Doe Deere and Lime Crime Destined for Greatness


Lime Crime is a makeup product line begun by an intelligent young woman, a transplant from Russia, Doe Deere, who has single-handedly taken her brand and created a firestorm of interest and controversy. Lime Crime was started on Ebay in 2004 by Deere and thanks to her leadership and insight has never looked back. Deere is helping to rewrite the fashion standards for the brave new world we all inhabit. In interviews, Deere has blatantly gone against all the fashion rules. She is truly a rebel with a cause, and her cause is the advancement of her makeup company, Lime Crime, into a major player for cosmetic sales in America and Europe.

Deere is not without detractors, but the adage that all publicity is good for the product holds true and may even be a part of her business model. Deere’s revolutionary appearance, which you can see on her blog, with chiffon blue hair, expressive lips and eye makeup on top of her diminutive frame is seen everywhere that Lime Crime makes an appearance. The success of her makeup company is directly related to Deere herself. She was recently honored by being named as one of the “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” by Self Made Magazine.

The simple truth may be that Deere is an enigmatic and beautiful young woman whose life is fantasy and all people can relate to that sense of otherworldliness that is her playground. She has repeated in interviews that she is lucky to be playing like a child with colors and living the life of an artist, and a business mogul in her fantasy world. Deere has become an icon and her company, Lime Crime, is on its way to becoming a brand and garnering even greater success for Deere and more attention and credibility to her fellow unicorns who inhabit this fantasy world of business and life. Check out her product line on Doll’s Kill.

Ashton Kutcher and Mia Kunis among Celebrities who attended Philip Berg’s Funeral

Philip Berg was the chief dean of Kabbalah Center International, a not-for-profit organization that spread the teaching of Kabbalah throughout the world. He was among the key figures of the organization since 1956 enabling it to grow in size and reputation.
Rabbi Berg’s funeral was held in Safed, Israel. His burial brought together more than 5000 people dressed in white who came to give final respect to the rabbi. Berg died from a stroke that has been affecting his well-being since it first struck him in 2004. His age according to the medical records 84 years but the Kabbalah Center stated that he was 86 years old at the time of his death.

Berg expanded the traditional view of the Kabbalah Center on who could receive the Kabbalah teachings and their philosophy. While he believed that only a few selected scholars should receive the teaching, he maintained that the few should utilize the knowledge instilled in them to share the wealth of wisdom with all humanity.

Rabbi Berg had gained popularity over the years and influenced many people to adopt the Kabbalah teachings. The charismatic teachings of the center attracted many people to the Kabbalah teachings including renowned celebrities such as Madonna and Britney Spears.

Phillip Berg’s influence had a wide reach that saw a Hollywood couple, Ashton Kutcher and Mia Kunis, leave their busy schedule for September 18th to travel to Israel to offer their last respect to the rabbi. They were also accompanied by a renowned designer, Donna Karan.

Rabbi Berg was married to Karen who helped him in developing and running the Kabbalah Center. Together they had two sons, Yehuda and Michael. The two sons will continue with the leadership of the organization. With centers throughout the world, Yehuda and Michael have a lot of work ahead trying to fill the shoes of their late father.

The Kabbalah Center was founded to facilitate and spread the teaching of the values of Kabbalah. It succeeded in its cause and spread to reach many parts of the world. It established centers throughout Europe, South America, and North America.

The center enjoys the services of different international teachers that come from different cultural backgrounds who can relate to different people from various parts of the world.

Changing How Math Homework is Done

SOLVY is an online math homework platform that is starting to be used by schools, teachers, and students. Using this platform students are able to practice math problems that their teachers have picked out. This means that teachers are now able to assign exercises for students based on their needs.

Teachers will also get notifications when a student needs extra help, which is based on their homework performance. This new program is able to help save teachers time and improves their efficiency. SOLVY has just recently added Algebra I to their program software.

The tool is able to be used across many different devices. Students are able to use the interactive graphing tools. It also has the ability to show teachers how their student’s are solving each problem.

The man behind this new revolutionary homework tool is Alexei Beltyukov. He has founded many companies that include A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies, and Endemic Capital.

He started Endemic Capital in 2013 as a way to help provide funding for many Russian start-up companies. According to, Alexei Beltyukov created A-Ventures to help out companies that need financial assistance. In 2015, he was named the Cheif Operating Office at SOLVY. This company is an interactive online platform that helps students learn, explore and develop a passion for math.

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist, that graduated in 1997 from INSEAD with a Masters of Business Administration. He started the Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD, that has helped several other Russian students go to college. Alexei Beltyukov has formed lots of other organizations that are geared toward helping other Russians start businesses or attend business school.

Alexei has also worked alongside the Russian government to help give economic guidance.

This foundation gives grants and other opportunities for Russian technology start-ups. It is also used to help out entrepreneurs that are looking to extend their opportunities all throughout Russia.

What Russia Needs to Boost Their Economy

Educator and Skolkovo Foundation creator Alexei Beltyukov says Russia can get its economy out of the doldrums if they just follow his advise. Beltyukov insists that the Russian economy was on the slide before the clash with Crimea. Although there were predictions that things were on the up rise, it didn’t quite pan out that way.

