A Community Advocate.

Aaron C. Lupuloff is a community advocate, who is extremely active in the Gwinnett County School System. He started his ventures as a board member on the Norcross High School Foundation of Excellence. During his time with the foundation, he held the position as President, Vice President and Treasurer. The NHS foundation is geared towards helping both teachers and students. This Foundation that has been helping students and teachers for over two decades now. The Norcross High School Foundation of Excellence help students excel in academics, art and sports. From gaining so much experience from working on the Norcross High School Foundation of Excellence Mr. Lupuloff was able to start the Gwinnett County Public School Foundation. This Foundation focuses on student success, supporting teaching and learning, funding scholarships and creating new one and evade of Forward thinking programs

According to rocketreach.co, Mr. Lupuloff’s goal is to help over 180,000 students who are in the Gwinnett school system. He believes that it is important to challenge students in every aspect possible. Furthermore, he believes this effort should be spread between teachers, parents and pillars of the community. All of these individuals must all be involved in the lives of these future educators so they can be successful as possible. Additionally, Mr. Aaron Lupuloff wants everyone in the community to know that making a donation is important but what is more Important is how active they are. One way to be active, he suggests to mirror what the investors on the show “Shark Tank” partake in. If a student has a great idea but does not have the capital behind them to invest, Mr. Lupuloff encourages that someone of the community help the student by investing the money into their dream for a small percentage of their company. He calls these people Angel Investors. Just a couple weeks ago Mr. Lupuloff invested $500 in a foundation his daughter is a member of. His daughter, Erika Lupuloff is a member of Georgia Tech’s “For the Kids” foundation. The foundation has raised over $322,000 for the Sibley Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital. Mr. Lupuloff is a firm believer that you can change your life and make a positive impact on those around you.  To see more about Lupuloff visit about.me


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