Business Consultant Luke Lazarus

It is widely known that starting up a business is not easy for most people. However, business consultants such as Luke Lazarus help businesses increase their chances of success. He has always worked to help businesses reach their full potential whenever they are looking to start up.

Luke has a lot of experience working with businesses in all phases from initial startup to ones that have been established for many years. Lazarus has proven to be a highly trusted consultant for businesses who are experiencing difficulties. With his knowledge and expertise, he has been able to help them resolve all of their problems with ease.

Luke Lazarus has emphasized the importance of using a business consultant. While most businesses don’t usually call on a consultant to help them, they are often necessary. Lazarus believes that businesses can often struggle and are more prone to failure when they don’t receive the extra assistance they need.

Since 90 percent of businesses fail within five years, they will often need guidance to solve problems before it is too late. While consulting often benefits businesses that are having difficulties, it can also help successful businesses achieve even more success. It can be used to improve the quality of products and services along with creating more effective marketing campaigns.

As a business consultant, Luke Lazarus has a considerable amount of credibility. He was once a serial entrepreneur who started up four businesses. Each one was very successful and he was able to sell each one after a few years.

This made him a very wealth individual who achieved financial independence at a young age. While he was financially secure, he was still looking to continue working in the business world. He decided to become a business consultant so that he can help other businesses achieve success.

When working as a business consultant, Luke Lazarus looks to help businesses find solutions to their current problems. He begins by providing them with a consultation as well as an analysis of their current business. After this analysis, he then goes on to focus on helping the business establish an emotional connection with their customers. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Crunchbase | Luke Lazarus

He does this by emphasizing how a product or service will enhance the customer’s lives. Using this approach has proven to help businesses establish more trust with their customers. Along with establishing an emotional connection, Lazarus has also emphasizes devising a business plan and strategy to ensure success in the future.

Before becoming a business consultant, Luke Lazarus attended college at a university in Melbourne Australia. He completed an advanced degree in business administration. After he completed college, he want on to begin a career in entrepreneurship.

His career as an entrepreneur was very successful as he was able to build a number of businesses into highly profitable enterprises. While he achieve a lot of success, he believed that it would be beneficial to pass on his knowledge and expertise to other businesses in the future.

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Luke Lazarus: A Business Consultant Who Is Changing the World

Marc Beer

Marc Beer: The Importance of Illumination

During any surgical procedure, adequate illumination is the most important factor. Even the most experienced surgeon with the most skilled hands can cause irreparable damage to their patient and their career. For years, no one product has held the title of “most preferred by surgeons” when it comes to lighting.

One product most people think of when they think about illumination during surgeries is what they see in movies and on TV; one big light hanging over the operating table. While surgeons and doctors alike have used electric bulbs for many years, they never really liked to use them. Those giant electric bulbs were extremely bulky, they burned hot quickly and burned out, they offered poor illumination, and they consumed way too much energy.

Recently, LumeNXT, Inc. announced a new line of products that made the company’s new Chairman of the Board, Marc Beer, excited to be a part of the company. LumeNXT created a product line that combined white light-emitting diodes, micro-electronic switching technology, and compacted high-power batteries. Its new product line features small high-intensity non-tethered lighting sources.

That may all sound technical and boring, but to put in laymen’s terms, the company’s new lights will allow doctors and surgeons to place precision lighting into or on the edge of the surgical site. The notion of lighting from within has the entire medical industry up in a roar but in a good way. Everyone is excited to start working with an illumination source that can improve surgery safety and quickness.

These little lights are latex-free and come individually wrapped for convenience. They can only be used one time, but they required approximately one-twentieth of the energy required by the standard large electric bulbs, and they produce better lighting. They’re small enough to fit into a cavity, they produce no heat, and they’re inexpensive.

Marc Beer made a great choice for a new Chairman of the Board because he’s used to looking for and bringing new medical solutions to the field. One of his first companies was Renovia, Inc., a company dedicated to creating therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women suffering from pelvic floor disorder.

Though Renovia made Marc Beer an industry-known name, he also founded Minerva Neurosciences Inc., a company that looked for medicines that would help people suffering from schizophrenia, insomnia, and other mood disorders, including depressive disorders and Parkinson’s disease. Learn more:

The Fight Against Aging Skin With Genucel

Constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause severe damage to your skin causing premature aging. To avoid this you need to take better care of your skin by protecting it.

