How Southridge LLC Helps with Finances

If you need help with finances, there is no better company to choose than Southridge Capital. Southridge has been around for a long time and works with a wide array of different clients. They offer a range of services which include credit enhancing, financial solutions and future finance planning. They work with both individuals as well as corporate owners who simply need help with their money situations. When you’re choosing a good company to go with, Southridge is there because they work diligently on a range of different choices that can be utilized in your life day in and day out.

If you are looking for financial help, the key is to contact Southridge and see if they are going to be able to help you out. The most important thing about Southridge is that they are trying to help as many people as they can, and so you can feel confident in knowing that their professional team of experts is there to help out as much as they can. Once you have hired the folks at Southridge, they will work with you either locally or on the internet. This enables you to work with Southridge even if you are nowhere near located to where their main office happens to be. Check out

Once you have made the decision to choose Southridge, you’ll find that they help with a number of different financial problems. This might include enhancing and improving your current credit score so that you can finally get ahead in life. It might involve helping build a business due to financial hardship, and knowing that they have the skills necessary to do the job for you correctly the first time. There is no reason for you to make use of your own tools and skills when there is a company like Southridge out there to help you out and get your money situation back on track. You will love being able to use a good company like this and know that it is something that is going to help you out and get you the perfect option for your needs and finances. You can visit their Facebook page.

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Glen Wakeman Business Expertise Has Saved Many Companies

Glen Wakeman attended the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. His studies there focused on Finance and Economics, his main areas of interest (Affiliatedork). In 1981 he left Scranton with a Bachelor’s of Science degree and headed off to the University of Chicago where he earned his Masters degree in Business Administration two years later.

For the next twenty years, Glen worked for General Electric. During those years, fifteen of which were spent in Asia, South America and Europe, he became knowledgeable of the way businesses should operate in order to prosper. He developed a global outlook on things pertaining to running a successful corporation.

As Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, Glen Wakeman is doing the job he prepared his whole life for, helping companies develop strategies to improve their efficiency and, ultimately their bottom line financially. He has encountered and overcome many obstacles while building his own companies in the rugged world of global business. Therefore, he is uniquely qualified to lead other companies to success (

Glen Wakeman has a way of presenting fresh ideas to the leaders of young companies that isn’t condescending or arrogant. He gives them the benefit of his vast experience and allows them to learn from his successes as well as from his failures. He’s not afraid to be himself and never fails to put his whole heart into each project he tackles. His passion for helping new companies improve their operation is boundless. By presenting new ideas in a way that is easy to implement and being open to the opinions and ideas of others, Glen Wakeman has proven himself to be invaluable to struggling companies. His easy demeanor and genuine concern has earned the trust and respect of business leaders around the world. LaunchPad Holdings LLC is making a positive impact on the world of business by guiding companies in ways to ensure that their financial future is secure.

Stream Energy the Provider You Want

The article “Stream Brings Energy Services to Delaware” discusses their expansion into Delaware. Stream Energy is now available in 8 states throughout the continental United States. The journalistic piece expresses that in 2017 they have had two growths within the energy sector. A brief biography of the company is also provided (Technewsspy).

Stream Energy is a direct selling energy company that was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They employee between 200 to 500 people. The Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the company is David Faranetta who was added to the company in December of 2017. Stream Energy is ranked among one of the top 20 direct selling companies due to its ability to make over $8 billion in just 12 years. They have been awarded the Better Business Bureau A+ rating and won the award Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Provider in Texas (

Stream Energy offers clients a variety of options. The services available include wireless, protective, home services and energy. The wireless services available to clients are phone plans. These plans included coverage and data. Protective services are another option that clients can choose. These services consist of virtual MD. Also included in the protective services are roadside assistance, identity protection and credit monitoring. Clients with technical need will also find tech support as one of the option under protective services. One other part that is provided by Stream Energy is home services consisting of digital voice. Stream Energy is located nationwide in the wireless, protective and home services however their energy services are currently only available in the following states of Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., New York, Illinois, and their latest expansion in Delaware. Energy services that are offered consists of electricity, natural gas, clean energy, and commercial services. Stream Energy are looking to expand even further into more states.