The Russian market are shaken. The stock index dropping by 10 percent didn’t help. In fact, it is estimated that Russia lost some $7 billion. This is devastating in comparison to 2013 when only $63 billion was lost for the entire year.

Russia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has also slowed in the last few years. Although the prediction was a modest 3.2 percent, it turned out to be a dismal 1.2.

Alexei Beltyukov says something must be done immediately to help the situation. He says that businesses need more support from the government if they want to stimulate the economy. Beltyukov’s Skolkovo Foundation helps several entrepreneurs gain their footing. Consultation, business strategies and tax breaks are only a small part of what they receive.

Beltyukov says if he can do this, he knows others in Russia can do the same. “It’s all about inspiring people to do their best.” Through his foundation’s assistance, more than 10,000 jobs have been created.

The foundation has a passion for helping others. Beltyukov says he is hopeful that the Russian government will get on board and do their part. “A rising tide lifts all boats,” says Beltyukov. “If we have any chance of regaining what was lost, everyone in a position to do so must help.” Beltyukov is an INSEAD graduate, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about in that regard. Only time will tell if Russia will listen.

Mike Baur Has The Perfect Techniques In All Areas Of Business

Mike Baur is a man that has all the techniques to make any business grow. Regardless of what type of industry you have found yourself in, all you need is a willingness to start your own business in order for Mike Baur to help you. Mike Baur has many techniques to share, which he distributes through his company Swiss Start-Up Factory. Mike not only has the perfect techniques in investing and pay scales, but he also has fine skills in marketing and promotion.


Mike Baur began helping people at a young age. He gave a few tips here and there, and he watched the individuals that took his knowledge grow like wildfire. This is when Mike decided to give up his day job and help people on a full-time basis. Mike was scared at first, especially since the economy started to decline at the time he was going to leave his job. However, Mike knew this is what he was born to do, so he gathered some support individuals and in no time had his business up and running. Instead of staying in one spot, Mike decided to take his business on the road. He knows gives live lectures on this matter.


The Swiss Start-Up Factory is a company that is committed to helping all business owners all around the world. This is the best start-up factory in the world for a number of reasons. The first main reason is that the people behind this start-up factory have all found success with the principles they teach. These individuals have all had successful businesses at one time or another. These individuals have also helped dozens of people find success in their business even before getting hired by the Swiss Start-Up Factory. These individuals will never place any business owner in the wrong direction.

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The Swiss Start-Up Factory does not have high prices at all. In addition to this, they also offer a lot when business owners purchase their services. For example, if a business owner has to travel to one of their live events, this start-up factory will make sure a complementary hotel room is available. This is because this start-up factory is not in this business for the money, but they are in this business to help people find success in a quick amount of time. This start-up factory also has many wonderful reviews from some of the most successful business owners in the world.


Adam Goldenberg Changes the Online Shopping Trend with Fashion Subscription Membership

Adam Goldenberg helped introduce fashion subscription membership to the world in 2010, changing the online shopping environment. Goldenberg is Co-founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle Fashion, a leading global online fashion subscription company. He and business partner, Don Ressler formed the company as JustFab Inc. and recently had its name changed to TechStyle Fashion Group on The company started offering apparel collections with an audience of women only, and presently, has an audience to include children, athletes, active individuals, men, and all size women. Between 2012 and 2013, Goldenberg helped to expand operations to Canada, U.K., France, Spain, and Germany.

TechStyle first brand is JustFab, followed by FabKids, Fab Shoes, Shoe Dazzle, Fabletics, and FL2 brands. All TechStyle’s brands offer consumers VIP Membership to benefit the company and its shoppers. Subscription membership costs a member $39.95 per month, which is $479.40 yearly, if the member decides to shop every month. The online fashion subscription membership is one of the best marketing strategies introduced to the internet for branding and marketing at It guarantees revenue on a monthly basis for the company and offers members inexpensive trendy and quality fashion, including clothes, shoes, handbags, athletic & sportswear, and accessories.

Within six years, Adam Goldenberg and the TechStyle team have worked thoroughly to perfect customer service and grow its brands in national and international markets. Fabletics Brand was founded by Goldenberg, Kate Hudson and Ressler in 2013 and received speedy growth in two years, making it the fastest rising brand of them all. The brand opened six locations this year and expects to open up to 100 new Fabletics stores nationwide, by 2021.

When comparing the new online shopping trend to traditional shopping trends, online subscription membership offers shoppers the best benefits economically. Adam Goldenberg became an entrepreneur as a teenager after successfully building a website and information technology support. Since JustFab Inc. launched its first brand, JustFab TechStyle Fashion has introduced six new brands and reached a broader audience.

The new name integrates every aspect of the company and Goldenberg. He has years of experience in technology, marketing, and the fashion industry. In addition to rebranding JustFab Inc., Adam Goldenberg also created successful marketing and branding strategies to increase global and national growth and subscription memberships.