Continues as a Leader in Commercial and Mortgage Banking Markets

NexBank Capital, a large financial services organization is involved in the commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services sectors of the market. Our clients include corporations, other financial institutions, institutional clients and individuals. We have been a chartered bank since 1922. We are dedicated to providing quality service and financing options to all our clients.


Businesses large and small turn to NexBank for a number of lending products and other services. We have trained professionals that help them find the best solution to their individual needs. We help companies find cash for seasonal needs and for business expansion. We are a leading regional bank so can give timely advice and respond quickly to client needs.


NexBank’s warehouse line of credit, allows businesses to get additional capital for new business opportunities and other financing needs, for new and existing clients alike. This line of credit. This line helps businesses compete more effectively in the marketplace. It provides for same day funding up to 4:00 pm CST. Twenty-four-hour online account access is available.


We offer a variety of lending products, deposit services and other help for both short and long term needs of financial institutions, middle-market companies, and real estate investors. Our professionals will help you manage liquid assets, cash flow and financial structuring.


NexBank offers competitive pricing for the mortgage banking sector of the industry. We are members of FINRA/SIPC* SNL Financial. The bank is the fourth largest in Dallas, Texas. Our lending limit is $87.7 million. We have syndication capabilities also. We are an SBA Preferred Lender. We are a regional bank with near $4.3 billion in government guaranteed mortgage loans. We have $4.6 billion in assets.

Jason Hope Looks To The Future With The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is an umbrella term that refers to the way in which our everyday world is going to interface directly with the internet.

Jason Hope is a renowned futurist and tech innovator who believes so firmly in the Internet of Things (IoT) that he is putting all of his baskets within it. The Internet of Things, according to Hope, has the ability to change our entire world. In fact, the IoT is already effecting how we live our lives — let’s use the airline industry as an example.

The airline industry has used the Internet of Things extensively for everything from customer service to the actual safety and construction of their planes. We can look at Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787’s for a prime example of this. These planes are built to network directly with the internet from nose all the way to the rudder. Each piece of hardware on the plane is constantly feeding data to a command center where safety workers can keep their eyes on the plane while it is in operation. This works to keep passengers and flight professionals safe at all times.

Jason Hope knows that the Internet of Things is still in its infancy. Far from just a science fiction dream, however, is his belief that the IoT will grow into one of the largest industries in the technological world. Jason Hope is also well known for his work with the tech foundation, XPrize, as well as his own research based company — the SENS Foundation.


Gurus in Litigation: Karl Heideck

reconciler-1906385_1280UPDATED May 25th, 2017 – Read “Karl Heideck’s Guide to Becoming a Successful Lawyer” over at

Litigation is the process in which two opposing parties initiate proceedings to implement or defend a legal right. A litigation is normally settled by an agreement between the two parties, but can also be settled by a panel of judges or one judge in court. It normally includes any activities before, during, and after a lawsuit to enforce a legal right and may also include actual lawsuit, any suit before the negotiations, facilitation, arbitration or appeals. A litigator comes up with the strategy and advises his client on how to defend their case in court.

Derived from a Latin word which means ‘to drive a lawsuit’ a litigator is one who manages a lawsuit through the judicial process. Functional to a lawyer, litigator is a licensed attorney who represents the plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases and manages the litigation process. Interchangeably used to mean a trial lawyer, they take charge of investigations, listening to pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and any appeals that may come up. Litigators study Law and pass through accredited school of Law.

KarlHeideck234Karl Heideck is one such renowned commercial litigation attorney. He is a graduate from Swarthmore College with a degree in English and Literature. Karl Heideck went to Tempe University Beasley School of Law graduating the prestigious honors degree in Law in 2009. Karl is based in Greater Philadelphia and specializes in risk reduction strategies and compliance. With adequate education and sufficient experience of over 10 years, Karl Heideck has gained expertise in corporate law, legal research, legal writing, employment law and product liability.

