OSI Group Historic Food Production Company Changing How Food is Handled

OSI Group is provides food for companies on a multinational scale with over 20,000 employees and 65 facilities across the globe. We see that the people impacted by this company are not just affect on the food side, but also culturally as well as each facility that’s within one of the 17 countries in the world has been specialized to meet the dietary desires of its community.

The organization started off extremely small as just an immigrant who wanted to thrive in City of Chicago and sold retail meat and did butchery in a suburb of chicago. This was just a small local business that post World War II had partnered with a powerful organization that is still running the world of food today. This company was McDonald’s and they opened their first restaurant in Illinois in 1955. It was only within a few years that the company had taken off and it designed a blueprint to franchise and spread across the United States.

OSI Group had went from just a family run business to one of the most known food provider brands. They could distribute and meet the demanding needs of nearly any company. And it wasn’t just the amount of food that OSI Group could give out, but they were also able to supply it quickly. This was because they used the newest technology and innovated constantly new food processing solutions. We see that they started freezing food with the use of liquid nitrogen. They were able to cut down on the costs of product expansion with their advanced machinery. Hamburger patties frozen in an instant allowing provider to deliver unprecedented amounts of foods to consumers.

They company eventually underwent growth internationally as well under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. He had transitioned smoothly into the chairman and CEO positions of OSI Group in the 1980s. Now OSI is providing a food service to companies in Brazil, Austria, Mexico, Hungary in many other strategically planned countries within the 1980s and 1990s. OSI Group continued to grow within the United States and eventually partnered for a new processing plant within China. Another more recent significant step was in Europe where they acquired Baho Food which was a Dutch manufacturer of meat and food products in Europe. This allows their processing of foods to reach another sector of the world. OSI buys former Tyson Foods plant on South Side for $7.4M.

Over the years OSI group has a truly historic resume of delivering great customer service, superior technology, and opportunities for growth in all fields of their business.


Jason Hope Invests In Biotechnology, The World Should Too

What does the world of the future hold? How will medicine be different? How will technology change our lives? These are the kinds of questions that Jason Hope ponders as he works his way through investments and start-up ideas. Jason Hope is a renowned futurist and talented entrepreneur who has been innovating within the tech world for the better part of the past decade. Hope graduated from Arizona State University with his MBA in finance and he has been steadily climbing up the ladder of entrepreneurial success, finding big wins in mobile communications and medicine. Most recently, Jason Hope has been racking up headlines for his partnership with the anti-aging research facility known as the SENS Foundation.

The SENS Foundation is a 501c3 charity located in California. The facility is led by Dr. Aubrey De Grey and CEO Mike Kope. The goal of the SENS Foundation is simple: to research age-related illness and lean on the potential of biotechnology in order to hopefully find some way to cure the worst of the diseases that plague humans as they age. From Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to simple hypertension, the SENS Foundation is committed to finding relief. Dr. Aubrey De Grey is a huge reason that the facility has been so successful and his background was what brought Jason Hope to consider investing in the project.

Dr. Aubrey De Grey graduated from Cambridge after growing up in London. He moved on to work at the Sinclair Research Firm, specializing in artificial intelligence, but soon his mind was racing toward treating problems that his fellow humans were facing. Dr. De Grey focused his degree on the book, ‘The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging’ and that would become the basis of his work at the SENS Foundation.

As a futurist, Jason Hope knew that he had to connect with biotechnology in a meaningful way. Hope would eventually make contact with De Grey and the two would have instant chemistry in relation to their shared goals. Hope believed so much in the work that the SENS Foundation was doing that he immediately placed a $500,000 donation for the charity to employ in fighting against diseases related to the hardening of our arteries as we age. Hope’s goal with this investment is that the SENS Foundation will be able to pioneer solutions to age-related disease and that, once again, the future will have become brighter thanks to technology.

