The RealReal Is An Upcoming Consignment Giant

Ms. Julie Wainwright is the CEO and Founder of The RealReal which is an online luxury consignment website which sells high-end designer labels for less. Ms. Wainwright is counting on The RealReal to be the next billion-dollar business. Julie Wainwright is a graduate of Purdue University and is a pioneer in the tech and e-commerce industry.

Julie Wainwright is back on the entrepreneurial scene after she closed her successful website – Ms. Wainwright followed this chapter in her life by authoring a book, accepting speaking engagements, and engaged into women’s health issues. In 2011, Ms. Wainwright began her idea of an online luxury consignment venture and by 2013, she founded The RealReal.

Julie has designed The RealReal to only sell authentic pre-owned luxury and high-end designer products, like those designed by Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. Currently, Julie is looking for a capital boost into her company by having investors provide a new infusion of funding. The RealReal has raised over $1 million to achieve its success.

Investors are needed to make The RealReal an online success perhaps for a couple of reasons. One being that an increase in funds will make the company look more attractive to investors. Also, The RealReal could use more capital to prove that it can be a viable long-term business. Additionally, new funds will prove that a secondhand online marketplace for luxury brands is a great opportunity and new financing will prove its investing power.

The RealReal model operates by having sellers like the Kardashians and top CEOs ship their clothing and products to the company which is then sold online. The proceeds are shared in a 50/50 or 50/60 percentage with the seller. Authentication is of the upmost importance to Julie Wainwright because her name is behind The RealReal.

Ms. Wainwright uses individuals called luxury managers, who are trained to spot fakes. The RealReal started out just dealing with luxury women’s fashion items, but has grown to sell designer clothing for men, designer jewelry items, unique artwork, and designer home accessories. Ms. Julie Wainwright has plans to retain the company’s online presence, but to also establish a New York City building location.

The Trabuco’s Place In History

The Trabuco is a type of siege engine that was popular throughout the middle ages. Its two main uses involved either knocking down the walls of a castle, gate, or other building, or heaving projectiles over the top of them. It is similar to a catapult, except that it uses a counterweight to gain the energy and momentum to launch projectiles instead of relying on the tension in the launch device.

The Trabuco was a popular siege weapon throughout Europe and the Mediterranean for the entire medieval period as well as a portion of the Renaissance but found its beginnings during the Zhou dynasty in China around 400 BCE.


Utilizing the transfer of potential into kinetic energy, the Trabuco consists of a stand with two pillars of points where a pole is attached to its center point along the Y-Axis. This is the fulcrum point at which energy transfer will occur. There is a counterweight attached to one end of the pole and a basket at the other. The basket is where the projectile will be housed. The height and weight of the counterweight will determine the size of the projectile and the distance it can travel. The counterweight is kept in place either by a pin or by ropes, and when it is let loose it will swing around the underside of the fulcrum launching the projectile into the air. Projectiles consisted of stone, dirt, and even decaying bodies.

Early forms of the Trabuco can be found in ancient Chinese versions of the sling that would use an extended piece of wood to have a better lever. As technology advanced the Trabuco eventually began making its way westward throughout the rest of the known world. It appears in the Muslim world as early as the twelfth century according to medieval Islamic scholars and may have actually been introduced to Salamin during his battles with the Christians during the Crusades according to Likewise, in the Christian world, the Trabuco first appears in the histories around the same time, though there are accounts of its use as early as the Viking siege on Angers in 873 CE.


Visionaries for the Future of Architecture

     Society is generous in heaping praises and benefits on visionaries who have solved some of the world’s most difficult problems. Not only do visionaries see things differently, but they also live life differently. Robert Ivy has been named a visionary by his peers for many reasons. Presently, Robert Ivy is the CEO of American Institute of Architects and a successful architect. If architects are faced with finding the best aesthetic pleasure when designing a structure the future of architecture expects different challenges which are being anticipated today. Robert Ivy and many forward-thinking architects have already are making plans and sending out warning signs to future architects. For example, with the concern of global warming on people’s minds, architects must be able to anticipate patterns of weather change as well as design buildings that will undergo more drastic weather changes in the future.

