Commerce and Integrity: How Richard Liu Qiangdong Built

Richard Liu Qiangdong stands out in the business world for both his approach to his work and his success. He founded, one of the largest e-commerce businesses in China. Liu hopes that his story can help teach young people that they can do well in life while maintaining their integrity.

How He Started

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s family worked in the transport industry, but Liu himself began his business career with a restaurant. That business failed, but he moved on to found a retail company in 1988. That company would eventually become Richard Liu initially focused on sales in a physical storefront, but that changed when the SARS outbreak of 2003 threatened his employees. He experimented with digital sales and shipping his products as an alternative that avoided the risk of physical interactions during the outbreak.

The State of the Company

That simple choice became the foundation for the modern company. Richard Liu Qiangdong chose to focus on providing good service and quality products, which allowed to flourish. It currently stocks nearly every type of product that consumers may need and can deliver them to almost all of China within a day.

Plans for the Future is still growing. Richard Liu hopes to expand his operations until his business is the best in the world. He is currently focusing on expansion within Asia but hopes to spread outward until he has significant operations in every region. Liu’s expansion strategy relies on a mixture of local partnerships, acquisitions, and general growth, but the exact balance depends on each region’s unique characteristics.

Richard Liu also dedicates some of his time to speaking arrangements. Richard Liu Qiangdong often discusses his business and the industry as a whole, with a special emphasis on innovation and the practices that allowed him to succeed. Go Here for related Information.


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Sharon Prince Discusses the Prevalence of Forced Labor in the Modern World

For many years, there has been a widespread perception that slavery has been abolished on the face of the world. However, there seems to be an increase in slave workers in various parts of the world that have been given a new tag name to suit the agenda of the people exploiting other human beings. Sharon Prince, the president of Sharon Prince Grace Farms, a Connecticut-based nature environment, is spearheading a major movement that is geared towards eliminating forced labor on the face of the world.

An article with Garage entitled, “Visiting Grace Farms in New Canaan, Where Pleasure and Purpose Converge”, discusses how Grace Farms draws on the idealism that inspired early settlers to create a just and equitable society.

Sharon Prince has fought on a global scale to protect people from things like violence against women, child exploitation, and human trafficking. She fights peacefully within her company at Grace Farms to find a solution to many of the world’s problems. Sharon Prince is a globally recognized figure that champions to fight all cause no matter how big or small.

According to Sharon Prince, most of the companies in the United States and other parts of the world have been engaging in slavery activities for many years, and they have not been called out by the organizations managing the entire labor sector. This has worsened the situation and has strengthened the position of many companies that have been performing various activities that can be defined as forced labor.

Sharon Prince notes that forced labor in the modern world has taken a new shape, which is shielding it from the slavery term. She notes that most of the employees are working without breaks and for long hours than what has been stipulated in labor agreements. Various collective bargaining agreements have stipulated the number of hours an individual can work. However, most of the companies have already ignored this and are forcing employees to work late at night. See This Page for additional information.

There is also a changing trend where employees get punished when they do not report for work. This amounts to forced labor and modern slavery because workers are forced to report to work regardless of their health conditions. Poor working conditions, lack of protective working gears, and low compensation may also be used to explain forced labor in the world. Sharon Prince, through Sharon Prince Grace Farms is focused on ensuring that all traits of modern slavery are highlighted for publicity purposes.

Grace Farms is also one of the best places where families can spend their time in summer or vacations. With different activities to handle, there is never a boring moment at Grace Farms.


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HGGC is Putting Monotype Imaging Back on Top

The private equity firm HGGC has joined the list of many who have joined forces with older design media companies to help them make their comeback in this age of social media and technology-based design. Monotype Imaging is definitely at the top of those companies since they’re actually responsible for nearly all of the fonts used on Microsoft Word and many other platforms today. They’ve designed writing styles such as Arial and even Times New Roman, which is the current required font for most writing formats like MLA and APA.

So, obviously, they’ve had a huge impact on their market and definitely gained the most return in the beginning. But today it’s becoming more popular for older design companies to partner with bigger companies instead of trying to conform to design technology standards on their own. HGGC started buying shares at the perfect time, too. At its height, Monotype Imaging was valued at more than $33 per share in their company, but as things began to change, they steady fell in value. At the beginning of 2019, the company’s shares were only valued at $15 per share.

