Vinod Gupta Was Successful In Helping Companies Early In His Career

When Vinod Gupta was working for a mobile home company early in his career, he saw that it needed more information than it had available. And he started gathering together all of the phone books that he could find and putting together lists from their yellow pages.

He did this in his own time and offered to sell it to the company where he had been working or to give it to them for free so that he could sell it others. The company took it for free and he was able to make a large profit as he presented and sold it to other mobile home companies.

Vinod Gupta started making lists for other companies after this and worked for those that made tractors and more. And he made changes in his company when he needed to, growing it as he could so he could continue to have success as times changed. He even acquired several large companies so he could take on even more clients and make a larger profit.

Vinod Gupta was born in India and grew up without electricity. He came to the United States and attended the University of Nebraska, where he got a degree in engineering.

He started a charity in his name and helps those in his home country of India get the education they deserve. And, Vinod Gupta says that he has found success and knows what to put on the market because of the testing that he does with each of the ideas that come to him.

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Why Empiricus Remains One of the Most Successful Newsletters Globally


Newsletters are among the best ways of staying in touch with your subscribers. That is the main reason why a growing number of organizations and publications are using their newsletters to boost their engagement rates as well as to generate additional revenue. Despite these obvious perks, it can be a challenge to create newsletters that get results. You need to clearly understand and cater for your subscribers’ interests to move in the right direction.

When it comes to catering for subscribers’ interests, no newsletter can match Empiricus. The organization’s creators focus on defending the “politically incorrect” in the society and employ a wide range of promotional strategies not only to reach their subscribers but also to ensure that their audiences’ interest are catered for.

The themes of their newsletters are designed to attract audiences interested in political matters in Brazil and globally. Go To This Page for related information.

Some of the best examples of their successful projects include:

  • Protect yourself if Dilma wins
  • What happens if Aécio Neves wins? What should be expected in the stocks market if Aécio wins the coming elections?”

Empiricus came to the limelight after “The End of Brazil” video in 2014, which predicted a devastating outcome for the Brazilian economy. The video also criticized the Dilma Roussef’s government. View Related Info Here.

The video which was heavily promoted by Google Ads and sponsored social media views is believed to be a Brazilian version of the widely celebrated “End of America” play. The newsletter provides both free and paid monthly bulletins.

About Empiricus Research

Empiricus is a consulting company that specializes in selling information via newsletters. It is a partnership between Brazilian entrepreneurs, Felipe Miranda, Caio Mesquita and Rodolfo Amstalden with an American company, the Agora. Currently, it boasts 180,000 subscribers and owns 50 percent stake of the O Antagonista website—in partnership with entrepreneurs Mário Sabino and Diogo Mainardi.


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USHEALTH Advisors Dives Into The Health Benefits Of Ghee

Ghee has been used in India and Pakistan for millennia. It can now increasingly be found in American grocery stores, although often called “clarified butter” instead of ghee. It can also be made at home, USHEALTH Advisors reports. You melt regular butter which separates it into milk solids and liquid fats. You remove the solids and what is left is ghee.

Ghee can be used interchangeably with butter in any recipe. Experts are divided whether it is healthier than butter. It does last longer, especially in areas with warm temperatures. USHEALTH Advisors provided information about ghee so that people could decide whether it has a place in their diet.

Ghee is used in Ayurvedic medicine. Practitioners of this medicine believe that it helps them live longer and fight off disease. They claim other health benefits include better digestion, improved memory, and better flexibility in their bodies.

Ghee is essentially pure fat. This includes quite a bit of saturated fat which research has shown is unhealthy and contributes to coronary artery disease. Read more about USHealth Advisors at

A group of researchers decided to conduct an experiment with ghee. They had two groups of rats and studied how ghee affected their health. What they found out was that the rats who ate ghee had higher triglyceride levels. However, what causes coronary artery disease, lipid peroxidation processes, weren’t triggered. They also studied a group of people in rural India who eat a lot of ghee and found they had low levels of cholesterol.