About Jason Hope: azcapitoltimes.com/news/tag/jason-hope/

The Unstoppable Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is dubbed to be one of Hollywood’s most hard-working, multi-million dollar public icons that can juggle various leadership and celebrity roles that are spread across a variety of industries. From being the host of American Ideal to launching his lifestyle brand “Distinction” and hosting the TV show Live with Kelly and Ryan, it’s accurate to say that Ryan Seacrest has both the talent and energy to succeed in the various interests that he invests in.

American Idol Host

The world knows best Ryan Seacrest as the host of American Idol. For fifteen years, Ryan had built a reputation of being a host that can charm thousands of viewers and captivate an audience that not many hosts can do. After American Idol ended its 15th season, Ryan Seacrest continued his string of success by being invited by his friend Kelly Ripa to be her co-host at her already popular morning TV show, which was then named Live with Kelly and Ryan after his entry.

It is also fascinating to know that Ryan Seacrest still had time to do this radio show even if he again became the host of American Idol’s 16th season. As if that’s not enough, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) also found the energy to start his clothing and lifestyle brand, Distinction, which is a collection of iconic tailor-made classic formal suits for the everyday man. This was a timely venture, if only because he can directly model the costumes himself when he hosts the Golden Globes, Grammys and the Oscars.

On Air With Ryan Seacrest and Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Another exciting venture of Ryan Seacrest today is his new syndicated radio program “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.” It’s broadcast from the KIIS-FM studios in Burbank and is one of the few radios shows today that keeps running even if Ryan is still already doing the morning TV show. On a different note, it is also worth noting here that Ryan Seacrest doesn’t forget to give back. With his Ryan Seacrest Foundation, he can visit children’s hospitals all around the country and help lift their spirits through his service and monetary support.

Ryan’s latest radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest is on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl4h_3qTOIUnUX8KCICRM3A

Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium Knowledge

Graham Edwards is no longer Telereal Trillium’s Chief Executive Officer. That’s due to the fact that he’s tackling an even bigger duty with the British firm. He’s now called its Chairman. Russell Gurnhill is the man who is going to replace Edwards in his former Chief Executive Officer job, too. Gurnhill previously was the companys dependable joint managing director. Edwards has stated that these adjustments have actually been in the works for a while now. He has indicated that they are going to provide suitable reactions to the expanding aims and requirements that are part of Telereal Trillium. The executive noted that the crew at Telereal Trillium is remarkably seasoned. He has expressed that they have the ability to recognize and put forth strengths for associated stakeholders. He has said that they can be part of the United Kingdom government’s residential construction focal points. Graham Edwards is keenly aware of the reality of Telereal Trillium. It’s a company that runs a massive property platform. It’s actually among the biggest in the Northwestern European nation.


Graham Edwards is one of the reasons that Telereal Trillium is a prominent property development powerhouse in the United Kingdom. He’s been a proud member of the firm for years. Telereal was set up in the winter of 2001. Graham Edwards had a strong career background prior to landing his Telereal Trillium gig. He was Talisman Global Asset Management’s Chief Investment Officer before. He worked for Merrill Lynch Investment Management. His job there was that of fund manager. Graham Edwards had a job with BT Group PLC. He was the firm’s property division’s finance leader.


Graham Edwards has made a choice addition to Telereal Trillium’s leadership sector. The company has drawn in a broad array of coveted clients thanks to his undeniable abilities and talents. Telereal Trilliums has clients that are part of various different fields. It works with Barclays, Royal Mail, Virgin Media, the Birmingham City Council, BT and others. Edwards is a professional who tries hard for Telereal Trillium. The company has many backers within its large field. It’s a company that evolves all the time.

Nick Vertucci: Real Estate Flipper turned Inspirational Author

The practice of real estate flipping is slowly becoming a source of wealth, thanks to its promoters like Nick Vertucci, who has been in the industry for more than ten years. He is also a public speaker, traveling from city to city and persuading the people to join his team to become real estate flippers. Recently, he reached another milestone in his career, as his first book was published through the help from the Lioncrest Publishing Company.