Luckily, HGGC came with the intent to help and not just acquire. They bought the shares offered to them by Monotype Imaging for $19.85 per share which was definitely a little more worth it for the company seeing as they hold the rights to well over 10,000 fonts that are still being used today. Monotype Imaging believes that their partnership with the HGGC firm will lead to nothing, but success and further growth for both businesses. It’s one of the biggest partnership deals currently because of the history the company has behind it. There are many deals happening just like it, but none are reaching its magnitude. They are set to increase the revenue for both companies by immense proportions and are both excited to show longtime supporters of Monotype Imaging what they will have in store for them in the next years to come as they work diligently with HGGC.

Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast WesternThe solid business relationships with Matthew Fleeger as the CEO have helped the growth and success of Gulf Coast Western.  The mutual interests and talents are combining with efforts to consider utilization planning.  The Dallas energy company Gulf Coast Western and the company’s CEO have led industry improvements with successful partnerships focused on development efforts for exploration.  The leadership is important and the partnerships are able to be an integral part of how the progress goes forward.  Matthew Fleeger has earned additional respect with his understanding of smart investment decisions.  The communication for the full knowledge of the potential payoffs involved is smart to share with Fleeger encouraging an active role with the management decisions.  This has resulted in federal tax benefits and the advantages of benefiting projects within this important area of exploration.

Fleeger has been actively participating with many philanthropic efforts in the Dallas and Fort Worth communities where the company has been headquartered.  His support for organizations benefiting children has been helpful for educational institutions that provide a focus on technology’s best for helping children prepare for their understanding of important fields with community health and wellness.  Hosting charity drives and helping the communities are part of the efforts for Matthew Fleeger and his respected reputation is important with business ethics as one of his main focus areas.

Matt FleegerThe philanthropic beneficiaries include the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas and this makes his partnership venture and collaboration success even more impressive with so many children understanding the importance of business ethics and a focus on the community.  Matthew Fleeger has a strong background that supports his focus on integrity and ethical practices.  His degree in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in 1985 helped him build his skills in the areas of management, sales, marketing, and finance, along with corporate structuring.  The success and progress of Gulf Coast Western with steady growth are part of the reason for Matthew Fleeger’s involvement with charities.

Guidelines for Vitality From the Makers of Prevagen

Many aren’t fond of aging, and the physical signs of aging start to show up when we reach our 40s. These dreaded signs include a decline in cognitive function and memory loss.

However, the makers of Prevegen remind us that we can take steps to keep our brains functioning strong well into our senior years. It makes sense that we would want to protect our body’s most significant organ, and along with Prevagen, here is what is recommended.

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Treat Your Body Right

Many of us know that exercise benefits us but aren’t aware of how it benefits our brains. It enhances oxygen supply to the part of the brain that is in charge of thought, increases the formation of nerve cells, and increases the connections between brain cells that relay information.

Also, including foods such as nuts, fish, and plenty of fruits and vegetables in our diets is the optimal way to fight declining brain health. It is especially beneficial to have plenty of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats that are labeled as superfoods.

Regulate Harmful Substances

Drinking alcohol excessively can lead to a reduction in the size of the part of the brain that is responsible for reasoning and memory. Studies have shown that a man should drink no more than two alcoholic beverages per day, and women should drink no more than one alcoholic beverage per day.

In addition to drinking, smoking will cause a decline in the brain’s gray matter and also increases the dependency on nicotine which will lead to further addiction.

Keep Your Brain Busy

Challenging your brain with things like puzzles, board games, or trivia can help keep the brain adaptive and strengthens cognitive functions.

This also encourages us to socialize with others which provides stimulation for the brain that helps improve cognitive functions and memory, and it also has been proven to reduce the possibilities of dementia.

Stay At Ease

Being in nature is a good way to reduce the production of the stress hormone called cortisol, and this helps keep the brain in a relaxed state. We also can improve cognitive function and the brain’s problem-solving abilities by taking a break from the devices that keep us distracted.

We can take a walk, meditate, or do some stretching exercises. Sleep is also our body’s natural restorative process and is significantly responsible for proper brain health.

Give Your Brain a Boost

Following these steps is a surefire way to reduce aging in our brains, and another way to enhance healthy brain function is by adding Prevagen to these preventive measures.

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It contains a powerful Ingredient found in jellyfish called Apoaequorin. Prevagen can help with healthy brain function, memory, and clarity based on reputable studies.

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Marc Beer

Marc Beer Loves Helping the Underserved

Marc Beer’s career started with him helping the medically underserved. His first major job as Vice President of Global Marketing for Genzyme made his responsible for promoting product lines for over 7,000 rare diseases. Throughout his career at Genzyme, he reached more than 350 million people who fit into the category of “underserved.”

Inspired by his work with Genzyme, Beer decided to branch out on his own and found ViaCell. ViaCell collected and preserved umbilical cord blood stem cells, which is then used to develop treatments for a variety of conditions. The company was successful within five years and eventually sold for $300 million.