Currently he works with Hire Counsel as a Contract Attorney since April 2015. Previously, Karl Heideck worked in multiple law fields including a project attorney at Pepper Hamilton. His main role at Pepper Hamilton was to conduct profound litigation concerning pharmaceutical litigation, bankruptcy restructuring, government investigations, construction contracts and white collar defense just a few to mention.

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Goettl Air Conditioning: Fresh and Exciting

Fresh and exciting are probably two words that a lot of people probably would not have associated with Goettl Air Conditioning at one point before Ken Goodrich took over. However, now the company is being looked at in a whole new light thanks to him. They are seen as a company that is trying new things and they have a whole new business model thanks to Ken’s idea, his entire staff, and remembering to keep the customers first at all times. In fact, in a recent article, Ken Goodrich even said they didn’t even worry about money anymore at first. You read that right. They put all of the focus on the customer.


That is beyond rare for a company to do that. However, sometimes in order to do wonderful things in the business world, there needs to be someone that is willing to make some changes. Every company has to start somewhere and they have to try new things. If the older model before Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl Air Conditioning was not working, it was time to change it up and really think what was going to bring people in and get people to stay. Not only did they figure it out, they also became part of the community by giving back to so many people.


They can do many things as a company as well, which is vital to their success. When it comes to repairs, they can find out what is wrong with the air conditioner right away and get to working on it as soon as possible. There is nothing that is going to baffle them, throw them, or confuse them. When it comes to installing a whole new machine, they also make that a painless process. They explain everything they are working on, so the customer is not left in the dark.


Thor Halvorssen Talks about Human Rights Issues

Thor Halvorssen considers himself as a human rights advocate as well as a film producer. He is the voice of the powerless. He has founded the Human Rights Foundation that is based in New York.

This Foundation is aimed at liberating the political prisoners. It has a goal to promote civil as well as political rights all around the world.

There is a lot that the Foundation has done till now. It has managed to secure seven prisoners’ release till now. It has managed to provide evidence to several Truth Commissions. The Human Rights Foundation has been able to submit amicus briefs in several important human rights cases of international repute. Besides, it has published two books that are based on individual rights as well as the responsibilities of the State.

Thor Halvorssen is the founder as well as CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum. This is an annual gathering that is done on a global scale. It is considered by many as a highly spectacular festival of human rights.

He comes from the family of the elite in Venezuela. He is trying to bring in some amount of sensibility here to the 21st-century chaos. Click here to know more.

The Oslo Freedom Forum is a conference that sees human rights activists coming in from around the world. This would include places such as Eritrea and Saudi Arabia, besides Belarus and Syria besides others. There is a stage where these activists are giving speeches and sitting on panels. The Grand Hotel, as well as the Christiania Theater in downtown Oslo, is completely taken over for these three days in May for this event.

Thor Halvorssen is a 37-year-old Venezuelan-Norwegian. He runs this forum. He has a deep engagement in the highly complicated politics of human rights globally. This is why he is at the center of various international conflicts.


Revolutionary Technology In Treating Cancer Introduced by Clay Siegell

Clay Siegell is an individual who played a vital role in the field of medicine. In 1998 he launched Seattle Genetics. The firm is a development and drug research company that is built by giving out medical solutions in the field of oncology. The company’s aim is come up with drugs that will only target to destroy the cancer cells without having any effect to healthy body cells.


Clay Siegell’s idea to combat and provide solutions to cancer started he was only 19 years old. A tragic incident happened, Siegell watched his father helplessly die of cancer, this is the time when he realized that the field of oncology struggling with limited resources to combat cancer. Currently, Clay Siegell is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the Seattle Genetics Board.


He began his professional career in medicine after he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology from the best renowned university, The University of Maryland. He focused his line of education in Genetics then he advanced his knowledge where he earned a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of Washington. In addition to his studies, Clay has 70 publications to his names and holds 15 patents. Siegell is also a member of Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Washington Roundtable and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals Board of Directors.