The book, entitled “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed” has become a best seller on Amazon. The retail giant stated that the book written by Nick Vertucci is gaining a lot of traction, and its sales are increasing exponentially. Part of the reason why the public bought his book is that of the endorsement from reliable personalities like Kevin Harrington and Dean Cain. The book talks about the rags-to-riches story of Nick, and how he faced all of the challenges to ending up becoming a successful real estate flipper.

The book has around 350 pages, and its entire is providing the reader an inspirational story on how they can overcome their problems and fears. It also teaches its readers on how to use their minds to create ideas that would transform them into phenomenal entrepreneurs.

As a child, Nick Vertucci would always wonder how he could become wealthy when he becomes older. One of the things that would always pop inside his head is to become a businessman. When he reached 18 years old, he decided to leave his family behind to pursue a career in becoming an entrepreneur. His struggling mother has given him her support and wishing him good luck in his endeavors in life. He managed to open up a business related to computer technology, and it worked so well that it gave him huge profits. He used all of the money to invest in the dot-com craze, and he never realized that what happens next would become a terrible twist of fate for him.

Nick Vertucci lost everything that he has because of the global financial crisis in the late 1990s and the early 2000s. However, he never surrendered and found out other options that would make him the best in his chosen career. He attended a seminar about real estate flipping and learned so much about the practice. Today, he is one of those who proudly does real estate flipping, and he claims that he has earned millions from the practice. Today, he serves as the chief executive officer of the company he founded, called the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, or NVREA for short. It became the country’s most sought-after program, because of how it emphasized the success of their students as its main goal.

Joe Arpaios Sentence Being Pardoned, Lacey And Larkin Fight Back

The pardon that was granted to Arpaio has caused a significant amount of unrest all over the country, and rightly so because of the nature of the deeds that Arpaio has committed.

The man, who previously served as the sheriff of Maricopa County first started to be known for the crimes that he was committing after reports began emerging about people who were affected by his deeds. One of the cases that mainly brought light to the acts that he was involved with was the case that involved Lacey and Larkin, two newsmen from Phoenix Arizona.

Lacey and Larkin were two individuals who ran their newspaper when the incident of their arrest took place. They decided to write an article about Arpaio and the acts that he was committing, which is why they were arrested by Arpaio. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Upon release, they decided to sue Arpaio, which resulted in a case that dragged on for several years before compensation was given to Lacey and Larkin. This led to them forming an organization that would try its best to ensure that justice was delivered to Arpaio for the deeds that he committed.

The case against Arpaio went on longer than it should have. The organization was instrumental in finally seeing some form of development within the matter which otherwise would not have taken place.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was the reason the case was even brought to light, and the reason why so many people came together to stand against Arpaio.

In spite of the large-scale political unrest that emerged within the country, Arpaio was given a lighter sentence than most of the people that he wrongfully convicted.

Even the reasoning for his sentence was not the acts that he committed, but a violation of the court. He was given a sentence of six months, which was also overturned as a result of the Presidential Pardon that was offered to him.

The list of acts that Arpaio was being convicted for is incredibly long and showcases the unjustness of the system. One of the primary activities that Arpaio is being tried for is the rampant racism that he was engaging in during his tenure.

According to him, people belonging to other races living in America were beneath him, which is why he tried as much as possible to inflict injustices upon them. These acts involved a number of heinous crimes which had only increased as he was re-elected to the position of Sheriff of Maricopa County.

Another crime that Arpaio was known for was the conditions that he kept the prisons that he was running in. Arpaio was known to commit a number of crimes on the prisoners, that ranged from torture to denial of necessities.

The number of suicides within these prisons increased, and the number of people in there belonging to the Latin American community in particular increased by the day.

Even though Arpaio is now being considered a free man, Lacey and Larkin still have faith that they can work towards a future in which justice is granted to Arpaio for all of his deeds.

Learn more about Larkin and Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and https://angel.co/jim-larkin-1


The American crime story, Larkin, and Lacey against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Frontera Fund has been helping the groups in the United States such as Latinos to access the rights that protect them as stated in the first amendment. It is only right that the Fund be used in such a way considering how it was founded.