Removing Wrinkles and Fine Lines with Genucel by Chamonix

To determine the depth of fine lines depends on how deep a line is which will determine if it is just a fine line or worse a wrinkle. The earlier in age you start your anti-aging regime the better your skin will be and with Genucel skin anti-aging products. This routine will keep those unattractive future wrinkles and fine lines away.

According to, when using Antioxidants they are great to regenerate damaged skin cells after being damaged by the sun. Over time this can aid in preventing further damage to your skin. Genucel by Chamonix offers a large range of Antioxidant-rich skin care products which helps to combat free radicals that impact the appearance of your skin over a long period of time. Protect your skin all year round with extra emphasis on summertime because those summer months the UV rays are much stronger.

Exfoliate and Moisturize with Genucel

Some great skin care tips you can do yourself at home are:

Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin.

  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin.

Limit your time in the sun.

  • Limit your time in the sun.

Don’t wear SPF for long periods of time, wash off every night otherwise, it can clog your skin pores causing more damage to your skin.

  • Don’t wear SPF for long periods of time, wash off every night otherwise, it can clog your skin pores causing more damage to your skin.

Moisturize and Exfoliate your skin every night when washing your face, arms, and legs to remove any SPF and dead skin from your body from earlier in the day.

  • Moisturize and Exfoliate your skin every night when washing your face, arms, and legs to remove any SPF and dead skin from your body from earlier in the day.

Based on, if you want to focus on keeping the skin area around your eyes tighter and firmer giving you a more youthful look try using Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy, the active ingredient in this is Plant Stem Cells from the Malus Domestica Plant. If it’s an immediate result your looking for then the main active ingredient is the Relaxoderm Technology.

So level up your skincare regime and try using Genucel by Chamonix because Genucel takes skin care seriously and they want you to as well.  To know more about Genucel you can visit

Aaron Lupuloff Education Reform Means Diversity

Aaron Lupuloff is a native resident of Norcross, Georgia, Gwinnett County. In 2006, he was instrumental in helping establish the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, which consistently pushes for, and has implemented reforms in school education. Lupuloff is said to be a long-time community activist and advocate.

The goals of the GCPSF are aimed to work toward encouraging a sense of diversity among students, educators and Gwinnett County residents. Lupuloff advocates that investing in education reform will provide ample return. He asserts social tolerance, flexible thinking, contributing to the natural sciences and the world stage as a whole are more likely to result from continued reform. The foundation goals include: forward outlook and thinking, maintain and revise current educational system tend to ongoing needs for funding and growth.

Based on, Lupuloff points out that the national and global student population comprise students able to function well within current parameters, students with neuro-diversity, which is a catch-all phrase for understood learning limitations, ethnic diversity, and physical impairment diversity such as deaf and blind. Each group and each student within each group have learning capacities that need to be identified and tapped to their maximum.

Lupuloff in his writings has considered the use of standardized testing in the public schools. He sees a significant shift in attitude and approach toward these measures within the education industry. A drawback in standardized tests is that one may be given once or infrequent resulting in a narrow scope to view results. Moreover, standardized tests may increase felt pressure affecting overall scores by student participants. On the other hand, it is ideal that standardized tests minimize bias and evaluate the student’s capabilities.

Recent findings indicate the USA is behind Estonia, Germany, Canada and China in producing public school graduates ready to embrace the challenges on the international stage. Yet, findings indicate compared with these countries, education funding in the US is highest. Lupuloff and the GCPSF are recognized nationally for their efforts, as well as diversity in a 38-member board coming from various walks of life. To know more about Aaron visit

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Continues His Family’s Business Tradition

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer comes from a family with a rich background of entrepreneurship. He is a third-generation member of his family in Brazil and is the grandson of the founder of the RBS Group. Today, Mr. Melzer is considered to be one of the most prominent businessmen in Brazil. This is because he holds the position of the president and chairman of the board at the Grupo RBS.

Duda Melzer, as Eduardo is commonly known is also an entrepreneur in his own right. He helped create a company called e-Bricks Digital. This is a firm that invests in online businesses in both Brazil and the United States. The founding of e-Bricks Digital shows that Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and businessman.

