What to Know About Agera Energy

With the help of the Agera Energy company, you can get a service that you can rely on day after day. Many customers have already switched over to Agera Energy because they need either gas or electricity that works for their needs. Visit ageraenergy.com to know more.

You won’t need to spend a small fortune just to get service in your local area. The Agera Energy company has been around for a few years and already has thousands of customers nationwide. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.

By reading some Agera Energy reviews online, you can get a feel for what the company is doing for its customers. You won’t need to worry about the quality of service that you’re getting and this is the reason you’ll need to consider this option for yourself. Be sure to go on the Agera Energy Facebook page to learn more about what the company does and how they can work for your own home or business.

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LocationSmart API location tracking

In 1995 Masoud Motamedi and Mario Proietti founded a company called TechnoCom Location Platform. In 2012, the name of the company was rebranded as LocationSmart. In February 2015, LocationSmart acquired their competitor, Locaid. The foundation of the company is to operate as a location-as-a-service (LAAS) that provides location API’s to enterprises and operate in a secure, cloud-based and privacy-protected platform.

Some of the benefits LocationSmart provides are real-time location tracking for smartphones, tablets, IoT and other connected devices in the United States and Canada. The technology they use for location tracking include cellular network location, WI-FI, IP addresses, landline, browser location and global site identification (GSID) location.

To name a few of the services the company provides include asset tracking. The ability to protect valuable assets with a global cellular and Wi-Fi location. Able to find devices throughout the world and determine location while roaming domestically or internationally. These capabilities work for any connected device that can report serving network attributes. Read more: LocationSmart | Facebook  and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

LocationSmart is also leading the industry with automated location insights. It has the ability to know when and where employees are at any given time for tracking purpose. It can effectively communicate the status of any job change in real-time.

In addition, leverage existing handsets with no extra charge. Also, provide management assurance by knowing where their employees are supposed to be. These key features will improve remote vision and detect where resources are located at anytime and anywhere.

Cosumers can also use LocationSmart’s technology via SMS or text messaging. It’ll allow opted-in subscribers to find businesses near their closest location. It can minimize the friction with customers locating your business. Also, it can enhance discoverability for new brick-and-mortar locations.

These features can be accomplished via businesses creating dedicated numbers in which the customer can interact to receive the location of the closest brick-and-mortar store. Consumers can also use LocationSmart for their travel arrangements.

When traveling to your destination, hotel’s will know when guests plan to arrive and monitor dwell time to predict engagement actions. They can present local and relevant timely offers. Provide personalized service and enhance customer loyalty to create ambassadors for your brand.

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Jeremy Goldstein Talks about Protecting Your Business Using Non-Compete Agreements

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney based in New York. He is a revered lawyer, and his level of professionalism is impeccable. On the onset of his career as a lawyer, Goldstein was employed by a large law firm in New York City. During his employment period, he was able to oversee different legal transactions such as mergers and acquisitions.


As an employee, Goldstein realized that contract enforcement, conflicts of interest, and other issues were common in the field of law. He then carried out a search before launching Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, and his main focus was on the employment law and how the issue related to corporate governance and executive compensation. The firm has been operational for more than a decade. Goldstein formed the firm, and he made sure that the main focus would be on the CEOs and other individuals who serve as executives in various firms. Throughout the years, the company has been dedicated, and they have been offering exceptional legal services to all their clients.


Jeremy Goldstein also engages in other activities outside the office. For starters, he is a member of different boards. He also addresses people at different events. Since he is a philanthropist, some of the organizations that have been benefiting from his charitable endeavors include the Fountain House. He is also a member of the Board of Directors at the non-profitable organization. Most of the adults with mental illness issues have benefitted greatly from the Fountain House.


As an attorney, Jeremy Goldstein has proven to be passionate about protecting the interests of his clients and some of the areas that he has focused on include non-compete agreements. Such an agreement is always designed to protect the rights of the employers’. There are instances whereby employers are exposed to various risks, and if they fail to come up with an agreement suited to the unique situation. The agreements should always be fair to the employees.


A law firm that deals with employment law can draft a non-compete agreement. The agreement is usually formulated during the hiring process, and it is always presented to the recruits. Nevertheless, the non-compete agreement can be drafted even after the hiring process. When scheduling for an appointment with a law firm that deals with employment law, it is good to look into the reason why a non-compete agreement is needed with regard to your business and the employees within the organization. For starters, a non-compete agreement outlines the period that the employees should wait before seeking other employment opportunities. The employers may want to limit the employees since they may have access to different forms of information such as business strategies and formulas that they could exploit for their own personal gain. Exploiting such information may bring about some significant losses to the businesses, and that is why a non-compete agreement is important.


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Sergey Petrossov Explains How He Came Up With The Business Idea Of Modernizing Private Aviation

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is an entrepreneur that was born in Moscow, Russia. He founded JetSmarter which is a company that uses cutting-edge technology in the private aviation industry. People can use his app to book flights on private jets between many different cities. His company has several high-profile investors including the music industry mogul Jay-Z and the Saudi royal family.

When he made his first private flight in 2009 he had little idea he would ever do so again, let alone design an app to provide other people a way to do so. He didn’t know it was going to become a business, he said. He had just graduated from the University of Florida and a person that owned a private jet firm had offered to let him go on one of its flights.

What he discovered to his surprise was that the private aviation industry was stuck in the past. Sergey Petrossov says that you had to use a phone to book a flight and then fill out paperwork. In the age of smartphone apps, this just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to him.

He thought he saw a business opportunity and so started to closely follow private aviation, including attending private trade shows and conferences. He made connections in the industry and did some advising to companies in the industry.

It was during this process that Sergey Petrossov saw how heavily underutilized planes were. They could seat 20 to 30 people and yet just one or two seats would be filled. It was to better utilize planes and give people a much easier and quicker way to book flights that he founded JetSmarter. His company is now filling private planes around the world including on its most popular route between New York and Miami.

JetSmarter is not just part of the private aviation industry but also part of the sharing economy. People now have a way to share private flights which makes them more economical for everyone. He sees a future where private flights will be cost-competitive with commercial flights when it comes to business and first-class travelers.


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The Hall Of Fame Spirit of Aaron Lupuloff

Aaron Lupuloff is the Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. He earned his Business diploma from Alabama University. With over 20 years of experience in management, he has assisted many companies and organizations along the way. Some of the businesses he’s been apart of include JP Morgan and Third Street Bank Securities to name a few. Aaron first got his start in the banking industry during 1982. Presently, the finance veteran and his wife are active board members at Georgia University Student Affairs Department. He also plays an integral role in a few other organizations, including the Gwinnett County Public School District.

Recently, GCPS inducted six honorees into the hall of fame. Each inductee was given time for a speech. All were touching testaments to their perseverance and will. One former student who inspired many with his speech was David Saville. David has Down Syndrome and exemplifies the standard of community spirit. One line of his speech that illustrated his mindset was “the only disability in life is a bad attitude”. This was a solid example of not giving up or feeling sorry for yourself. Saville is a recent graduate of Clemson University and has had the support of his community for years. Born with Down Syndrome, David grew up with a passion for sports. He is presently the equipment manager for Clemson‘s football program. This football season makes his eighth consecutive year assisting the Tiger’s football program. His acts of selflessness and positive outlook on life has earned him national recognition. This year‘s Hall of Fame induction for the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation had one of the largest crowds in it’s 10 year history. Executive Director Aaron Lupuloff mentioned that it was tough turning so many people away from the event, but it was beyond the maximum capacity.

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