Moreover, Of recent, the cancer cases have tremendously increased necessitating the large of more research and came up with a solution to resolve the issue. The firm, Seattle Genetics works around the clock to provide more efficient drugs to its patient with limited side effects. Clay siegell believes teamwork of intellectual people can drive best and keen research to come up with better solutions.


Clay Siegell has led his team of intellectuals in Seattle Genetics in coming up with antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), a pioneer in the field of oncology. Seattle Genetics have signed up multiple strategic licenses with different industries to earn its drug development technology (ADC) industries include; GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, Pfizer and GeneTech (Roche). The collaboration has generated more than $340 million to date.


Consequently, Seattle Genetics as a firm they have a secured over $1.2 billion from their private sources and public offerings. Through innovation, technology and strategic partnership are key aspects guiding the company. Clay siegell aim is to have an impact in fighting cancer.

Mike Baur and His Contributions at the Swiss Startup Factory

Starting a business is not as easy as having a brilliant idea. The number of businesses that never saw the light of day despite their brilliance are very many, if anything, triple the number of current businesses we have. In order to successfully start up a business, financial resources and good mentorship are two essential things that you need to have. After working in the banking sector for more than twenty years, entrepreneur and businessman, Mike Baur, hung his boots and started the Swiss Startup Factory to help nurture startups.


Swiss Startup Factory is a Swedish accelerator company founded in 2014 by Mike Baur and his two cofounders Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. The primary objective of the company is to provide young startup companies a thriving environment to do business. Swiss Startup Factory runs a three-month based program that provides startups with among other things, funding for their activities, office location at a strategic point in Zurich, coaching, entrepreneurial networks for their commodities, and mentorship. After the vigorous three months incubation period, a startup can support itself, and the Swiss Startup Factory releases it for a certain percent stake.


Mike Baur is quite instrumental in the success line up of Swiss Startup Factory. The businessperson is well educated, having graduated from Bern University and the New York Rochester University. Immediately after graduation, Mike started his career as a banker in the Swiss banking sector with his initial assignment as a commercial USB trainee before rising the ranks to become an administrative board associate. With the active experience in the banking industry, Baur brings valuable financial skills to the table thus helping startups to get funded and manage their resources well.


In addition to Mike’s passion for helping startups grow their business, his exemplary leadership skills are quite beneficial to the firm. Through his leadership, the Swiss Startup Factory has been able to form lasting mergers. For example, Mike helped the Swedish company combine forces with CTI Invest, a company that offers financial services to innovative and new startups. Additionally, through his leadership, the company has been able to join hands with Fusion to support startups in 2016.


Starting businesses are not easy to manage, but thanks to Swiss Startup Factory and the leadership of Mike Baur things are changing for the better. Check out for these two big names and see your startup business excel in the market.


White Shark Media Making the Water Safe for Internet Advertising


Advertising has long been a staple for any business whether new or established. With the advent of the Internet and social media, the must have and important new kid on the block is the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) system of advertising. Newspapers are in massive decline, flyers mailed to individual mailboxes are just junk mail and seldom read, but the Internet search is everything to everybody. But SEO is a sword with two edges, and one can cut to the quick of your business advancement. One bad review by a customer can have a detrimental effect on your business growth. This is when a company like White Shark Media can salvage your reputation.

White Shark Media is located in Miami, and the management has a policy of continued support and service being given by every agent to every customer. This type of constant contact can give the nervous advertiser a sense of confidence and any buyer’s remorse is soon turned into an affable confidence with the company and its representative.

This policy comes from the mindset of Gary Garth the CEO and co-founder Andrew Lolk.

And what the company does is very important for any subscribing company. Any business person knows that an unhappy customer will do everything in their power to destroy a company’s reputation even if the original problem was a misperception or a slight. Angry customers with an unhealthy persona wish to wreak havoc on the targeted company. It is difficult enough to grow a business without having one person sabotaging the company’s good name. This is where White Shark Media comes in. It has the expertise to bury this negative individual among the many happy customers, and here the balance of all things will prove the efficacy of the company.