One of the key opportunities Robert Ivy sees for architects of the future is to provide the infrastructure which is commensurate with the growth of the planet. Robert Ivy believes that one of the challenges of future architects will be to design buildings that are both densities sensitive to the growth taking place in its specific location and for a specific culture, but also safe, habitable and provide a structure which is healthy for its residents. The density of population is a major concern for future city designers since persons have to be able to travel throughout the city to make either commuting or work possible, while at the same time allow citizens to travel in a safe and economical way. It is the same with architects of the future. It is important that the architectural designs of the infrastructure of cities be both safe for its inhabitants as well as economically viable for the number of occupants it will hold. Another major factor that future architects must face is the way in which resources are used and the application of sustainability within infrastructure.

Newswatch TV: A chance to Shine

Imagine that you are a small business that has just entered the market place. You are trying to get your product to as many customers as possible. You will have to compete for the attention and eyes of these customers against many other companies who want the same clients. The other companies might have been out longer than you but there is a way to get your products advertised to the consumers in a very successful way. That way is known as Newswatch T.V.

Newswatch TV is the long running product review show that allows companies to advertise their products through reviews done by Newswatch. If the product is good many potential buyers will see it and there is a high chance of the product selling well. Hosted by three people and running on air since 1990 Newswatch has a reputation for giving business what they need to get a product moving. Through their reviews on tv and online they truly have changed the marketing game.

An example of a company that has worked with them in them in past is Avanca. This company created a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to get the necessary funds for their newest product the Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. They needed to get 10,000 in 30 days to confirm and keep the deal and receive funds for their company. They hired Newswatch of course to promote them. All Newswatch did was create a one-minute review that ran on their tv and online channels. The Campaign achieved stupendous success. Thanks to Newswatch they raised over 456,551. They actually raised over 29 times what they needed because of the review. Nathalie van Wijkvliet the marking director at Avanca made sure to recommend the Newswatch team to anyone looking to promote a product. The Newswatch segment reached over 95 million homes. With Newswatch on the case every company has a chance to shine with their products.

Jeunesse Global develops all-new multivitamin

Jeunesse Global is one of the hottest names on the international health and beauty scene. Its meteoric rise from an obscure startup that was run out of its founders’ garage to one of the most prominent health and beauty companies in the world today has been nothing short of astonishing. The secret behind Jeunesse Global’s incredible success has been its ability to answer market needs with revolutionary new products, filling niches that had previously gone untapped by the big players in the industry.

The company was founded in 2009 by industry power players Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The entrepreneurial couple had founded dozens of prior companies, building each into successful ventures and making millions of dollars in the process. This left Ray and Lewis with enough financial security that they never had to work another day in their lives. But the couple always found the allure of the business world too much to pass up.

On their third attempt at retirement, the couple’s innate drive to compete in the marketplace had not diminished. Soon, Ray and Lewis found themselves selling a few products out of their expansive Florida estate. The business quickly began to take off. This was in large part due to the couple’s extensive experience and mastery of building new businesses from the ground up.

By the end of the first year, the business was doing nearly $1 million in sales. By its sixth year of operation, Jeunesse Global had thousands of distributors and was doing tens of millions per year in sales.

One of the company’s most successful products to date has been its AM PM Essentials multivitamin. The product was designed specifically for Jeunesse Global and it contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that can’t be found in other products.

AM PM Essentials is designed to help people stay alert and energetic throughout the day while also enabling them to wind down and get a good night’s rest when the day is done. Users have reported that the multivitamin has allowed them to sleep more soundly than ever before, adding to the benefit of the daytime formula in keeping them going strong throughout the day.

Academy of Art Studio Molds Winners of Today

What does Pixar, Death, and the Acadamy of Art University have in common? Daniel Arriaga. Who is Daniel Arriaga? Daniel Arriaga is a graduate of the Academy of Art University, and he has teamed up with Pixar to bring one of his many ideas to fruition. He was able to take his education to new heights and offer a new take on the Mexican festival, El Dia de los Muertos in the Disney/Pixar film “Coco” The film brings fun to the screen as it explores the what if’s of the folklore associated with the holiday. The film did so well that it held its own against other popular films, such as “Loving Vincent, The Breadwinner,” and “The Boss Baby.”


