AViSalus and How the Challenge Works


ViSalus is a wellness company that has been around for quite some time. The company offers many different products that you can buy directly from them. You can even take their Body by Vi challenge to lose weight and get fit for life.

The way that this challenge works is by setting a goal for yourself, using ViSalus products and then reaching that goal. Once you’ve met the goal, you get paid by the company itself and are able to share your success story with the millions of people who have taken the challenge in the past.

You may even want to utilize the Vi Prime benefits that the company offers. One of the main reasons so many people have made use of these benefits is because it allows you to get points for each and every product that you buy from the company.

You can effortlessly get to know more about ViSalus and what they offer by going to their site and checking out the many social media accounts that they have. You can even get the support that you need thanks to all of these groups online, so you can connect with others who are taking the challenge. Click Here for more information.

The company is based out of both Italy as well as Los Angeles, California. This is giving them the ability to help clients on a more international basis so that they can get fit, lose weight and feel amazing about themselves. If you have ever had issues staying motivated in the past, it is time that you thought about choosing to use a program that works. Refer to This Article for related information.

ViSalus is there to take the guesswork off of your own shoulders so that you can reach goals and know that you are doing something that is so beneficial for yourself in the long run.


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Smita Shah Inspires Young Women

Technology has brought about many profound changes to the world order. An individual can go online and find like minded users to discusses their ideas or share their knowledge. This has allowed for information and ideas to spread in rapid-fire fashion around the world. As the younger generation embraces this new technology, it allows for movements to grow organically on a bigger scale than ever before. The social reforms of the present day are more widespread and passionate than ever before. Women have come a long ways, but there is still work to be done. Smita Shah is
the most recent women to lead the charge on female empowerment.
In a era of technology and social pushes on many fronts, Smita Shah did not simply stumble into her position in the ranks of this push. She spent her childhood focused on sharping her mind over her friendship. There was no greater joy for her than solving hard math problems. Smita Shah
showed off her skills on variety of stages from competitions, to logistical planning, and even even just impressing her friends. Her peers were in awe of her skills and stood behind her on whatever future she planned for herself. Smita Shah choose the hardest path as she created an engineering
firm. This became the first phase of her attempt to bring more females into the spotlight.
From this point onward, Smita Shah found herself at the center of the modern women’s social movement. She used everything she could to showcase that women not only have the power to compete equally with men, but can even do work greater than their counterparts. In the article she describes a time when she brought together many successful women around the world as a role model demonstration. Smita Shah knows all too well of the deep social barriers that are imparted on women from a young age.
The battle to overcome such hardship is one that will span generations. However at this moment in history, she feels her purpose is making easier for women to become proactive about their lives. Smita Shah expands on a series of tips for women just starting out their job. She encourages her
peers to not overdo themselves. Worker exploitation and discrimination is a real challenge. The most effective way up is cultivating a bond of trust with co-workers and those in charge. Women empowerment is a long game, not a marathon. Learn more: https://premiergazette.com/2019/07/smita-shahs-best-practices-empowerment-workplace/
Smita Shah might be leading the fight for this generation, but eventually someone else will have to pick up that job. Her goal is to leave the world a better place for women, and a healthier environment for growth up the corporate ladder around the world.

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The Salle Group Fills A Hole In The Marketing World Thanks to Owners Karen Salle and Brian Salle

Brian Salle decided to come up with a solution when he found that there just were not enough good marketing services available online. He wanted businesses to be able to have a group that they could turn to that would provide them with the marketing services that they were seeking. In 2015, he founded The Salle Group to fill a hole in the marketing world, and he has been serving clients ever since. This company is available to support small businesses and to provide them with the marketing assistance that they need to grow. The company offers graphic design and logo design services as well as search engine marketing and web development help.

Karen Salle is a real estate professional who has experience in certain types of marketing work. Karen Salle is both the founder and owner of Highland Legacy Farms and someone who helps run Blackpoint at Linville Falls.