Bob Reina: He’s Not Done

A lot of successful people fall into the trap of becoming too content with what they have done in the past. In many cases, they are living in the past and they are not living in the present or in the future. Bob Reina believes in the power of the present and the power of the future. Whatever he has done in the past, that is all well and good. It has gotten him to this point. He uses it as a learning experience. However, he is not just going to sit in his chair and read all of the headlines about himself. He is going to go out there and look for a chance to make more headlines about the company Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is always bigger than Bob Reina in his mind. He always puts the needs of the company at the forefront.


It is why the company is doing so well. It is why the company won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. That award represents everything the company stands for and everything the company believes in as a whole. It shows they have their head on straight and they know the power of communication. Sadly, it has become something of a lost art form for many people out there. They have talked too much and they have forgotten how to listen to the other person. They don’t realize that most of communication is the ability to listen to other people out there. Learn more:


That is the big thing. If you are just talking without listening, you are not learning anything. Bob Reina has learned a lot in his time as CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He has learned that a lot of people are craving more out of life, and he wants to be the one to give it to them. He wants to be the one to give people that second chance at life. It is about redemption for them. They want to show the world what their special skills are and what they can do with their lives. They can do a whole lot with Talk Fusion’s video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. As a matter of fact, they can do just about anything.


It is one of the greatest feelings in the world for Bob Reina when he sees that people start to believe in themselves and they start to believe they can do something. Once that light bulb goes off and once they see what is ahead for them, it is truly glorious. It just reinforces that Bob Reina did the right thing in starting up Talk Fusion all the way back in 2007.

Getting to Know Graham Edwards of Telereal Trillium

Successfully managing a company is not an easy task. However, if you put your all into what you do, you will always end up running a successful one. That is exactly the case for Graham Edwards.

Graham Edwards, the CEO of Telereal Trillium, has been successfully running the company since it was created in 2001. Telereal Trillium has been reported to be one of the largest property companies in the UK, having a total floor area of 86 million square feet. The company manages and owns a £6bn worth of portfolio and currently houses 1% of the workforce in the UK.

As a commercial property management and an investment company, Telereal Trillium Ltd focuses on property partnerships, development, investment, and some strategic land. The company has been continuously progressing and was able to establish a UK-wide portfolio which has more than 8,000 properties.

Graham Edwards has been very hands-on in running Telereal Trillium and has been reported to contribute a lot to this company. In fact, he was responsible for initiating a successful transaction which allowed the company to acquire 6700 properties from BT. It was a £2.4bn billion property outsourcing deal and it became possible because of the successful negotiation by Graham Edwards.

Another successful transaction happened in January 2009 when Graham made the acquisition of Trillium from Land Securities Group PLC possible. Because of this successful deal, Trillium has been established as a leading market in investment and property outsourcing and made an annual revenue in excess of £1 billion.

Besides taking on the role as a chief executive, Graham was also the chief investment officer of Talisman Global Asset Management. He also held positions at Merrill Lynch Investment Management as a fund manager and is also the head of finance for BT Group PLC’s property building. Besides serving in these positions, Graham Edwards is also an active philanthropist and is a member of the following organizations:

– Portland Trust



– One Voice Europe

– British Friends of the Hebrew University

– Pennies

– World ORT

With the success and accomplishments of Graham Edwards, he remains very humble and never ceases to forget where he came from ( There is no doubt that Graham has been very blessed and was able to reach the peak of his life. Anyone can also be successful just like Graham Edwards. Success is just around the corner for anyone who is passionate and dedicated to what they love doing.


Glen Wakeman Uses Software to Help Business Succeed.

Glen Wakeman is a successful businessman and entreprenuer. He founded LaunchPad Holding LLC in 2015. It is a software distribution company. He developed a five step program to help start up companies succeed ( The five step program concentrates on risk management, human capital, leadership, power, and executing the business plan.

