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17/11/2009 · Known as the cat in sheep's clothing, the Selkirk Rex is one of only four cat breeds that has curly fur. Known as the cat in sheep's clothing, the Selkirk Rex is one of only four cat breeds that has curly fur. More from this Show. How did that adorable kitty come to be? Sand Silk Cattery. Devon Rex cats in Los Angeles, California and Israel. Американо-Израильский питомник кошек породы девон рекс. Cat experts have been praising the quality as that of rabbit fur, karakul lamb, silk and even cut velvet! The special features of the Cornish Rex include a small head that assumes the shape of an egg, upward-slanting oval eyes, a Roman nose that has a lengthy bridge, pronounced cheekbones and.

Sand Silk Cattery. Devon Rex cats in USA and Israel. Американо-Израильский питомник кошек породы девон рекс. Rex cats from England have been imported into Australia and New Zealand, and New Zealand breeders have introduced the Rex gene into Manx stock. Theoretically, it is possible to rex the coat of any breed of cat, but a longhaired Rex is not being bred, as the coat tends to be lank and unattractive. Information about Selkirk Rex. Selkirk Rex kittens forsale, Selkirk Rex cats forsale, pictures, selkirk Rex breeders, pets, cats, kittens, free,. With a Cat in Sheep's Clothing. Below are kittens that are now in their forever homes. About the Cornish Rex. The Cornish Rex is a study in curves, with curly coat, curved profile, large expressive ears, and Whippetlike arched bodies. In spite of their sophisticated, elegant appearance, they are anything but cool, aloof, or dignified. They are affectionate, people-oriented, and active cats whose kitten-like antics last a lifetime.

Burmese who go outdoors also run the risk of being stolen by someone who would like to have such a beautiful cat without paying for it. Coat Color And Grooming The Burmese is often described as a “brick wrapped in silk,” a testament to his solid, muscular body. Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur la race de chat Selkirk Rex: prix, caractère, alimentation, santé, entretien, origines, comportement avec les Fiches complètes Wamiz.

__Sand Silk Cattery__.Devon Rex litter.

Da es sich bei der Rasse Selkirk Rex noch um eine sehr seltene Rasse handelt, arbeiten die Züchter heutzutage daran, den Genpool zu erweitern. Daher werden Selkirk Rex nicht reinrassig gezogen, sondern durch die Verpaarung mit Katzen der Rassen Exotic Shorthair, Perser und Britisch Kurzhaar. Sand Silk Cattery.Photo Gallery adult. Visit. Discover ideas about Devon Rex Cats. Sand Silk Cattery.Photo Gallery adult. Devon Rex Cats Cattery Kitty Cats. Discover ideas about Devon Rex Cats. Sand Silk Cattery.Photo Gallery adult. Devon Rex Cats Cattery Kitty Cats. More information. Saved by. Branka. 2. Similar ideas. People also. Today I want to present you a special breed of cat: Cornish Rex. It’s a relatively new breed. Her story begins in 1950 at a farm in Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, England. Cornish Rex has earned a faithful audience through its physical and temperamental qualities. Continue reading “Cornish Rex-breed under the magnifying glass”. The Selkirk Rex gets along well with other pets including other cats and cat friendly dogs. What they don’t handle well is being left alone for extended periods of time. If the family is absent during the day at work or at school, it is best to have a companion such as another cat to keep your Selkirk Rex company.

Breed ProfileThe Cornish Rex - Cat Fanciers'.

The fur of the Cornish Rex is often compared to rabbit fur or silk – it is extremely soft to the touch and feels like crushed velvet. Other distinctive features which make the Cornish Rex breed attractive to cat lovers is the elegantly egg shaped head, high cheek bones, a regal roman nose, all capped by large alert ears that sit high on the head. Biankara Cornish Rex, Rockford, Illinois. 274 likes · 15 talking about this. Located in northern Illinois, Biankara is a CFA and ACFA registered cattery. As a result, the Cornish Rex has one of the softest coats of any companion cat breed. Its fur, which grows more slowly than that of other felines, has been likened to cut velvet, rabbit fur and silk. Because of its unusual coat characteristics, the Cornish Rex is prone to becoming chilled and is best suited to indoor living in warm and dry.

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