In addition to being the founder and CEO of The Salle Group, Brian Salle is co-owner of Highland Legacy Farms and the founder and owner of Blackpoint at Linville Farms. He is experienced in the world of technology and is an entrepreneur who knows how to run a company and find success.

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Angela Koch’s Unconventional Journey To The U.S. Money Reserve

Angela Koch is the CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve, an organization that is perhaps best known as the largest U.S. government-issued gold, silver, and platinum coins.

As a result of this, Koch has become the only female CEO of a large precious metals industry in the United States. In her role with the organization, she has overseen the majority of the company’s operations.

Throughout this time, Angela Koch has also had quite an impact on the firm’s culture and the pace with which it operates. Over the past few years, Koch has worked with a considerable number of clients, helping them to make informed decisions about investing in precious metals. As a result of this, she has led the U.S. Money Reserve to work with over 500,000 clients in the past.

As Angela Koch has noted, the U.S. Reserve is a sales organization, although it does much more than others in the niche. In contrast to many other firms, Koch has noted that the Money Reserve seeks to inform its clients rather than simply market and sell to them.

This is seen significantly through how the company trains its employees. Rather than simply train them in sales, Angela Koch ensures that they’re trained in the entire business and each of its systems. By doing so, she’s claimed that the professionals on her team are best positioned to help each of the firm’s clients.

Throughout this time, Angela Koch hasn’t taken her role as CEO lightly. In contrast, she puts a significant amount of time and effort into ensuring that the company is as successful as possible.

Much of this is seen in her efforts in helping employees grow personally and professionally while in the role.

Doing so could provide a variety of benefits, with the most obvious of these being that it allows employees to serve a client’s needs as adequately as possible. Read more: US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor and U.S. Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730 – Manta.com

However, there should be a variety of benefits for the company itself. The most notable of these is that it allows employees to be more flexible and adaptable, which enables them to strategize and work better in the role itself.

It took a while for Angela Koch to make her way to the role of the U.S. Money Reserve’s CEO, and this was quite an unconventional path. Because of a personal experience, Koch has dropped out of college and then went on to start a family.

Not long after this, Angela Koch began working two to three jobs to ensure that her family had everything it needed.

With each of these roles, she’s aimed to learn everything possible about the company and how her role fits into it. This is an attitude that she’s extended to every position she’s held since.

During this time, Angela Koch worked for the Jewish Foundation, which led to a role in KLA-Tencor, and eventually a ranch. After working on the range, which achieved a significant amount of success during her time there, she transitioned into her current role with the U.S. Money Reserve.

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The Benefits of Genucel Anti-Aging Products

Taking good care of your skin should be a top priority because the skin is the largest organ of the human body. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done. There are numerous reasons to why your skin may not look its best. This includes too much sun exposure, a lack of hydration and the use of chemical-based skincare products. Many people take their skin care practices too lightly when they’re younger in age. Of course, this lack of action will come back to bite you later down the line. One of the best things that you can do to level the playing field is to provide a preempted strike.

This is where Genucel comes into the frame. Genucel is Plant Stem Cell Therapy. This type of therapy can get down to the root of the issue when consistently applied. Genucel products are patented, and the products will start to work at the cellular level to create anti-aging effects. Consumers can purchase these products from eBay via crème and serum. As we began to age, our skin tends to lose its firmness. This is just a fact of life, and everyone will go through it. Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy does a phenomenal job of slowing down the process by feeding your skin cells nutrient-dense ingredients. The ingredients have been shown to tighten the skin around the neck as well as firm the skin throughout the facial area.

These antioxidant-rich ingredients will do a great job of fighting free radicals, such as smoke, pesticides, air pollution and smog. Antioxidants will successfully fight free radicals of all kinds, which will leave your skin with a more youthful appearance. Genucel by Chamonix produces eyelid treatments that are rich in vitamin B and CoQ10 as well as jawline treatments. The solution for erasing father time’s wrath is now available through tried-and-true Genucel products.