The idea for LaunchPad came because of Glen likes to match ideas with money. He said that many great ideas come from startup companies and he did not understand why so many failed. When he researched the problem he found that often businesses did not have a plan or structure to follow.

Glen Wakeman says that most people don’t realize that an idea is not a plan. Our company decided to come up with making business planning easier for startups. They designing an easier software platform for companies to use.

A typical day for him begins with reviewing data or numbers from the previous day. He reviews sales, customer service, and cash totals. He meets daily with his staff and assigns tasks like administrative tasks, sales meetings, and design revisions. During the day the staff researches competition and responds to customer inquiries.

One business trend that excites Glen Wakeman is machine learning or using data to solve business problems. It allows businesses to make improvements and faster decisions. He knows his curiousity helps him to find solutions to business problems and improve customer relations.

He uses many current software programs to improve his company’s productivity. Live Chat helps his staff communicate with customers and solve problems ( He uses Doodle to organize meetings, calendars, and tasks, and Fiver to acquire resources and information.

Glenn Wakeman worked 21 years at General Electric. When he was a undergraduate in college he worked in a auto parts factory cleaning bathrooms. From this job he learned to appreciate every professional position he attained afterwards.

He went to the University of Scranton where he studied economics and finance. He received an MBA from the University of Chicago in 1993 when he worked at General Electric. Currently he studies machine learning to find new ways to help businesses succeed.




Professional and Philanthropic Success Story: Dr. Mark Holterman

We can all think of a person in our lives, past or present, who is or was that quintessential “caregiver.” We also know other people who are laser-focused and determinately successful in their professional life, accruing accolades like they’re just picking flowers along the road. It’s pretty rare that you meet a person who embodies both “spirits,” but people who know Dr. Mark Holterman get to interact with just such a person everyday.

Speaking to his professional successes, he was the first of his family to not only go to college, but to attend Yale. After graduating with a degree in biology in 1980, Dr. Holterman enrolled in medical school at the University of Virginia (UVA) with a leaning toward Pediatrics. He completed his surgery residency at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center then moved on to become a fellow of surgery at the University of Washington Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.

In an effort to appease his varying interests, Dr. Holterman also added a few research credentials to his resume. He spent two years as a research associate at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal. During his time at the University of Illinois, he studied stem cell and other regenerative treatments to battle cancer and diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recognized Dr. Holterman with the prestigious Innovative Research Award.

It was during his time at UVA that he met his future wife, Ai-Xuan Le, a medical resident and future surgeon. Curiously enough, their singular passions, Dr. Holterman’s for pediatrics and Dr. Le’s for surgery, combined to inspire both healthcare professionals to become pediatric surgeons. However, the couple’s career inspirations would evolve in to more than just professional success. It would soon open the door for the couple to experience and pursue their philanthropic journey.

Through inspiration from his medical research days, Dr. Holterman set up a charitable organization called The Hannah Sunshine Foundation to connect children suffering from rare, chronic diseases with new-age, cellularly regenerative treatments. Inspired from his surgical days, he also co-founded a nonprofit called the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN) in 2009 to help make pediatric care more accessible in Vietnam.

No matter your individual definition of “successful,” Dr. Holterman probably fits it but don’t try to contain him, he’s only just begun.

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How ClassDojo is Revolutionizing the Classroom

Educational technology had a good year last year. According to a recent article in, edtech investments were projected to reach a remarkable $1.4 billion last year.

While there are many edtech startups that have been gaining buzz, one in particular has pulled ahead of the pack. ClassDojo, which was founded in August 2011, has been praised for its consistency, amazing security features, and desire to inspire positive change in classrooms.

ClassDojo is a communication platform that connects teachers, parents, and students, allowing them to share the best ideas that will make a difference in the classroom. Teachers can share inspiring moments with parents, whether it’s a student experiencing a breakthrough moment with math, or a student helping out a friend. It is also easy for teachers to create and post assignments. Students can create a digital portfolio of their work, and parents are able to post comments. Students love learning when they have this kind of positive feedback.

