Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences: Working Towards Helping those Affected by Rare Diseases

Jeff Aronin is a renowned Biotech Entrepreneur. Currently, he serves as the CEO and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences. Apart from his role at Paragon, he participates in charitable acts is a board member of several prominent companies and groups. Paragon’s portfolio companies share Jeff’s vision and are committed to assisting individuals who have been affected by various ailments that are not treatable or may have little treatment options currently available.


Background Information


Over the past decade, several medications have been developed by Paragon’s portfolio companies and have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Paragon and Jeff Aronin have been able to help these companies become successful through their unique business model.  The process involves identifying patient needs, investing in the appropriate resources, and incubating these companies, providing strategic guidance along the way. Aronin’s expertise and leadership have been critical to Paragon’s success.

Identifying, Investing, and Building

Paragon’s process begins with identifying a rare disease or patient need and then looking into the treatment options available. After that, Paragon Biosciences engages dynamic companies that will strive to make advances towards the development of cures or remedies. The process of bringing drugs to market is complex and often takes several years which is why Paragon Biosciences provides substantial resources to its portfolio companies in order to ensure they have the best chance for success.

With that said, Paragon Biosciences seeks to invest in companies that are ambitious and innovative. This helps them attract top biotech entrepreneurs, healthcare industry leaders, and respected researchers who further aid in advancing breakthroughs for these rare conditions. A lot of hard work, research, and strategy goes into building a successful biotech company. In this respect, Paragon Biosciences and Jeff Aronin have shown dedication towards improving the lives of people in need and are revolutionizing the healthcare industry in the United States.




Over the years, Jeff Aronin has helped establish several innovative biotechnology companies. As an expert in this industry, Jeff Aronin has utilized his expertise to make a significant impact in healthcare specifically when it comes to research concerning rare diseases, complex science, and drug development. Aronin’s expertise when it comes to business development and brand marketing has helped him attract a pool of influential individuals in both business and healthcare who have helped him on his path towards making a positive change in the healthcare sector.


The profile of Penelope Kokkinides, CAO of Innovacare Health Inc.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Innovacare Health Inc. She has been working with this company since June 2015. Before rising to the position of CAO, Kokkinides was working as the Chief Operating Officer of the company. She also held another position of Vice President of Clinical operations in the company. Penelope Kokkinides is experienced in the management of healthcare programs. For over 20 years, she has worked in the healthcare sector trying to make it better. She is experienced in the management of government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, as well as the managed care sector. She is so experienced that she is considered one of the best experts on matters of managing healthcare processes and development of clinical programs. She ensures that there is development in organizational structure as well as improvement of efficiencies in the delivery of services. For more details visit Hired.


Penelope Kokkinides is experienced as a healthcare expert. Before he joined Innovacare Inc., he was working as with Centerlight Healthcare as the executive vice president and Chief Operating Officer of the company. Her responsibilities included taking care of all operations in the managed care sector in the company. She was also the COO of Touchstone Health where he also dealt with operations of making the health sector better. Penelope Kokkinides also played a significant part in the growth of the Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice.


Penelope is well educated in healthcare management. She has a degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University. She also has a master in social work from the University of New York. Penelope also holds a master’s degree in public health from Columbia University.


Penelope is making major contributions to the growth of the healthcare sector in America. She has mainly been involved in the development of healthcare services in the island of Puerto Rico. He has been trying to liaise with the government to add funding to the healthcare sector on the island. She recently met with President Trump, where they discussed the status of health care in Puerto Rico. She managed to put a word to the president about increasing the healthcare funding for the island since it has significantly been reduced from 2011. You can visit



Penelope Kokkinides has made it possible for the Puerto Ricans to enjoy better services. Through InnovaCare, she has made sure that there are affordable means of accessing medical services. Together with the CEO of InnovaCare Rick Shinto, they have made this company the best in the healthcare sector.


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Victoria Doramus: Doing What You like Helps You Like What You Do

Someone won’t say they have a great impact in the community without some tangible accomplishments to show. People who have other people at heart are known to have numerous accomplishments especially on the things they do to help them. Contrary, some people struggle to find an entry-level job with regular terms. When they find it, they don’t hold the position for several years before they lose it. This has left some people with questions on why some people succeed in life while others find success a tall order. Although good fortune may play a role in this, Victoria Doramus says one has first to be passionate about what they do and believe in themselves.