Equities First Holdings offers big-money financing with payday-loan speed and rock-bottom rates

The modern lending industry is highly stratified. At the absolute bottom rungs of the business, one will find many well-established companies that specialize in lending to those with poor to fair credit. These operations, such as payday loan or title loan companies, are usually optimized to get cash into people’s hands as quickly as possible. But they often charge usurious interest rates and high fees.

On the other extreme of the lending spectrum, you have big-money lenders, which normally consist of major investment banks and various kinds of venture capital firms. These deals often involve eight-figure amounts or higher and can be highly complex, sometimes taking months or even years to hammer out agreements. While such options can make sense for established companies or those who have the entrepreneurial talent to impress bigtime private lenders, high-finance lending solutions are simply not going to be available to the vast majority of borrowers, including those who plan on using the funds to build businesses.

With solutions at the top and bottom of the lending market, the middle is left out

The lending industry has traditionally lacked a mechanism for relatively affluent people who are not quite playing in the financial big leagues to quickly raise needed unrestricted capital. The go-to solution has been home or other equity lines of credit, with unsecured, credit-based lending a distant second.

However, there are many compelling reasons that people may not want to take out an equity line of credit against their primary residence or commercial buildings that they may own, including the possibility of losing the property in the event of default. And traditional business loans tend not to solve this problem, usually being collateralized by real estate as well.

Additionally, equity lines of credit and mortgage-based lending is often complex, extremely time consuming and risky for the borrower. In addition to the possibility of having the underlying collateral liquidated, those looking for high-dollar real estate equity loans or second mortgages will often be faced with multiple hard credit checks and the possibility of many rejected applications. And most real estate equity lines of credit have clauses that pull the entire credit line should real estate values deteriorate significantly.

The closing times on second mortgages and equity lines of credit are often measured in months. All these things can make such options unattractive when timely funding is essential.

Equities First Holdings bridges the gap between fast retail lending and high finance

Equities First Holdings has created a solution to fill this gap in services for those seeking five-, six- or seven-figure loans or higher and who want the rapidity of payday loans, the low rates of the best home equity loans and the approval rates of title loans.

With its stock-based lending model, Equities First Holdings has hit on a lending method that can get serious cash into the hands of borrowers in days or even hours while offering almost unbelievably low rates, usually as low as 3 to 4 percent.

Equities First Holdings allows those with significant equity holdings and other securities to almost instantaneously raise large amounts of capital through pledging those securities as collateral. This lending model has a number of distinct advantages, including high loan-to-value ratios that are usually around 75 percent, competing with the absolute top-end ratios that may be found in real estate equity loans and lines of credit.

But unlike HELOCs and other equity-based lending schemes, Equities First Holdings’ model does not put irreplaceable, critical personal assets at risk, such as cars, homes or spaces occupied by a family business. In fact, EFHs loans are almost all non-recourse. This means that only the value of the pledged collateral can be liquidated in the event of default. If there is still an outstanding balance, the borrower is not personally liable to cover the balance.

Furthermore, EFH loans are not called in when the collateral’s total value falls below a certain threshold as is the case with traditional margin lending. EFH is able to avoid the potentially catastrophic margin call through its sophisticated approach to analyzing markets. The company is able to take advantage of organic market trends in order to minimize its own lending risk. And this ultimately translates into offering its borrowers interest rates that are as low as many top-rated corporate bonds.

Who can benefit from EFH loans

Perhaps one of the best features of EFH loans is that they are not purpose specific. Many banks will require borrows to disclose exactly what the loan they are seeking will be used for. And the higher the loan amount, the more likely it will be that the bank will demand to know exactly what the funds will be going towards.

This can add layer upon layer of headache-inducing paperwork and compliance burdens for borrowers who need amounts of six figures or higher, especially in the context of growing a business where flexibility is often key.