At the height of his career, he suffered a tragic loss. Shortly after selling ViaCell to PerkinElmer, his wife passed away suddenly. Distraught, he ended his entrepreneurial career and only focused on raising his three children. He found solace in being a full-time dad for the rest of his life but that wasn’t his destiny.

Beer would later find inspiration to relaunch his entrepreneurial career from his 14-year-old daughter. She started telling him he needed to “live with purpose;” something he’d been telling her every day for the last two years. Learn more:

The other half of Beer’s destiny began years before he founded ViaCell. Dr. Ray Iglesias had been performing pelvic floor surgeries for 35 years, and in all that time, he always believed that surgery could be avoided. Before pelvic floor disorders only affect close to 25 percent of the women living in the U.S., most pharmaceutical and biotech companies weren’t developing any therapies or devices.

After 25 years of performing pelvic floor surgeries, he devoted the last ten of his 35-year career to helping women avoid the surgical option. When he finally felt his idea was developed enough, he brought the concept to Marc Beer.

With one phone call, Beer’s career was back on track. Inspired by his daughter and late wife, Beer focused all his effort on helping the women of America. In 2016, the duo brought in Yolanda Lorie and co-founded Renovia, a leader in developing therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women suffering from pelvic floor disorders.

Recently, the company reached its first major milestone by getting one of its products approved by the FDA. Renovia also recently landed some Series B funding in the amount of $32 million. With its first FDA-approved product, Leva, selling, the company also acquired an additional $10 million in revenue for funding.

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Teach To One makes learning Math a Happy Experience

Teach To One is a digital teaching system that tailors math education according to the unique needs of each individual student. The system is provided by New Classrooms- a non-profit organization founded by teachers Joel Rose and Chris Rush. They launched Teach To One Math in New York in 2011 and Chicago and Washington DC in 2012. Since then it has partnered with many school districts and schools across the US.

Teach To One program is a system that uses classroom specific data and algorithms to tailor math education according to the specific needs of each student. Third-party plans and 80 different learning products are used to create a customized curriculum for each teacher and student. Several factors are taken into account by Teach to One while creating a curriculum. Some of the factors are the testing requirement of the state, the study tendencies of students, the time of day, the circumstances and, the pace at which a student studies in a specific environment. The goal of the system is to help teachers and students succeed while teaching and learning math.

The Teach to One system has benefitted both students and teachers. Students benefit because the curriculum is tailored according to the skill and knowledge of the individual student. Data combined with algorithms system analyses the learning styles that suit the student best and helps them develop the skills required to succeed in studying math. Teachers are in a better position to plan their modes of teaching individual students. Lesson planning is easy. Teachers can track the progress of students and help students by discovering their weaknesses and strengths. The system offers many classroom resources to help teachers teach effectively. The progress tracking option for teachers and students helps students improve their skills and tells teachers whether the style of teaching adopted is helping the student achieve goals.

The Teach To One system has revolutionized learning and teaching math. The software has made learning and teaching math flexible and adaptive. This is why Bill Gates has called it the future of learning Math.

Services Offered at American Addiction Centers and Missy Experiences

American Addiction Centers have played a role in encouraging parents who have students at college to collect data about drug abuse that is common in college campuses.

It has done research and there are about to release some vital statistics about the drug use and alcohol use among college students. The highest number of drug abuse exists among the college students.

The effects of drug abuse is that it is capable of interfering with the experience at the college and it can also results to certain levels of addition. One in three students have confirmed that they have been taking alcohol at some point in life and about one in five students have use also an illicit drug.

Substances abuse that exists in college is continuing to trend and it has no signs that it can end anytime soon. One of the survey that has been done shows that 62% of these college students drinks in a duration of one month.

Another research also shows that the college students’ uses amphetamine a lot and about 10 per cent of the college students have confirmed that they are misusing Adderall.

Missy Pollack who is an alumni coordinator at Recovery First Treatment Center that is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is in recovery state for about five years after being an addict.

During her time in campus, she was using alcohol together with other substances at the events like the college sports games. She has confirmed that these substances are available in campus.

She reports that she was introduce to Adderall when she was completing her first year studies. She also says that she was seated in the library studying for exams then a certain group of students gave her the drug and she did not resist it.

Her first experience with drugs made her have the feeling that she could do it again. Eventually she did it for many years. Her behavior changed as she could not control it. During her addiction period, she wished that someone could identify and encounter her. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Network Of National Facilities

Some of the signs and symptoms that she experienced include: a rapid appearance change, changes in the mood that cannot be explained, lack of sleep, being dishonest and feelings of fear that cannot be explained. She is encouraging the families and friends to watch out for this symptoms in their children.