The Academy of Art University was established in 1929. The Academy has become popular among aspiring artists looking for work in the ever-changing field of art and is now able to address the academic needs of over 18,000 students. Some of the disciplines offered to prospective students include, but are not limited to, Fashion, Digital Art, Visual Media, Photography, and Motion Pictures and Television.

Art is not the only area that the University excels in. The Academy also offers their students the opportunity to compete in nine athletic sports. Other Universities must take them seriously during competitions, because, the sports program has earned no less than seven All American honors, 10 PacWest postseason honors, and one NCAA individual champion.


2017 spelled success for The Academy of Art University. Key moments in the history of art were achieved by graduates from the prestigious art academy. Some noteworthy achievements from former graduates, who reached their ambitions are as follows: Mark Cofer composed music sensations for films such as The Magnificent Seven, Independence Day, and Spiderman Homecoming. Ghazala Khalife has been selected to design water bottles for the well-known bottling company LIFEWATER. Scott Borrero has taken his photography knowledge and became the winner of Top Photographer with Nigel Baker’s first ever photography competition. These are just a few examples of how ordinary people win with the Academy of Art Studios


Malcolm CasSelle Pioneers New Blockchain to eSports

Cryptocurrency is here to stay. The circus surrounding Bitcoin is proof of that. Buying and selling digital currency is more popular, and the subject of more focus than ever before. A realm most gamers are very accustomed to, the current ecosystem for virtual asset trading is a mass of local, regional, and mainstream marketplaces cramped into the confines of security concerns, fragmentation, payment processing, and language confusion. One man seeks to rise above this mire, Malcolm CasSelle, and as president of WAX CasSelle is pioneering a blockchain that solves everyone’s problems.

CasSelle, a graduate of MIT with a master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford, has been at the forefront of technological innovation since the dial up days. He has formed and led numerous digital start-ups like MediaPass and Xfire. Served as a top executive for companies like SeaChange International, and Tronc Inc. CasSelle was also an early stage investor in Bitcoin, so his experience with cryptocurrency is vast. As current CIO of OPSkins and president of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchante) CasSelle created a solution to the decentralized cryptocurrency market: the blockchain.

Blockchains prevent fraud and fragmentation by creating smart lists that protect buyers and sellers. Using such blockcains WAX is implementing the new market in eSports. The blockchain creates a stress free market allowing efficient sale of assets by tokenizing the products for sale. The process is being hailed by many as the future of cryptocurrency, and Malcom CasSelle believes it will finally bring mainstream gaming forward into the cryptocurrency world.

As CIO for OPSkins CasSelle has been instrumental in helping the company become a global leader in digital asset sales, as well as the number one merchant for Bitcoin ventures. CasSelle is also a mentor and advisor for companies dealing in Bitcoin, helping people around the world better understand the tao of cryptocurrency.


How Nick Vertucci Has Succeeded Despite Initial Challenges

Nick Vertucci; the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a leading real estate academy, believes that someone’s past does not affect their future. He learned this after going through a challenging childhood after losing his father when he was at age 10. Fortunately, the situation turned around when he started his business of selling computers. This did not last for long since the 2000 dot com crash caused him to lose all his finances. He attributed this to his wrong mentality of not investing in his future, a mistake that led him into debt trap. Except for his home, everything else was gone. He had to think of a way out.

In the process of contemplating, Nick Vertucci got an invitation from a friend to attend a three-day real estate training seminar. Though he was reluctant at first not wanting to spend up his weekend, the friend assured him that the knowledge he would acquire from the seminars was worth going for. Actually, this became the best decision that Nick ever made in his life. While at the seminar, he listened keenly to what the speaker had to say and allowed it to sink into his mind. From there, he got an answer of how he could get out of his financial abyss. He was inspired, renewed, and prepared to change his life for good.

Though it took Nick Vertucci more than a decade to gather all the information he needed to succeed, he kept pressing on and never allowed himself to give up. As a result, he created a simple and straightforward system that enabled him make money from real estate industry. After his financial success of becoming a millionaire, Nick vowed to teach his strategy to those going through similar challenges and want to get out of debt, make a lot of cash, and greatly transform their family’s financial legacy. The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. offers solutions to the challenges that come with choosing real estate investing as a career.