Mr. Melzer has been educated both in the United States and in Brazil. He completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul when he was 26 years old. Later on, Duda Melzer went on to complete an MBA program in business at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In addition to his MBA degree at Harvard University, he has also completed two courses there that are designed especially for executive leadership.

Duda Melzer is also a proud supporter of the arts. He is an advisory member on the Mercosul Visual Arts Biennial Foundation. This non-profit group helps organize yearly events that showcase visual arts in Brazil. Duda Sirotsky Melzer is also an advisory member on the Iberê Camargo Foundation. This is a cultural institution and museum that showcases the works of the famous Brazilian expressionist artist, Ibere Camargo.


Mr. Melzer is also involved in another digital venture besides e-Bricks Digital. is an e-commerce site that Duda Melzer works with. It is considered to be Latin America’s largest online wine store.


Before becoming the president of the Grupo RBS in 2012, Duda Melzer held many different jobs in the United States. His first job was working as a financial analyst at a company called the Delphi Corporation. He then worked at Boxtop Media. Today, Duda Melzer leads his family business, which is the RBS Group.

Barbara Strokes is in The Center of Rebuilding Efforts

Green Structure Homes in Alabama is a Disaster Relief Contraction that is based in Huntsville, Alabama. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Barbara Strokes is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and has extensive experience with disaster relief. She founded the organization with her husband, and they have worked closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency over the years. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Barbara Strokes has a great team with her helping throughout the projects and making sure they are done correctly. They have a talented design and engineering team who are a part of the team so that helps their projects to get finished on time. Even though she works a large amount of time, she still maximizes her time with her family. She believes in having a work-life balance. Focusing on the things that matter, helps to keep her grounded.


The Ways of Business Funding with Paul Saunders

James River Capital Corp. is a financial intuition based in Virginia. The company has a rich history of being a subsidiary of a larger parent company, but a young ambitious Paul Saunders worked hard to separate the firm into its own business. Now under his leadership, the company has become a beacon for the region and beyond. Paul Saunders works to connect people with the proper managing resources for their businesses. This includes taking the first step into the business. He describes in a recent Premier Gazette the many ways a client can get their business going.


In a technological world, ideas can spring up almost anywhere. Paul Saunders has seen clients from all walks of life enter his office. The first option he always suggests is Bootstrapping or the idea of funding your own business. As the creator, you the individual should be the most optimistic about making it a reality. Investors who see strong confidence are more likely to consider their time with your idea. Similarly, Paul Saunders sometimes suggests putting the business on the stock market. Allowing the investing to play itself out and get a diverse range of opinions can help increase the appeal of your brand.


Securing investors is not the only way to build a business. Paul Saunders also suggests his clients consider using money from other people. Kickstarter is a popular platform to get a potential idea off the ground. It allows for average individuals to invest money into projects they personally like. Then as a business leader, you can give the backers cool perks that customers could not usually obtain. On the flip-side, the loan industry is a common choice for many of his clients. Banks have different rules, payouts, and guidelines, but it’s an easy option to obtain quick money. The only downside is the debt burden could become overwhelming.


The last pair of options that Paul Saunders presents to his clients are the high-end class of investors. Starting on one end of the spectrum with angel investors, these individuals seek to grow businesses with monetary and networking contributions. It is not unheard of for even the smallest ides to attract their attention. However, on the far end of the spectrum sits venture capitalists. These individuals invest large sums of money into an idea with the expectation to make it all back down the road. Getting support from either of these groups shows there is real merit to your idea. Learn more:


Paul Saunders has worked with clients who have been in all of these situations. There is no one size fits all in the business world, but he aims to lead a hand in a time where clients feel the most uncertain.

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What to Know About Agera Energy

With the help of the Agera Energy company, you can get a service that you can rely on day after day. Many customers have already switched over to Agera Energy because they need either gas or electricity that works for their needs. Visit to know more.

You won’t need to spend a small fortune just to get service in your local area. The Agera Energy company has been around for a few years and already has thousands of customers nationwide. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.