The history of the Frontera Fund

A decade ago, there was a famous case of journalists Jim and Lacey against the then Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Joe had been wrongfully detaining Latinos in his county under the false pretext of illegal immigration. Joe used the police force under his wing to illegally profile detainees on the base of race, specifically the Latinos. He would have them detained for several days with no proof of an actual crime. The Latino community became aware of this injustice and brought the issue to the attention of the press. However, no local news outlet would take on the story as they feared Sheriff Arpaio’s wrath.

After several legal complaints against Joe that were all handled away from the public ear, finally in 2011, a public lawsuit was filed. This was when Larkin and Lacey took up the story and began carrying out their research. The pair who were the Executive editor and CEO of the Village Voice Newspaper respectively published an expose on the sheriff, and this made them his enemy. Arpaio went after them and had them arrested for exposing details on an investigation by the grand jury.

Despite the fact that everyone knew Jim and Michael were victims of the dictatorship, the two spent twenty-four days in detainment under harsh conditions. When they were finally set free, they filled a lawsuit against Arpaio and won 3.7 million dollars in settlement. All this drama lead to the eventual arrest and loss of the sheriff seat by Joe until recently when he received president Trump’s presidential pardon that set him free.

The 3.7 million dollars that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey won is settlement was used to launch the now Frontera Fund.


Adam Milstein On The 70th Anniversary Of Israel

Adam Milstein is an individual who has made his mark in real estate investment. However, he is a lot more than just a real estate professional. He also has made perhaps an even more notable mark in the field of philanthropy related to Jewish-American causes. He has written many important articles, including his latest one, entitled “Why Americans are celebrating Israel’s 70th.” In this piece, Adam Milstein notes the common bond between the two nations.

First of all, this common bond actually goes back centuries. John Adams, the second U.S. president, once wrote that he wished the Jews could have an independent nation. Even though this did not occur until a hundred and forty-seven years after he left office, the reason he wished for them to have an independent state is because the Jews have shared many of the ideals of the United States. This would include such things as religious freedom, tolerance, Democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and Judeo-Christian values.

Milstein writes that another reason why Americans are celebrating Israel 70 years later would be because both of these countries are committed to changing the world. The US is a facilitator of life-changing inventions, and Israel is known as the first-ever stable democracy within the Middle East. Because Israelis enjoy the same type of freedoms that Americans do, Israel has also become known as the start-up nation in the Middle East – more original companies have started from Israel than in any other part of the region.

Adam Milstein is also quick to point out that both of these countries are recognized as a “melting pot.” For example, the Jews have a spread out to every corner of the globe for thousands of years. They have spread their ideas to every corner of the globe as well. America may have been the first “melting pot”, but Israel is carrying on that same crucial tradition in the Middle East today.

Adam Milstein is proud to be an Israeli-American philanthropist, an Israeli-American activist, and a successful businessman in the United States. As long as there is a breath in him he will continue to fight for the Jewish principles both within the United States and in his mother country of Israel.


OSI Group: A Leader In Global Food Production

For retailors who sell food products to the public, the logistical process of buying, selling and distribution can be a headache to say the least. In most cases, retailors tend to deal with multiple food service providers, which can further cause confusion. If there’s one hiccup in the process, retailors can lose a lot of money in a very short amount of time. This is where OSI Group comes into the picture. This Aurora, Illinois-based wholesaler can provide top-notch services that deals with development, deals with shipping, deals with processing and deals with management. All of these wonderful services come from one source instead of coming from numerous sources.

Thanks to the companies humungous size, it is able to handle very high demands. OSI Group has facilities in Poland, in the Netherlands, in the United Kingdom, in Germany, in Austria, in Australia, in Japan, in Brazil, in Canada, in India and in other countries. Concept-to-table solutions is what the company specializes in and no one else does it any better. OSI’s R&D specialists are well-trained to handle the toughest of creative tasks. These highly educated individuals have real-world knowledge in global cuisines. The company takes positive reputation to a whole new level because the food products will actually be a reflection of the company that produced the foods. OSI Group produces foods such as cheese, fritters, pot roast, chili, soups, cooked sausage links, beef patties, hotdogs, cucumbers, flatbread, fresh dough products, panini, pizza, onions, tomatoes, meatloaf, turkey products, poultry, pasta and many others.