On whether ghee is healthy, USHEALTH Advisors says that this depends on many factors. They think that further research needs to be conducted. Recent research has shown that it is a good course of vitamins A, D, and E. The research also showed it can aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, and has heart-healthy properties.

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The Story of Gump’s


An article from Premier Gazette gives the story of a retailer called Gump’s who was founded by two brothers named Solomon and Gustave Gump. Their selling point has been in supplying special products from all around the world. Gump’s is based out of New York City and San Francisco, California.

At first, they were selling artwork, but, it would soon turn into selling other items such as furnishings, jewelry, and other artifacts. Gump’s main store burned down in 1906 as they relocated and expanded from it. Famous individuals would go to the store like the president of the United States in Franklin D Roosevelt and an actress named Sarah Bernhardt.

Gump’s fortune would change in 2005 as the Chachas family slowly increased their interest in acquiring the iconic retailer. One of the sons named John Chachas liked a Buddha statue and wanted it for himself. Many years later, John would purchase the statue from the retailer and replace it with a replica. Go To This Page to learn more.

The statue that he bought would become a smart investment that would pay for the ages as he sold it later to a buyer in Hong Kong for a high price of $4 million dollars. The son had earned a fortune off the Buddha and started a firm. Even more ironic, John Chachas decided to use some of the money earned to put back into Gump’s for their marketing, image, and overall business.

Gump’s is now currently owned under the Chachas family as they plan to open a new store location in the upcoming 2019 holiday season. The store location is still undecided so the retailer suggests people follow them on Instagram and Twitter for announcements.


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Betsy DeVos – The US Education Secretary

For those who have been following the political education discussion in this country, the US Education Secretary has been a polarizing figure for reform. Her name is Betsy DeVos, and she is the first women to champion educational choice in America.


As long as DeVos can remember, she’s been fighting for education reform. As an entrepreneur and business leader, she has used her own funds to support educational reform across the states. In her home state of Michigan, she has become a symbol of education reform. In the early 2000s, she proposed the “Kids First Coalition” bill that would make more educational choice opportunities available to underprivileged students.


However, it wasn’t passed. DeVos says that there is a lot of unfair criticism of educational choice. She believes that people don’t know how it works to criticize it. In fact, she has said that saying educational choice uses tax dollars or public funding is completely wrong. Philanthropy has paid for much of the educational choice campaign. Devos has even had some big donors, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.


While she was the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, DeVos was quite active in educational reform. She worked hard and donated over $35 million so that children were able to go to different schools than where they were zoned. She felt that students had to be put first in a system that wasn’t designed for them.


Standardized testing has ruined America’s schools in the minds of some. A recent interview with Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes” revealed that standardized testing scores are up after 20 years. However, the US continues to be extremely far down on the list in comparison to the rest of the world. In fact, the US still ranks 65th in reading comprehension.


DeVos doesn’t believe in common core method as well. Trump has said that it will be removed from the curriculum during his administration, but there hasn’t been much activity on that front. DeVos continues to be a champion for students being able to choose where they go to school despite criticism from public school administrators and teachers.


She believes that these groups aren’t putting children first. Instead, they are focusing on getting more money to support programs that don’t support all students in America. DeVos spoke to “60 Minutes” in depth about her plans for the future. She wants to make it so that children can choose where they go to school, whether it’s another public school or a private school.


She also wants to make schools safer, and she has put legislation into action to change school campuses. Each campus now has a guardian to protect the school. There have been additional policies to provide teachers with gun training and safety procedures too.


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Smita Shah Talks about the Best Practices to Empower Women at the Workplace

Smita Shah has gained a lot of recognition since she is an entrepreneur and also a fully-fledged engineer. In the current society, most of the opportunities are mainly accessible by men. Smita Shah has been empowering other women since she was able to succeed in her endeavors. Over the years, she has also managed to gain an influential position.