EFH loans completely eliminate the requirement of purposing the funds. With EFH, there are no drawdown schedules, deadlines or other burdensome ongoing paperwork that the borrower will have to comply with. An EFH loan will usually be approved and the cash transferred to the borrower’s account within a day or two. The process itself is strikingly close to payday lending, except with rock-bottom interest rates and loan amounts as high as eight figures.

Tailor made for self-starting entrepreneurs

Anyone with significant equity holdings can use EFH’s lending services for literally any purpose they want. However, the biggest winners from using this groundbreaking company, whose total lending is rapidly approaching the $2 billion mark, have been self-starting entrepreneurs.

There are many reasons why an entrepreneur with a company in the nascent growth stages might want to stay away from equity financing or other venture capital funding sources. These include not wanting to bring in partners and not having to answer to people who may have little understanding of the industry.

EFH can make it possible for such entrepreneurs to raise significant capital themselves, retaining complete control over the future of their company while benefiting from lending rates that are usually on par with AAA senior corporate debt.

As EFH continues to expand its operations across the globe, there is little doubt that increasing numbers of entrepreneurs will flock to its low-risk, high-reward lending model.

How Marc Beer Bounced Back

As the chairman, co-founder and CEO of Renovia, Marc Beer is no stranger to adversity in his career but many people are wondering how the 58-year-old businessman and entrepreneur has managed to stay on top all these years. He recently agreed to chat with Stephen Callahan about how he got to where he is today and where he hopes to go in the future of his career. He first started college in the autumn of 1983 where he realized he wanted to major in business. After graduating with a business degree in the spring of 1987, he then received his first job offer from a company called Abbott working in their sales department as one of their developers. He held this role for about six years before he moved on to Biostar where he worked in their marketing department.
After two years with the company, he accepted a position as the vice president of global marketing at a business known as Genzyme. He worked for the company for about four years before making the conscious decision to start his own business. Headquartered in Cambridge, Viacell was first
established in May of 2000 to analyze the blood stem cells of umbilical cords 
in order to try and uncover various vaccines and cures for a wide variety of diseases. He decided to go public with the company in 2005 and they had close to 500 employees but, not long afterward, they decided to close up shop and sell the company for a massive $300 million to Perkin Elmer.
Upon completion of the sale, he was all set to move on to his next big entrepreneurial venture but, before he could, there was a tragic death in the family as his wife passed away of a pulmonary embolism at the age of 42. After the funeral, he was forced to step up as the primary parent,
driving them to and from soccer practice,
 packing their lunches and helping them with schoolwork as per necessary. Two years later, however, his daughter made him realize the business world needed him and he resolved to open a new company called Renovia. Established in 2016, the
company is the brainchild of Dr. Ray Iglesias, Yolanda Lorie, and Beer and is dedicated to developing and producing medical products to help patients who are suffering from various conditions.

Learn more: https://blogwebpedia.com/marc-beer-entrepreneurial-spirit-biotech.html
This new venture has already been successful as the FDA just approved their first product for public use and they were awarded a $32 million grant continue researching and developing new products. In fact, some of the conditions they are currently attempting to treat affect nearly a
a quarter of the female population nationwide and this includes types of pelvic floor disorders.

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Privinvest is About to Complete 30 Years in the Shipbuilding Sector

To those associated with the shipping industry, the very mention of Privinvest might invoke a sense of familiarity. Founded in 1990, the company is soon about to complete 30 years of operations in the shipbuilding sector. With its presence in over 40 countries and its shipyards spread across multiple continents, the company has reached a stature that is regarded with a certain level of respect.

While Privinvest is based in Lebanon, it also owns shipyards in France, Germany, Greece, the UAE and the UK. Through these state-of-the-art facilities, the company has been able to build naval vessels of different types. From commercial needs to military requirements, the firm has been able to meet the specifics of various industries.

