Susan McGalla Is a Leader among Businesswomen

Statistics prove that when a business is gender diverse, it is about 15 percent more likely to do better than other companies. And when a company has ethnic diversity, it is likely to do about 35 percent better than company that are not as diverse. It seems like the reason why this is true is because diverse companies are open to new ideas. Despite these statistics, women only hold a few C-level positions in S&P 500 companies.

Meet Susan McGalla

If you want to hear a success story, you have to hear about Susan McGalla. She has been a true pioneer when it comes to leading the way for women to become leaders. She says that much of her leadership is due to the fact that she grew up with two boys and her father was a football coach. She never got any breaks simply because she was a girl.

She is an executive consultant. McGalla is the former chief executive for the company Wet Seal and the former president for the company American Eagle Outfitters. She is on board of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation and is a director of other organizations.

While Susan McGalla’s story is definitely encouraging, not every woman has found such great opportunities. Many women’s networks and initiatives are trying to make a change, but it seems that the problem is that women just do not have the support of other women in leadership roles.

Executive Sponsorship

Executive sponsorship opportunities may be the perfect solution. They work to recommend women to lead roles in businesses and to work on important assignments. This idea starts with a sponsor who would advocate for a woman. Executive sponsors would receive an incentive that would motivate them to invest in working with women leaders. Mentorship is a large part of making this idea work.


The Trabuco, Or The Trebuchet; A Weapon By Any Other Name Would be Just As Devastating

Designed from inspirations drawn from the Catapult, the Trabuco was a noted, and exceptional siege weapon in the Middle Ages. There is some debate about how the prominent balance based antique artillery came about, however.

In 400 B.C. one of the first forms of the Trabuco was used in China to assist in pinning down Mongol invaders in an overthrown Chinese city. It is believed however that two Persian designers were brought in to assist in the construction of two further Trabucos. According to, writings from the Middle East before this time indicated that the technology and knowhow may have already existed in the area before the Trabuco’s use in China however, and may explain why the Persian engineers were brought in to assist in further development. Furthermore, the Chinese word for the Trabuco translates directly to the word used for Muslim.

However the Trabuco first came about, it had made its way to Europe where it adopted the moniker of the Trebuchet by 600 B.C. according to Variations were made on the weapon at this time, resulting in two different classes of the Trebuchet; the traction Trebuchet, which used man power to swing the weapon’s balancing arm, and the Counterweight Trebuchet, which employed a counterweight to activate the weapon’s balancing mechanism. The Counterweight Trabuco saw major use in the Crusades on both sides, and eventually made its way back to China through further Mongol conquests. The first record of the Counterweight Trabuco seeing use in combat was during the conquests of Saladin in the 12th century on

Throughout its time used in warfare, the Trabuco saw various use in a range of projectiles. Often times the weapon was used to launch boulders to collapse fortress walls, or to smash invading armies, however, during the crusades the Trebuchet saw use as a germ warfare device, as both sides launched the corpses of those infected with the plague into enemy camps in hopes of initiating an outbreak. The Spanish and Brazilians, from whence the weapon’s Trabuco namesake derives from, loaded the sling with various projectiles so that the Trabuco functioned akin to an early shotgun design.

Learn more about Trabuco:

David Giertz Knows How to Teach His Clients

David Giertz, an expert in financial products at Nationwide Financial, recently spoke about the ins and outs of social security and how one can maximize their retirement income. Knowing when to draw social security is a common concern that plagues the retirees that Giertz works with, and he encourages other financial professionals to discuss their customers’ options with them. As an expert in the field of consumer financial products, David makes certain to inform his customers of changes that will affect their retirement income. It is this commitment to his customers that makes his success as a broker unparalleled.

Mr. Giertz is a FINRA-certified broker and has been with Nationwide Financial for over 10 years, where he is currently the Senior Vice President of their sales and distribution division. In addition, David also heads up numerous other divisions inside of Nationwide. He has held many other positions at Nationwide during his tenure at the company and is considered to be an expert in consumer financial products. David has over 30 years of experience in the financial marketplace. After spending over a decade at various stops as a broker, he was hired by Citigroup, where he worked for nearly a decade before moving to Nationwide.