Without White Shark Media a company with an unhappy customer has to suffer unfairly against these often unsubstantiated complaints.

Hufnagel Works His Way to Leader of the (Wolf) Pack

Yanni Hufnagel’s meteoric rise through the basketball coaching ranks has not gone unnoticed. The one-time outsider has earned his Assistant Coach position with the Nevada Wolfpack the old fashioned way, with hard work.


His love for the game started at a young age when he read every basketball coaching book he could get his hands on. He went from local basketball announcer to manager at Cornell University where he was a student. A summer internship with the then New Jersey Nets gave him the connections he needed to score a Graduate Assistant Coach position at Oklahoma. With the recommendation of Sooners coach Jeff Capel, Hufnagel was hired as a Volunteer Coach at Harvard. His reputation as a tireless recruiter helped him land assistant jobs at Vanderbilt and then Cal. All that experience has culminated in his hiring by Eric Musselman at Nevada.


Wherever Hufnagel has stopped, success has followed. In his most recent stop at Cal he coached two guards who tore up the Pac-12 on their was to being selected in the NBA Draft. Jaylen Brown and Tyrone Wallace were 2016 selections with Brown going third overall. As a team the Bears went 23-11 in his last year on the sidelines and earned a program-best fourth seed in the NCAA Tournament. While at Vanderbilt, he authored a nationally-ranked recruiting class and coached two more future NBA players, Wade Baldwin IV and Damian Jones.


In his days at Harvard, Yanni Hufnagel helped the Crimson to a 90-30 mark and four consecutive trips to the postseason, including three league titles. Most impressive was the deep run Harvard made in the NCAA Tournament in 2013 when it set school record by advancing to the third round. Hufnagel also coached NBA star Jeremy Lin while in Cambridge.


The 30-year-old New York native now takes his coaching talent to Nevada. Success is likely to follow and don’t be surprised to see Hufnagel with a head coaching job in the near future.

Find out more about Yanni Hufnagel:

Tammy Mazzocco Controls Her Real Estate Business

According to The Lure Lounge, Tammy Mazzocco is a residential real estate professional in Central Ohio who enjoys her customers and gives them the most excellent of services. She is passionate about her job and the ability to help families find the homes of their dreams through her efforts.

Tammy first worked in her early years as a secretary for a commercial real estate entity, and for other real estate firms in a similar capacity for the next ten years or so. Tammy will tell you that the administrative experience she received during that time was an invaluable training or the time that she decided to go into sales.

In 1999, Tammy made the decision to go into full-time sales by joining the Judy Gang Team with RE/MAX where she felt that she had finally come home. Tammy and Judy were good friends, and Judy was an excellent mentor to Tammy who hit the ground running. The RE/MAX group was and still is located in Pickerington, Ohio, just Southeast of Columbus. The town of Pickerington has just 20,000 people, but the four surrounding counties hold over 2 million people. From there Tammy has built a dynasty.

In a report by Bitsylink, Tammy Mazzocco loves to work, and she is up early each morning to get started. She arrives at the office early to get the paperwork out of the way, handle the emails and take care of other office duties. As soon as that is taken care of, Tammy is on the phone, calling prospective home buyers to set appointments to show them homes.

Tammy gets about 80 percent of her business from current customers, and she loves the leads that come from organizations like Zillow and because these are names from people who have signed up on those websites to have someone show them houses.

People don’t buy houses unless they can see inside of them, touch them, walk through them and dream about living in them. Tammy knows that if she can get people out to show them homes, she has a better than even chance to sell them a home.

Tammy has great respect for her customers’ time and finances. Most people are somewhat out of sorts when they are looking at homes because they are out of their natural element and they are about ready to make the biggest investment of their life.

Tammy is a good listener, and people respond to her understanding and supportive approach to helping them chooses their next home.  More details can be found on Spokeo.

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