By reading some Agera Energy reviews online, you can get a feel for what the company is doing for its customers. You won’t need to worry about the quality of service that you’re getting and this is the reason you’ll need to consider this option for yourself. Be sure to go on the Agera Energy Facebook page to learn more about what the company does and how they can work for your own home or business.



LocationSmart API location tracking

In 1995 Masoud Motamedi and Mario Proietti founded a company called TechnoCom Location Platform. In 2012, the name of the company was rebranded as LocationSmart. In February 2015, LocationSmart acquired their competitor, Locaid. The foundation of the company is to operate as a location-as-a-service (LAAS) that provides location API’s to enterprises and operate in a secure, cloud-based and privacy-protected platform.

Some of the benefits LocationSmart provides are real-time location tracking for smartphones, tablets, IoT and other connected devices in the United States and Canada. The technology they use for location tracking include cellular network location, WI-FI, IP addresses, landline, browser location and global site identification (GSID) location.

To name a few of the services the company provides include asset tracking. The ability to protect valuable assets with a global cellular and Wi-Fi location. Able to find devices throughout the world and determine location while roaming domestically or internationally. These capabilities work for any connected device that can report serving network attributes. Read more: LocationSmart | Facebook  and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

LocationSmart is also leading the industry with automated location insights. It has the ability to know when and where employees are at any given time for tracking purpose. It can effectively communicate the status of any job change in real-time.

In addition, leverage existing handsets with no extra charge. Also, provide management assurance by knowing where their employees are supposed to be. These key features will improve remote vision and detect where resources are located at anytime and anywhere.

Cosumers can also use LocationSmart’s technology via SMS or text messaging. It’ll allow opted-in subscribers to find businesses near their closest location. It can minimize the friction with customers locating your business. Also, it can enhance discoverability for new brick-and-mortar locations.

These features can be accomplished via businesses creating dedicated numbers in which the customer can interact to receive the location of the closest brick-and-mortar store. Consumers can also use LocationSmart for their travel arrangements.

When traveling to your destination, hotel’s will know when guests plan to arrive and monitor dwell time to predict engagement actions. They can present local and relevant timely offers. Provide personalized service and enhance customer loyalty to create ambassadors for your brand.

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Jeremy Goldstein Talks about Protecting Your Business Using Non-Compete Agreements

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney based in New York. He is a revered lawyer, and his level of professionalism is impeccable. On the onset of his career as a lawyer, Goldstein was employed by a large law firm in New York City. During his employment period, he was able to oversee different legal transactions such as mergers and acquisitions.


As an employee, Goldstein realized that contract enforcement, conflicts of interest, and other issues were common in the field of law. He then carried out a search before launching Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, and his main focus was on the employment law and how the issue related to corporate governance and executive compensation. The firm has been operational for more than a decade. Goldstein formed the firm, and he made sure that the main focus would be on the CEOs and other individuals who serve as executives in various firms. Throughout the years, the company has been dedicated, and they have been offering exceptional legal services to all their clients.


Jeremy Goldstein also engages in other activities outside the office. For starters, he is a member of different boards. He also addresses people at different events. Since he is a philanthropist, some of the organizations that have been benefiting from his charitable endeavors include the Fountain House. He is also a member of the Board of Directors at the non-profitable organization. Most of the adults with mental illness issues have benefitted greatly from the Fountain House.


As an attorney, Jeremy Goldstein has proven to be passionate about protecting the interests of his clients and some of the areas that he has focused on include non-compete agreements. Such an agreement is always designed to protect the rights of the employers’. There are instances whereby employers are exposed to various risks, and if they fail to come up with an agreement suited to the unique situation. The agreements should always be fair to the employees.


A law firm that deals with employment law can draft a non-compete agreement. The agreement is usually formulated during the hiring process, and it is always presented to the recruits. Nevertheless, the non-compete agreement can be drafted even after the hiring process. When scheduling for an appointment with a law firm that deals with employment law, it is good to look into the reason why a non-compete agreement is needed with regard to your business and the employees within the organization. For starters, a non-compete agreement outlines the period that the employees should wait before seeking other employment opportunities. The employers may want to limit the employees since they may have access to different forms of information such as business strategies and formulas that they could exploit for their own personal gain. Exploiting such information may bring about some significant losses to the businesses, and that is why a non-compete agreement is important.


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