Missy says that she could have been so happy by the fact that her addiction could have been realized at the right times because it could have eased her pain.

The American Addiction Centers is one of the leading provider that offers inpatient and also outpatient abuse treatment services. This center also treats those patients who have been struggling for addiction of drugs, addiction of alcohol and the mental and behavioral issues that occurs with substance abuse.

The current services that are available in all parts of United States and they provide treatment for the substance abuse. The major focus of these facilities is to deliver effective clinical care and also other treatment options.

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Maarten De Jeu Explains a Career in Corporate Development

In a recent article on how to successfully establish a career in strategic business development Maarten de Jeu the advisor to many industry-leading companies and people with a very large net worth offered his advice to individuals seeking to enter the field and the skills someone in the field need to possess or develop in order to be successful in the field.


Careers in corporate development require the individual to be a dealmaker, business analyst, and strategic decision-maker. At various times individuals working in this field will be involved in business mergers and acquisitions, developing strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and divestitures. 


Big companies and conglomerates routinely purchase smaller companies in order to benefit the parent company. Typically the smaller company possesses assets the parent company can utilize such as intellectual property, revenue, a customer base, or other useful assets. Individuals involved in corporate development may be required to establish a list of companies a parent company may be interested in acquiring and establish a potential valuation and any associated risk of acquiring a company. They may be called upon to take part in the negotiations and assist in the acquisition process helping to make the integration process a success. 


People in this field may also be involved in divestiture, the exchange, sale, closure or some other means of disposal of an asset in the company’s portfolio. 


Mr. De Jeu explained that the role an individual plays within the company can be based on the size of the company. Larger companies tend to divide work amongst multiple teams with each team being responsible for specific aspects of the business. People in this field can also expect to be involved in data analysis, develop business projections and establish valuation based on those projections, research a particular industry and develop business offers based upon that research among many other things.


A key area many corporate business development professionals are involved with is the integration of smaller companies after an acquisition. This will often involve the facilitation of computer software and back-office system changes, integration of the smaller company’s systems and information with the parent company and ensuring the integration is a success. Learn more:


Mr. De Jeu said most people entering this field come from investment banking, although he says that a background in investment banking is not always necessary. He states that experience with acquisitions, negotiating skills, management experience, and overall knowledge of the industry are required. They will also need basic computer skills and knowledge of fundamental programs such as Excel. A grasp of accounting and the ability to understand and prepare complex financial statements is also necessary. A Bachelor’s Degree in business or accounting is adequate for most positions, but highly competitive positions will require an MBA.


Maarten De Jeu is a leader in the area of corporate development having the role of advisor to numerous Fortune 100 executives, high net worth individuals, and promising start-ups. He earned his MBA from Oxford University and works in Chicago.

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Boris Ivanov Gazprom Says New Technologies Are Helping Oil And Gas

Oil and gas guru Boris Ivanov Gazprom believes in making sacrifices for the good of others. The Russian-born executive says teamwork is the key to making things happen.

“As long as there is chemistry, you can count on results,” says Gazprom.

Boris Ivanov Gazprom has a long and illustrious track record in the oil and gas industry. He received both a bachelors and masters degree from Samara State University. After college, he dove headfirst into a career that would help him rise through the ranks.

Gazprom’s first job was was as an intern at the Russian Foreign Affairs. He performed a variety of jobs dealing with U.S-Russia relations. He went on to hold a job for a number of other companies including Haliburton, TDE Energy Services, Investgeoservice, Weatherford, and LinkWest Group.

Today, Boris Ivanov Gazprom is working to secure drilling opportunities for Russia in Africa. During a recent panel discussion at the African Upstream, Gazprom emphasized how the gas discovery could further enhance Russia’s oil and gas explorations.

Because Russia owns 30 percent of Europe’s gas supplies, wells could produce nearly 3 million cubic feet of gas on a daily basis. The company is also slated to drill 18 wells in Africa next year. Additionally, the company is talking to companies in Japan and Nigeria to secure more oil fields.

Boris Ivanov Gazprom says that the new and improved automated drilling systems have increased efficiency and reduced downtime. The innovative technologies also allow engineers to monitor well data in realtime.

Despite the drilling advancements, there are still a few challenges. According to Boris Ivanov Gazprom, politicians often make decisions that can affect the oil and gas industry in an adverse way.

“We are confident that the politicians in charge will do the right thing and raise the sanctions that have been hampering our efforts.”

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