biotech and pharmaceutical industry business legend Marc Beer has built a career from helping people and leading companies to significant heights of success. He is also notable for his dedication to philanthropy. The career enjoyed by Marc Beer now spans more than thirty years and that time has seen him involved in major leadership roles as well as roles as a company founder. Recent years have seen him deeply involved in the most recent firm he has co-founded that is called Renovia. Marc Beer serves in this firm as its Chief Executive Officer and he is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors. 


With Renovia, Marc Beer is doing what he has done time and again in the past and working to help others to live better lives. In the case of this particular business venture, the focus is on finding new and innovative ways to better treat a condition that affects women known as the disorder of the pelvic floor. Marc has been using his tremendous resources and knowledge to grow this firm and he has established a truly outstanding team. He also recently put the firm through a Series B funding round which brought in a tremendous amount of money meant to be used in areas such as operating costs, and research into the development of new products. The first product that has come out from the Renovia team is Leva and it has already been approved by way of the FDA. This is a major feather in Marc Beer’s cap as far as the work he has done in quickly establishing this outstanding firm. This is by no means the first time that Marc Beer has managed to quickly grow a business that he has been involved with. The work he is doing with Renovia is typical of the type of success that he has become well known for. Learn more:


The first company of note that Marc Beer was involved in after his graduation from Miami University was a firm called Genzyme. This pharmaceutical firm was able to reach a much larger base of patients as a result of the work that Marc did as one of its Vice Presidents. He showed his impressive skills in the fields of marketing and sales during his tenure with Genzyme. The fact that he was able to help millions of people who were previously in a medically underserved situation also made a big impact on Marc Beer and this is something that has stayed with him over the years. 


Marc Beer took this experience with Genzyme and used it to help him build a company that he founded known as ViaCell. This firm did outstanding work in helping to facilitate vital research on stem cells collected from umbilical cord blood. This research was aimed at finding treatments for rare diseases. Marc Beer once again showed his ability to grow a business and from the 2000 founding to the year 2005, the company grew to include 300-plus employees. Marc Beer later sold the firm in 2007 for a substantial asking price. This was another example of the abilities that he continues to demonstrate in the work he is doing at Renovia.

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Dr. Tim Ioannides: The Remarkable Journey of a Exceptional Port St. Lucie Dermatologist

Dr. Tim Ioannides and the Foundation of Treasure Coast Dermatology

Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist with more than 15 years of experience. Although he started his medical career working under a plastic surgeon, he found that his passion was to treat individuals with a variety of chronic skin conditions, such as skin cancers and tumors, through medically-based dermatology. This sparked him to start Treasure Coast Dermatology. Currently, Treasure Coast Dermatology has multiple locations that serve individuals around Port St. Lucie, Martin, and Indian River County.

Throughout his medical career, he has demonstrated a caring manner and professional demeanor. He has thrived to provide each patient with personalized treatment to encourage and establish lasting relationships with his patients. Dr. Ioannides makes it a priority to stay informed about the most advanced treatments for skin conditions, and he was involved in research for a vaccine to treat skin cancer. Tim Ioannides specializes in Mohs surgery, which is thought to be the most effective way to treat the two most common types of skin cancer.

His Insights on Running a Successful Practice
When asked about how he manages to run a thriving practice, he explained that focusing on what the patient wants has been vital. Dr. Ioannides stated that he tries to interact with his patients as much as possible, and he is known for writing encouraging letters to his patients, which is rare in the medical community. He also said that keeping a positive environment among his staff has helped his practice flourish.

He has Shown Outstanding Dedication to Serve his Community
Not only has Dr. Ioannides saved many lives through effective medical care, he is an active member in his community. He donates to numerous organizations, and he also serves at the University of Miami School of Medicine as a Voluntary Associate Professor. He plays a key role at the University of Miami School of Medicine helping future dermatologists learn techniques regarding reconstructive surgery and dermatologic surgery.

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Prevagen: A Brain-Enhancing Nutritional Supplement

In modern society today, our day to day lives are filled with activities that stress us out so much we tend to tune out and go into auto-pilot.

Stress isn’t good for your health or your brain, to say the least, and so we are forced to find ways to manage stress while also boosting brain power during times when concentrating on a task is needed the most.

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A biotech company called Quincy Bioscience specializes in discovering and developing products that deal with aging. Specifically, they offer products that focus on cognitive health and memory. Founded in 2004, Quincy Bioscience has developed and produced Prevagen, a brain-enhancing nutritional supplement.

In a recent article dated October 22nd of 2019, we take a closer look at the dietary supplement. The article begins by stating that exercise and eating healthy are important in aging well, and this includes the brain. It then introduces Prevagen.

The article then reveals results conducted from a clinical study of the supplement. It says that the study was conducted over a “90-day period” with a “subgroup of adults with mild-age related cognitive impairment.”

This group was given Prevagen once a day during the 90-day period. The results reveal that improvements were made to “measurements related to memory.” This included improvements in “memory” and it also “supported healthy brain function …”

As briefly mentioned, “physical exercise and good nutrition” make beneficial contributions towards aging well. In line with this, Prevagen gives readers sound advice. They state that if you are lacking energy, “instead of grabbing a cup of coffee, try walking the stairs for 10 minutes.” They state that research shows evidence that “little spurts of exercise can do more for your energy levels than caffeine.” They continue and go into detail regarding the hippocampus in the brain.