Victoria is a woman of strength and one with numerous accomplishments behind her back. As a marketing expert, she knows how to make a purple leaf out of nothing. Besides holding various job positions in different places, Victoria has also interacted and worked with some famous directors. Many people have acquired a lot of knowledge and marketing skills from certain books on effective marketing. What some of them may not have known is that Victoria Doramus happens to be the ghostwriter of those books and also the editor.

She is also the smart mind behind the USA Today magazine and other creative articles on different topics. Some of the topics she has covered in her articles and magazines include retail, global trends, and fashion. Tradesy is among the great high-traffic websites where Victoria Doramus is featured. She is always on her head thinking about the next big thing to introduce into the market. Victoria is a happy woman since she does what she likes most.

According to Victoria Doramus, the type of market one is involved in would indicate whether one is bound to succeed or fail. She says it’s hard to accomplish a lot if you aren’t in an area or doing something that gives you pleasure. Before you find what you like doing, you may have to take a few trials. Working in creative fields and developing effective marketing strategies have made Victoria the great woman she has become today. She is a source of great insights on marketing and fashion, and her reputation has continued to increase.

Gareth Henry Is An Investment Professional Who Has Always Been In High Demand:

Gareth Henry has risen to a position of being considered one of the top financial minds in the investment industry. He comes from a background in mathematics and is now one of the top individuals in the world of hedge funds. Gareth Henry has played major roles in several major investment funds that work in the area of alternative investment. This work includes serving as Director of Strategic Solutions with Schroders plc. He also worked for the prestigious firm Fortress Investment Group as Global Head of IR and Head of International Investor Relations. In 2011, Gareth had the honor of being named to the prestigious list the Institutional Investors Hedge Fund Thirty Rising Stars.

In 2016, Gareth Henry became the Global Head of Investor Relations. At the very same moment he was also given the position of the Managing Director of Angelo, Gordon and Co. The highly regarded alternative investment firm based out of New York was thrilled to be able to bring someone of Gareth Henry’s reputation and experience. The fact that he is already a seasoned professional in executive roles was a huge bonus. Angelo Gordon and Co. President Lawrence Schloss had a number of good things to say about Gareth Henry. The fantastic global connections that Gareth brought on board with him was also a huge bonus that made him highly sought after. The fact that Gareth was at the head of a highly talented professional team that worked with clients all over the world was yet another feather in his cap that made his a highly sought after candidate at Angelo, Gordon and Co.

For his part, Gareth Henry was thrilled to have a chance to take on this position with Angelo, Gordon and Co. This was because of the trusted and outstanding reputation that the firm has. Consistent ability to deliver strong returns has become a characteristic of Angelo, Gordon and Co. From the get-go, Gareth was excited to get to work and do great things. Angelo, Gordon and Co. is a respected firm that was founded in 1988. With its headquarters in New York, the outfit manages in the realm of twenty-six billion.

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Southridge Capital Management LLC, a Story of Success with Stephen Hicks

Southridge Capital Management LLC operates as a private equity and investment advisory firm. The company works with small companies in private placement transactions. Southridge helps these companies with finances to implement their expansion plans, restructure their operations, or even finance a new business line. The company also partners, as an investor, with other companies that require to source outside capital for strategic acquisitions or mergers. The company is also involved in hedge fund management. Southridge Capital was established in 1996. It is headquartered in Ridgefield, Connecticut. It has operational offices in Los Angeles; California, Ontario; Canada and, New York.