A new feature in ClassDojo is the ClassDojo toolkit, which helps create a positive classroom culture. Teachers can choose music stations for students to listen to while they work, or the “think pair share” feature, which encourages classroom discussion.

With ClassDojo, parents and teachers can privately message without having to share phone numbers or private details. It’s also easy for teachers and school administrators to connect and brainstorm ideas for the school community.

In 2015, ClassDojo closed a round of Series B funding, with $21 million. Parent-teacher meetings have been a mainstay of school culture for decades, but with the ClassDojo communication platform, parents stay engaged with their students’ learning throughout the year, rather than once per semester.

A remarkable 2 in 3 K-8 schools in the US use ClassDojo. It’s led change from the ground up, helping students feel excited about learning and building stronger schools.

Jed McCaleb Works on the Cutting Edge

Jed McCaleb is not only a businessman and outstanding entrepreneur. He is also an individual who cares about the welfare of others. This is very rare in the world of finance as things tend to be a little cut throat and competitive. Through making changes globally, he has found a way to not only help himself but others as well. He does this through his organization

But, he’s also a leader in other enterprises as well. Saying that he works hard for his personal and professional progress is an understatement. The details of how he provides his service and product to those in need deserve a closer look. The first thing to know about Jed McCaleb is that he feel strongly about using technology to even the playing field and improve the human condition for everyone.

He is the creator of eDonkey which acts like a file sharing Network. He’s also the creator of Mt Gox, which functions as a Bitcoin exchange. Another organization under his belt is Ripple. It’s all about recognizing the fact that financial structures across the globe do not serve everyone’s interest and actually doing something about it, instead of just waiting for the government to come up with a solution.

The goal behind all of these successes is to raise the level of financial literacy in communities by using open-source software. And when he’s not doing that, McCaleb dabbles just a little bit in the cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence. Naturally for anyone who does so much, the big question is just how does he get it done and what does a typical work day look like for one Jed McCaleb.

The simple answer is that he keeps his teams small and easy to manage. This way, projects are completed more efficiently. He also understands his work modes as being focused and reactive. When he’s in focused mode, he grinds away at tasks such as coding and building. When in reactive mode, Jed uses that time to solve problems and make connections necessary to keep a business balanced. He finds that this give and take is the best way to keep himself most productive as an entrepreneur.

Joel Friant’s The Original Habanero Shaker Spices Up The Cuisine Business

Joel Friant is a free thinking entrepreneur who has not only created success for himself, but also revels in encouraging and helping others to succeed. His formula for success is pragmatic yet powerful. It is Mr. Friant’s sincere feeling that one’s true education is real life experiences after the completion of formal education. Mr. Friant is also a firm believer in the power of personal associations. He has formed powerful networks with successful investors and uses these associations to learn and develop new business strategies.

Mr. Friant’s business experience has been wide ranging. He began his career in the real estate market, where he bought foreclosure properties, renovated them, and then sold them for a profit. By 2003 Mr. Friant was using the knowledge he had gained about the real estate industry to help others to become homeowners.

From the outset of his experience in real estate, Mr. Friant developed a strong interest in the restaurant arena. He developed a unique concept for delivering high quality Thai food in a fast food environment. He quickly noticed that there were no real quality habanero spices on the market. Rather, those on the market were mixed with other cheap spices and salt.

Taking advantage of this gap in the market, Joel Friant developed and marketed the Original Habanero Shaker. This buttery and spicy condiment quickly became a huge market success. Joel found that the best way to deliver the mouth watering habanero spice is by way of a dry spice shaker which allows the chef or food preparer to adjust the amount of habanero for the proper spiciness desired.

In his zealous effort to provide a best-of-the-best product to the market, Joel did extensive research and uncovered some key facts about the habanero pepper. Habanero contains the chemical capsaicin which triggers the brain to release endorphins which bring on a pleasant euphoric feeling. Habanero is also rich in vitamins A and B which help to enhance the immune system.

In 2012, Joel went online with the brand name “The Original Habenro Shaker” which can now be found via online services like Amazon.

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