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12/09/2017 · Today is not a good day if you're a member of Circle-of-Two CO2. This alliance is one of the largest and most popular in EVE Online—or it was until late last night when its senior diplomat, The Judge, robbed the entire alliance blind and handed its space stations over to its worst enemies.The dust hasn't settled, but. Alliance: Circle-Of-Two Pilots: 288 Member Corporations: 15 Outposts Under Control: 7 Founded: 2008-03-02.

Recently we've been following the story of the biggest war in gaming history kicking off inside EVE Online and its far-reaching consequences for the. GigglesX continued. "It is with many hate in my heart that Circle-of-Two is many dead, comrade." A wave of shock hit every CO2 member at their computer. The wailing and gnashing of teeth could be heard almost exclusively from the country of Serbia, which had now lost the only reason why its country had been posted online to begin with.

Some superficial checking of eve university lossmails to war targets shows that player who lose a valuable ship later either don’t log in any more or leave the corp. Now on to the second point, a lot of people are too intimidated to speak out. As an example see this comment here on reddit. 23/01/2012 · EVE Forums » EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center » Alliance & Corporation Recruitment Center » Circle of Two. Topic is locked indefinitely. 1 2 3 Next page Circle of Two. Author Previous Topic Next Topic: Alderan07. Aliastra. Gallente Federation. Likes received: 3. Seek no more brother, this is EVE alpha and omega. Around a week ago, gigx and Da Winci delivered an emotional message to the members of Circle-Of-Two: the alliance didn’t have a future. A lot of time in the address [].

23/09/2017 · After all, his hatred of Gigx is somewhat personal. His alliance, Goonswarm Federation, used to be the undisputed kings of EVE Online. Their northern home of Deklein was surrounded by a "blue donut" of allies called The Imperium—an impenetrable coalition of superpowers that the rest of EVE hated. Circle-of-Two was one of those allies. 09/04/2012 · The alternative guide to the EVE-Online forums. Mirrors and enables advanced search options to browse the EVE-Online forums. 13/09/2017 · The Judge, once an integral part of one of EVE Online's biggest alliances Circle of Two, has just perpetrated what many believe is the largest theft in the game's history. The Judge has since joined The Imperium alliance and dragged along about 1.5 trillion ISK as well as a "captured enemy HQ" once belonging to GigX, the.

09/04/2012 · EVE Forums » EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center » Alliance & Corporation Recruitment Center » Circle of Two. Topic is locked indefinitely. Previous page 1 2 3 Circle of Two. Author Previous Topic Next Topic: Alderan07. Aliastra. Gallente Federation. Likes. Propaganda Circle of Two find a way to save their Keepstar from the Supercap menace i. submitted 11 months ago by GrassWaterDirtHorse Immelman Namlemmi 101 comments.

09/06/2012 · EVE allows you to discover, explore and dominate an amazing science fiction universe while you fight, trade,. Circle-of-Two Null-sec Alliance is recruiting all active pvp members and corporations. Our primary timezone is EU but we do accept people from US timezones. 20/12/2016 · Balkan Mafia Proud Executor Corp Circle Of Two Highly active EU TZ primarily Balkan Pvp Corp seeking active pvpers we also accept industrialist focused pilots but Pvp is our main Focus WHAT WE PROVIDE ===== 0.0 isk making opportunities Large medium small engagements Ship replacement programme IT services Discord, Jabber, TS3, Forums Jump.

Circle-Of-Two、クーデターで崩壊 更新日: 2017/09/17 今日の日本時間の12時、昼飯を会社で食べていたらDiscordのPingがうるさくなりだして気になって読んでみた。. The Scope – Circle Of Two severs ties with Imperium after Tribute Defeat. The Scope reports on the dramatic and destructive war activity in the North.

EVE Online December 9, 2016 · This weekend is set to see one of the largest engagements of independent capsuleers in the history of New Eden as Circle-Of-Two and their allies look to defend a Keepstar class citadel against an attacking force that numbers in the thousands. 15/02/2012 · EVE allows you to discover,. Alliances and Organizations Center » Alliance & Corporation Recruitment Center » Circle of Two. Topic is locked indefinitely. Previous page 1. 12/09/2017 · The galactic skulduggery of EVE Online [official site] continues. The infamous spaceship MMO has seen a massive theft occur in the typical Eve fashion: a dissatisfied higher-up of one of the game’s military corporations has flipped to another group, bringing with. 14/09/2010 · Circle-Of-Two Suffers Expensive Losses in Providence and Domain 2010-09-14 - By Svarthol - EVE news. U-HYMT, Providence - On 112.08.16 a Circle-Of-Two CO2 Avatar was destroyed together with a small capital and sub-capital support fleet.. 12/09/2017 · The EVE Online twitterverse exploded late last night with the news of a political twist so enormous that it’s become the largest recorded theft of in-game assets in the game’s history. In the middle of the night and without warning, major EVE military alliance Circle of Two or CO2 for short.

Exactly 5 months ago Sion threatened to expel Circle-Of-Two from the coalition. In very clear terms we were ordered to fall in line or suffer the consequences. We choose the latter and informed our members that expulsion was imminent from that point on. We continued to do what good allies are supposed to do; help where assistance was needed. Circle-of-Two Co2 is a 0.0null sec alliance consisting of English speaking Players and lots of other languages. We have a well established Industry, and well established Coalitions. CFC Member. Circle-of-Two is based in Tribute. Le Scope – L'alliance Circle Of Two coupe les liens avec Imperium après la défaite de Tribute lundi 28 mars 2016 Alton Haveri nous informe de la situation en espace de sécurité nulle dans le Nord, après la bataille cruciale de la constellation 1P-VL2 de Tribute, qui a vu les défenses d'Imperium tomber face à la Moneybadger Coalition. Si l'histoire d'EVE Online est émaillée de trahisons, celle qui a entraînée la chute de l'alliance Circle of Two restera dans les annales du MMORPG, même si l'on touche ici les limites du jeu. Who is online. In total there is 1 user online:: 0 registered, 0 hidden and 1 guest based on users active over the past 5 minutes Most users ever online was 10 on Sat Oct 19, 2019 3:32 pm.

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