Further in the article, it states that you can reduce stress by boosting brainpower. “Practicing yoga” is suggested and is said to aid in boosting brainpower. By doing so, it will bring your body (and your brain) a calming effect.” In addition to yoga and meditation, the article also provides a supplement list of “activities to exercise your body and brain.”

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The list includes learning a second language, playing a musical instrument, playing board games or other games like puzzles, gardening, and taking walks after dinner with a friend or loved one to just mention a few.

The article also mentions that socializing while exercising can also “improve your mood.” The article concludes in emphasizing that physical exercise is vital and to make it a “priority” for the “sake of your brain and overall health.”

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Commerce and Integrity: How Richard Liu Qiangdong Built

Richard Liu Qiangdong stands out in the business world for both his approach to his work and his success. He founded, one of the largest e-commerce businesses in China. Liu hopes that his story can help teach young people that they can do well in life while maintaining their integrity.

How He Started

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s family worked in the transport industry, but Liu himself began his business career with a restaurant. That business failed, but he moved on to found a retail company in 1988. That company would eventually become Richard Liu initially focused on sales in a physical storefront, but that changed when the SARS outbreak of 2003 threatened his employees. He experimented with digital sales and shipping his products as an alternative that avoided the risk of physical interactions during the outbreak.

The State of the Company

That simple choice became the foundation for the modern company. Richard Liu Qiangdong chose to focus on providing good service and quality products, which allowed to flourish. It currently stocks nearly every type of product that consumers may need and can deliver them to almost all of China within a day.

Plans for the Future is still growing. Richard Liu hopes to expand his operations until his business is the best in the world. He is currently focusing on expansion within Asia but hopes to spread outward until he has significant operations in every region. Liu’s expansion strategy relies on a mixture of local partnerships, acquisitions, and general growth, but the exact balance depends on each region’s unique characteristics.

Richard Liu also dedicates some of his time to speaking arrangements. Richard Liu Qiangdong often discusses his business and the industry as a whole, with a special emphasis on innovation and the practices that allowed him to succeed. Go Here for related Information.


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Sharon Prince Discusses the Prevalence of Forced Labor in the Modern World

For many years, there has been a widespread perception that slavery has been abolished on the face of the world. However, there seems to be an increase in slave workers in various parts of the world that have been given a new tag name to suit the agenda of the people exploiting other human beings. Sharon Prince, the president of Sharon Prince Grace Farms, a Connecticut-based nature environment, is spearheading a major movement that is geared towards eliminating forced labor on the face of the world.

An article with Garage entitled, “Visiting Grace Farms in New Canaan, Where Pleasure and Purpose Converge”, discusses how Grace Farms draws on the idealism that inspired early settlers to create a just and equitable society.

Sharon Prince has fought on a global scale to protect people from things like violence against women, child exploitation, and human trafficking. She fights peacefully within her company at Grace Farms to find a solution to many of the world’s problems. Sharon Prince is a globally recognized figure that champions to fight all cause no matter how big or small.

According to Sharon Prince, most of the companies in the United States and other parts of the world have been engaging in slavery activities for many years, and they have not been called out by the organizations managing the entire labor sector. This has worsened the situation and has strengthened the position of many companies that have been performing various activities that can be defined as forced labor.

Sharon Prince notes that forced labor in the modern world has taken a new shape, which is shielding it from the slavery term. She notes that most of the employees are working without breaks and for long hours than what has been stipulated in labor agreements. Various collective bargaining agreements have stipulated the number of hours an individual can work. However, most of the companies have already ignored this and are forcing employees to work late at night. See This Page for additional information.

There is also a changing trend where employees get punished when they do not report for work. This amounts to forced labor and modern slavery because workers are forced to report to work regardless of their health conditions. Poor working conditions, lack of protective working gears, and low compensation may also be used to explain forced labor in the world. Sharon Prince, through Sharon Prince Grace Farms is focused on ensuring that all traits of modern slavery are highlighted for publicity purposes.

Grace Farms is also one of the best places where families can spend their time in summer or vacations. With different activities to handle, there is never a boring moment at Grace Farms.


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HGGC is Putting Monotype Imaging Back on Top

The private equity firm HGGC has joined the list of many who have joined forces with older design media companies to help them make their comeback in this age of social media and technology-based design. Monotype Imaging is definitely at the top of those companies since they’re actually responsible for nearly all of the fonts used on Microsoft Word and many other platforms today. They’ve designed writing styles such as Arial and even Times New Roman, which is the current required font for most writing formats like MLA and APA.

So, obviously, they’ve had a huge impact on their market and definitely gained the most return in the beginning. But today it’s becoming more popular for older design companies to partner with bigger companies instead of trying to conform to design technology standards on their own. HGGC started buying shares at the perfect time, too. At its height, Monotype Imaging was valued at more than $33 per share in their company, but as things began to change, they steady fell in value. At the beginning of 2019, the company’s shares were only valued at $15 per share.

Luckily, HGGC came with the intent to help and not just acquire. They bought the shares offered to them by Monotype Imaging for $19.85 per share which was definitely a little more worth it for the company seeing as they hold the rights to well over 10,000 fonts that are still being used today. Monotype Imaging believes that their partnership with the HGGC firm will lead to nothing, but success and further growth for both businesses. It’s one of the biggest partnership deals currently because of the history the company has behind it. There are many deals happening just like it, but none are reaching its magnitude. They are set to increase the revenue for both companies by immense proportions and are both excited to show longtime supporters of Monotype Imaging what they will have in store for them in the next years to come as they work diligently with HGGC.