Smita Shah refers to herself as a nerd. While in elementary school, she would focus more on her studies. Shah would excel in complex subjects such as mathematics. Smita Shah then applied her math skills in different areas as she progressed with her studies. She was able to pursue engineering successfully. Smita Shah then established SPAAN Tech, Inc., an engineering firm that has managed to gain some prominence over the years. The company has mainly focused on solving technical projects that are complex.


Since she has managed to succeed in a society that has been dominated by men, Smita Shah is now empowering more women by elaborating her experience. According to Smita Shah, some of the major issues that women are facing include having a poor self-image. Few female role models are in positions of power; as a result, women do not feel empowered, and they also fail to believe that they can attain a certain level of success. As for Smita Shah, she believes that for other women to succeed, there must be a self-image shift, and it can be achieved by interacting with successful women who have managed to conquer the business world. Also, women are underrepresented, and they usually face different challenges as compared to men. The successful female entrepreneurs should illustrate that it is not difficult to succeed in the business world. Learn more:


Smita Shah goes ahead and says that many women have held leadership positions throughout the globe. The number of businesses that are owned by women worldwide is close to 100 million. Although the number of businesses owned by men is considerably higher, the statistics show that women have a chance of setting up a business and also succeeding in their endeavors. To succeed, women must be determined. Also, they should focus more on their talents.


Smita Shah advises women to always believe in themselves. They must also possess a healthy self-image. Also, women should highly-regard their skills since they have allowed them to attain some progress in terms of career growth. Some bad and good experiences also exist, and they are supposed to empower an individual. Always ensure that you have given yourself the credit that you deserve. Smita Shah also advises women to scrutinize their abilities. When you come across an obstacle as a female entrepreneur, you shall overcome every challenge if you believe in your abilities.

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Help Your Team’s Function With Betterworks

Betterworks has just released their latest improvement to your business, and it’s called Team Edition. A software program designed for up to 100 members of a team that helps employees make goals for where they want to be and managers make the right decisions about where to go next. By helping everyone communicate better, and also see first hand what is happening with the project, Team Edition is a valuable asset to any small to midsize company looking to make things happen, and on a scalable level as well by using the techniques of Continuous Performance Management®.

So what is Continuous Performance Management®? It’s the ability to continuously track the performance of a project by using data and discussions in order to create a more successful workplace. Team Edition is designed to make the best even better, and business owners who put in their budget the expense of a software program like Team Edition will have the upper hand in the long run. This new program from Betterworks gives everyone a say, by integrating communication with numbers and goals to make the best out of the workday.

Read More About Betterworks Features – Managing OKR’s for Your Business

Not only is Team Edition great for managers, but it is also great for employees. When each employee is given a place where they can store their goals for the future and performance characteristics, this, in turn, makes the manager’s job easier as well, with the ability to effortlessly see which employees are outperforming. The software puts out data on the table that makes it easier for managers to make the right changing decisions. So whether you have a project consisting of 10 or 100, Team Edition puts your goals into the right place, so they can be achieved faster than ever, and the success of your project is something that can be reached over and over.

A Company Can Choose LocationSmart For Tracking

Customers will be amazed at this effective technology platform that allows tracking to be placed on their devices. Some industries are heavily regulated according to where the user is located. LocationSmart is a company that sets up devices for other companies that need to know where their devices and employees are at all times. Companies that face legal consequences can benefit from LocationSmart.

Fraud can be serious online, and most companies should take better precautions whenever hiring someone or allowing an employee to use their devices. A company can continue to grow and need devices to keep their customers happy. For most companies, the ideal way to go is through LocationSmart.

The company will make sure that the following happens:

  • legal matter is covered
  • reduction of online fraud
  • advertisement of real-time communication
  • secure networks and IP geolocations
  • protect digital data and content

LocationSmart can protect a company from illegal issues that could damage their reputation or cause them to lose valuable assets. The tracking devices have been proven to be successful throughout their use. LocationSmart uses models to help companies know how they are protected and what areas need the most protection. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

Most companies choose to have an effective marketing plan. With that said, there are tons of ways that LocationSmart can help a company. A company may choose to brand an image that they’ve purchased online. It could be the company’s logo.

