A professional vision of Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez is one of the few well–known individuals in marketing and advertising. There is an explanation for this as he has spent more than 35 years of his professional life creating popular ad campaigns. Most of the ad campaigns have led to the transformation of pop culture, which genuinely indicates Martinez’s effect on general culture globally.

From Marketing Executive to Expert Consultant

Throughout his professional life, he has been able to lead in well-known marketing firms. He was the Chief Executive Officer at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. He served as president at both McCain World Group and Olgilvy. Before his leadership positions, Henkel and Price Waterhouse used his creative skills to serve elite clients. He now holds an independent marketing and advertising consultant position which enables him to utilize his talents besides working in an operational capacity.

Corporate Operations Blending with Artistic Creativity

Martinez has, through his career, developed the insight of sharing his vision with the upcoming marketing and advertising consultants. He first emphasizes that marketing and advertising are not the same as these other industries. According to him, marketing is a form of art where successful individuals have unique creative processes to foster. Having worked in rigid conditions of the sector also, he has been successful in both operations and creation.

Martinez’s uniqueness has overseen the recruitment of creative talents. However, people with creative genius should remain independent to be able to foster their creative skills and be as successful as him.

Advanced marketing services for startups

Martinez is currently using his talents to help startups improve their marketing capabilities from the moment they set off through business acceleration. He believes that product and the advertising are the same and hence he is focusing his efforts towards the maximization of the benefits of modern strategies.

Qualities of Creative leadership

Martinez is a leader in his office who fosters creative energy among his team members and motivates them to be the best. Through active listening and recognizing the best individual effort, he shows value in them and hence motivates them.

Charity and compassion

Martinez has gone through experiences that have made him know that charity is all about genuine care and concern. Whenever we are donating, we should not do so because we want to show off our symbols but because of pure compassion.


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