That is why, Privinvest is considered as one of the most sought-after companies in the shipbuilding industry. To date, the firm has catered to a large number of commercial and military clients, including six national navies of the world. With over 2,000 vessels built and delivered during its course of operations, it is safe to say that the company has not disappointed those who have reached it to benefit from its expertise.

In order to keep up with the intensive requirements of its respective industry, Privinvest uses modern solutions for its shipbuilding operations. Apart from building vessels for various clients, the company is also focused on providing consultation and development services to countries who want to start building their own marine vessels.

Within the past few years, Privinvest has also emerged as a prominent player in the research and development regarding marine renewable energies. In fact, the company has a dedicated R&D department that focuses heavily on this aspect, and pays attention to resources such as hydrokinetic and turbine energy.

Even while serving various clients in multiple industries, the leading company, Privinvest has been able to maintain its status as one of the leading shipbuilding companies in the world. With attention to quality and progress, the company is focusing to maintain this stature as it moves towards completing its 30 years in the industry in the near future.


Glenn Schlossberg Taps Subconscious Creativity With Downtime, Fun Time

Psychologists have long maintained that the human mind is like an iceberg. The conscious mind is what pokes above the surface of the water, but the subconscious is the more massive 90% of the “iceberg” that looms beneath the surface.

Hidden within that massive subsurface realm of mind is where creativity lies. The key is to find a way to tap into this storehouse of creative potential and bring it to the forefront where we can make practical use of it.

New York businessman Glenn Schlossberg has found a way to do just that. Just take frequent vacations, he said.

Glenn Schlossberg is the founder of Jump Design Group, a successful fashion and apparel firm that has been going strong since it was established in 1990. From the beginning, he believed that long hours and hard work was the key to success. That turned out to be partially true. Schlossberg has been able to establish Jump Design as among the premier design houses in one of the most competitive fashion environments in the world.

But it was a remarkable experience during vacation time that Glenn Schlossberg discovered what was to become one of his most potent tools for bringing fresh insights into his operation. He found that sudden flashes of inspiration would burst into his conscious mind while he

Schlossberg was so impressed with the phenomenon he began to nurture this ability and actively plan for it. Over the past nearly three decades, Schlossberg has had uncounted breakthroughs for innovative strategies while vacationing and participating in exciting hobbies, such as auto racing. To see more about Glenn you can visit his twitter account.

He now also encourages the people within his organization to do the same. He said the results have been positive across the board. It turns out that “work hard and play hard” is a “real thing.” It’s also supported by scientific research. Psychologists have been attempting to map the mechanism of downtime creativity for quite some time.

If a complete understanding of this phenomenon is as yet not well understood, the bottom line is that it does work. Just ask Glenn Schlossberg. For more info about Glenn you can visit professionaltales.com


Pursue Your Passions Advises Max Salk

Max received his education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He studied and majored in both history and finance. His interest in the stock market began when he was in college. He continued to develop this interest by actually investing and researching potential stock during his free moments. 

His love of photography began in college as well. He took some time to study in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. During that time, he realized that his interest in photography was to the extent that the wanted to make it a big part of his life. He has a website that features some of his photography and he also shares his photos on Instagram.

Upon graduation from college, he worked for PPM America, which is an investment management firm based in Chicago. He enjoyed his job, which involved researching financial investments and making recommendations to clients. He moved to New York City after three years and started working at Blackstone, which is where his current job is. He is the Vice President and also works as a U.S. credit research analyst. 

His advice to others is to make sure that you do what you enjoy. He feels that if you do not enjoy it, then you will not be motivated to put the extra effort and energy into it. He feels that if you enjoy it, then it will not seem like work. Apart from the work in investments and his photography, he is also very interested in sports and loves listening to music

Max Salk feels that success comes to those that stay open and take advantage of opportunities that come their way. He feels that success takes on many different forms and there are many ways to achieve it. He encourages others to try things they are interested in, and if it does not work out, then try something else.