An IP geolocation can provide a platform that could change a company and take them to a level that they didn’t expect. LocationSmart can help with a company’s operations by protecting their information on their devices.

Streaming data can help a company maintain a great image and build successful applications to improve the customer experience. An IP geolocation data can become effective as long as a customer has a service team that is willing to help them.

The IP geolocation can help to make communication beneficial without changing the company’s plan. LocationSmart can assign an IP address for each customer.

The connection will allow them to use the intranet or Internet for working purposes. A customer can speak to a LocationSmart directly by calling or emailing them.

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Talkspace: An app for mental illness

Not everyone knows how to deal with mental illness. It used to be difficult to find that right therapist that understood you and your issues. Now a new platform has reached consumers to help them in the time of need. Talkspace is a revolutionary application that is growing fast among those seeking relief from struggling with their mental issues privately. No longer do users of this platform have to wait to be diagnosed and get their problems addressed. Reviewers are sharing their insights on how Talkspace has changed their life and given them hope for the future. They are talking with therapists via text and getting treatment plans that work with their lifestyle.

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Many are making note of the affordable cost of only $49 a week that allows them to not only connect with a therapist, but get on a schedule to start getting some needed help. Others have shared the methods that these therapists are using and it’s remarkable. One user shared how her therapist, which all are licensed, was 100 percent a real person she could connect with. Further, she shared that the experience was very helpful and even recommended Talkspace to friends that are in their own private struggle.

Talkspace, as one reviewer states, was given a program where they could work out their daily struggles by using affirmations, CBT and other powerful strategies on staying positive. Many suggest using Talkspace at least once and give it a try to see if it works for you. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a long drawn out contract and you can cancel anytime you want. Another interesting note that a reviewer stated and loved was the discount of $45 to try the app out for a month. Talkspace was the way to go for them and encouraged others to see if it’s a fit for them as well. Check out this article:

Blake Mallen Excited About New Position

ViSalus took the market by a storm when it started more than one decade ago. Blake Mallen, Ryan Blair, and Nick Sarnicola prepared themselves for the market well, and they brought the products customers need to have healthy bodies. The young professionals were energetic, and they had what it takes to make their company successful. Blake Mallen knew more about marketing and sales, so the other founders gave him the sales and marketing department to take charge. The lifestyle company needed a hardworking and talented professional to handle the delicate position and make the company thrive. Fortunately, Mallen did the job well, making the nutritional company expand. His excellent work has made the company offer him an improved role. Blake Mallen steps into the presidency position, a task many dreamt of having. Visit his website for more information.

ViSalus is fortunate to have Mallen in its workforce. The weight-loss company has not struggled to make profits like other brands in the market because they have the most experienced leaders. Blake has offered expert advice to the outgoing company CEO, Ryan Blair, making the institution make more supplements and give customers the information they need concerning their health. For twelve years, the sales and marketing expert remained in the field, promoting the products his company was manufacturing. As the professional in charge of sales and marketing, Blake Mallen made sure that the company had an effective marketing strategy. The visionary leader helped the company to introduce an international infrastructure that supports ViSalus in its expansion activities. The marketing leader ensured that his brand reached twelve European nations. The company operations in the United States intensified too because of Mallen.

With a more prominent and complicated role to handle, all eyes are on Blake Mallen. The outgoing CEO believes that his company is in the right hands. Ryan Blair is confident that Blake and Nick are the young and influential leaders; the nutrition brand needs to expand and get into more markets. The marketing executive has accepted the new role, and he is happy about getting a more difficult challenging phase of his career in the nutrition market. Most clients know the executive, so he will not have a tough time when handling his responsibilities.

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