Stephen Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Southridge Capital Management. He is wee-known for his excellent management expertise gained through years of experience in the financial investment 8ndustry. In Southridge, Stephen Hicks has a wide, robust portfolio of responsibilities. He is responsible for designing the strategic direction of the investment advisory firm. Hick is also responsible for the management of business development and implementation. Also, he is responsible for the daily operations of Murray and Lois Hicks Charitable Foundation and, The Daystar Foundation. The two organizations assist people in need, locally and internationally. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Mr. Hicks brings valuable expertise to Southridge Capital. Before he founded the company, he worked with Wertheim Schroeder, Trans-Pacific Capital, Sutherland Capital, Norton & Co and, Windsor IBC. His primary responsibilities included Volatility and Equity Derivative in the proprietary trading area. His duties varied from the structuring of transactions in Risk Arbitrage and, trading. He holds a B.S in Business Administration from King’s College, Briarcliff Manor, New York. He also has an MBA from New York City’s Fordham University. You can visit


In a recent interview, Stephen Hicks discloses that the idea for Southridge came while he was serving at a small New York hedge fund whose principal had decided to return to Australia. He run the firm for a whole year. The experience that Hicks attained during this period gave him the courage to start his hedge fund firm. The principal of NY company allowed him to start his own company-Southridge Capital Management LLC -as he continued working for him.


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Jim Toner Wants To Empower Real Estate Investors By Offering Some Important Advice

The United States has seen its fair share of housing market crashes and recessions in the last decade, or so, and desperate times have brought out the scammers in full force. Countless people have been taken for everything they had saved up over the course of their lives and felt lost. Jim Toner is a real estate investor and entrepreneur who has been working in the industry for more than 25 years and was able to rebuild after he, too, was scammed. The problem has had nothing to do with the real estate market but has been more to do with the decisions that many investors have made. Toner believes the country is moving into a time where investors who make the right decisions will get paid off in a big way.

Jim Toner has always talked about how attitude is one of the most important things when it comes to investing. In 2008, when most people were angry at the real estate sector, he claims it was really poor decision making that caused people to lose so much money. According to, Toner has recommended that people surround themselves with the kind of talented individuals who can help them to grow. No one can do everything by themselves, and plenty of famous businessmen have suggested this, as well. He also believes that it is important to get exercise and to work on your mind. In order to be a success in the world of real estate, he believes people need to make themselves valuable by having a lot to offer.

Jim Toner has admitted that he has worked hard during times when he was suffering from poor health and that it just made things more difficult. He looks at physical health as a key factor in an overall business plan and knows that focusing on this leads to clearer thinking and better decisions. He also firmly believes in the power of laughter and has suggested that it helps to balance the body out. He has also suggested that every aspiring real estate investor should be reading as much as they can and that listening to experts in the field can give people information they would have never figured out on their own.

Jim Toner believes that another crucial piece of the puzzle of success is for people to not behave as if they were poor. Instead, they should surround themselves with successful people and work on their mindset. One of the best things a person can work on, according to Jim Toner, is to become better with managing their time. Because time is such a valuable commodity, and one a person can never get back, he encourages people to focus on using their time wisely. Watch this video from


Life Lessons From Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine. He moved to Kuwait as a young child. His family was poor as he grew. His father gave him a lesson in life that stuck with him throughout. This less on was that in order to gain the respect of anyone young Saad Saad would have to pursue a high level of education.


This lesson stuck with Dr. Saad throughout his young life. He initially wanted to work outside of the construction industry. However, the summer in Kuwait was not. He decided he just wanted to pursue a career in a field that would offer him air conditioning. He chose to be a surgeon instead.


After immigrating from Kuwait to the United States, he decided that he would pursue a career as a board certified surgeon. This board certified surgeon position led to be one of the best in his field. However, he was the sole board certified surgeon in the United States at the time who was fluent in both Arabic and English.


His subsequent life lesson was that one should never put off until tomorrow what one can accomplish today. These are some of the most valuable lessons Dr. Saad Saad has learned throughout his lifetime.


Dr. Saad Saad is one of those physicians who can accomplish anything. He took and saved an incision in each of more than two thousand youngsters. He feels this is part of his greatest accomplishments as a surgeon. This is because he saved many children from having to undergo another incision and this meant these children would not have to be scared for life because of this incision.


Dr. Saad Saad has held many positions in life. His greatest accomplishments have come through hard work and determination to persevere through the hardships life through at him. He is a renowned board certified surgeon.


In conclusion, this article discussed many of the life lessons that Dr. Saad Saad has learned. He passed these life lessons on to his children. They are all become successful in all that they have pursued. Dr. Saad Saad is one of the most prestigious doctors in the United States has ever had. Learn more :