David Giertz has seen the financial products marketplace change drastically over the past 31 years, and understands the importance of adapting to those changes. He believes that passing that knowledge to his customers will result in continued relationships with his clients. As a WABC-certified business coach, Giertz has helped over 100 other coaches achieve certification as business coach. He has a bachelor’s degree from Millikin University and received his Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Miami. He is active in his community, serving on the Board of Directors for the Girls Scouts of Broward County as well as the Chamber of Commerce in Fort Lauderdale.

Robert Fowlkes, the Leader, Veteran and Local Hero

Robert Fowlkes is currently the Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited’s law Enforcement and Commercial products division. He personally manages and educates over 150 employees. His managerial and leadership skills are unparalleled as he received his training with the U.S. Marine Corps and has over 13 years of experience with law enforcement. In 1989, Robert attended the Marine Corps School of Infantry where he became a Marine and learned many skills including, basic engineering and leadership skills. He is a veteran of the first Gulf War and was promoted twice during his deployment.

Robert’s newest challenge has been leading at Eagle Industries Unlimited. Eagle Industries Unlimited was founded in 1974. It offers a range of products and services including self-defense, survival and military equipment and protection products. At Eagle Industries, Robert Fowlkes leads by example and makes sure his employees are diligent, efficient and in high spirits, all important traits when working for a company or in the military. His employees are like new recruits and he is their mentor and leader. Robert’s military and law enforcement background has made him one of the most respected and successful managers in the company. His experience includes over 13 years of Police duty with the St. Luis police department.

Mr. Fowlkes has worked with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) for several years in Iraq. He improved their methods and practices while implementing the life saving division. This helped save countless lives, as the purpose of JIEDDO is to reduce bomb and IED threats through the use of advanced training and equipment.

Robert Fowlkes’s dedication to his comrades, country and the civil rights of the United States led him to become a certified instructor for SWAT and URBAN tactics. During his reign as team leader for the St. Luis Metropolitan Police Department HRT team he organized and took part in hundreds of high-risk engagements and entries including, hostage situations, gang activity and many other dangerous situations.

Robert’s commitment to serving his community and protecting everyone in it, has saved lives, improved the standard of living and made the entire city of St. Luis a safer place for future generations. His recruits will continue to protect the people of St. Luis and the nation as they take up new law enforcement positions around America. Robert’s immaculate career and patriotism has earned him the respecte and appreciation of the St. Luis community and the entire nation. His leadership skills are appreciated even when he is off duty. Robert finds the time to coach his son’s hockey team in his spare time.


White Shark Media Is One Of The Best Companies For Building A Better AdWords Experience

Whenever you use AdWords, you can’t afford anything less than to be on top of your game. Every dime you spend on an AdWords campaign should yield much more in driving sales on your website. Your first task is getting your website listed at the top of ad search results, but going from being top listed to actually turning any clicks on your ads into real leads can be a little trickier. To know how to do that, you need to be able to analyze your traffic and figure out what’s likely to get them to buy. That’s where the experts at White Shark Media can help you out to turn clicks into sales.

White Shark Media has earned its reputation as a high-ranking PPC marketing agency because they’ve adhered to the guidelines of Google’s SMB partners network. They employ specialists who are fully trained in optimizing campaigns and know how to use Google Analytics. They take you from just beyond giving numbers to showing you what those numbers mean and understanding the behavior patterns of your AdWords traffic. If you’re interested in building an even bigger and better website, White Shark Media even offers their Triton Website as part of a premium package. They cater to small, medium and enterprise businesses and you can decide for yourself if you want to hire them after going through their evaluation.

White Shark Media’s evaluation is completely free and does not put you under any obligation to hire them. What happens is a White Shark Media salesperson will meet you on to share screens and look at your current AdWord use and statistics. They’ll talk about how their methods and tools can help you and give you insights you may have never heard of before. Once the evaluation is over it’s just up to you whether or not you wish to hire them.