By participating in acquisitions, OSI Group has been able to expand on its services and expand on its size. Thanks to purchasing Tyson Food’s plant in the Chicagoland area, it has an extra 200,000 square-feet of space. OSI has been able to hold on to at least 250 of the former-employees. Flagship Europe was another successful acquisition in 2016 as OSI will now be able to serve in foreign markets that were once off-limits.

Learn More: www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Ara Chackerian’s success in healthcare invention.

Ara Chackerian is a successful businessman; he is passionate about making the world a different place and this character has contributed to his projects and his many ventures. Ara is also an environmentalist, and in his quest to preserve the environment Ara has taken part in different projects one of them is the teak farm, this farm uses techniques that help- to improve the soil, this project also provides job opportunities for residents in the area.


Ara Chackerian’s most recent project has been in the medical field, he recently introduced TMS this is a form of treatment for people suffering from severe depression. A sit down with Ara reveals the idea behind TMS and how it will make a difference in people lives.


Before embarking on this project, Ara had worked on other projects and had done extensive research on healthcare improvement. He joined hands with his longtime friend and partner to establish TMS this is a form of treatment that uses magnetic stimulation hence the word TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation.



Why did Ara consider this project and what was the ‘it’ factor about TMS?

According to Ara, research had been conducted on the best way to treat patients suffering from severe depression, TMS combined with talk therapy, and medicine showed the highest potential in producing best results for the patients making it the ideal project.


Ara saw an opportunity to make a difference in the society, people suffering from depression were sometimes resistant to medication and TMS had a solution, thousands suffering from medical resistant depression could now gain access to healthcare and get a real solution to their problem which was TMS.  For more details you can visit business.com



TMS is designed to produce the desired results by both the doctor as well as the patient, by creating an experienced tailored to meet the specific issue affecting each patient.

Since the firm’s inception, the firm has managed to establish spaces in several areas and almost seven facilities. These facilities are created to ensure patients feel safe and relaxed.

Ara Chackerian says that one way he gets his ideas is from life experiences, Ara advises people to make an effort in getting engaged in their lives and ideas will come.



Reference: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/ara-chackerian#/entity

Hussain Sajwani Builds DAMAC Properties through Entrepreneurial Networks

Without a doubt, product positioning is a strong marketing technique used to present products in light of the demands of different consumers. Also related to market segmentation alongside marketing campaigns, the core value of product positioning is dispensing a brand to the right audience. Once segmentation has allocated the right brand to the right channel, the message is sent home. All too often, segmentation and product positioning rely on symbols and displays to attract consumers. As illustrated by Hussain Sajwani , product positioning contributes to the growth of a brand in many ways including global expansion.


A Look at Hussain Sajwani and His Career

DAMAC owner is a billionaire business leader and the founder of a global property development company. He grew up in the Middle East and was raised by humble parents who owned businesses. Particularly, his father owned a shop that exported men’s personal use items. Hussain took advantage of the business and decided to learn a few strategies for coping. While working with his father, he learned that business has its melt ups and melt downs. Therefore, every business professional must be prepared to implement viable strategies for the growth of business.


Education and Career in Business

Hussain was enthusiastic about the family business. However, he had personal interests related to other businesses. Therefore, he opted to enroll for formal education and later on pursue business. For education, he graduated from the prestigious Washington University then started his career from GASCO in Abu Dhabi where he worked as a contracts manager. For some time, he focused on establishing a catering business. That marked the onset of his entrepreneurial career.



The food catering business was successful in all ways possible. Consequently, Sajwani managed to make enough money to start a real estate company. DAMAC Properties as of now the leading property development firm in Dubai and its environs. The company thrives in the leadership of Sajwani and has since been contracted by President Trump to establish customized gold courses. This business deal fostered a strong tie between the two states. When Trump was elected to serve as president, Sajwani admitted that his position would be advantageous to DAMAC Properties.