Article Title: Susan McGalla Explains the Role of Women in Business

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During the last century, women have made substantial advances in the world of business and power across the world. There are more women in high profile positions today, than ever before. Susan McGalla is only of many recent examples of the heights women can reach in the modern world. There have been numerous studies showing the boundless potential in a workplace with a diversity staff team. Susan McGalla story is awe inspiring for a rising generation of young individuals who feel more empowered than at any point in history.

The story of Susan McGalla begins in her childhood. She grew up in a male dominated family where she had to rise up to the challenge. Her father was a football coach and in a environment surrounding my male siblings, she was not given any special favors. This allowed her to develop a sense of pride and ambition like few other women. She knows nothing is impossible with handwork, that includes breaking the all important glass ceiling in the business industry. Her career has taken her to countless impossible place. It began with American Eagle Outfitters, where he would obtained the president position before moving on. The next step was forming her own company P3 Executive Consulting. This business is designed to give high level professional consulting to major business. She has an active contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla’s leadership has given the Pittsburgh Steelers a renewed growth of popularity. Fan interaction is up through ticket and merchandise sells. The glass ceiling is possible to break for any individual who seeks to take themselves to new heights. There are programs where women can connect with each other and boost up each of their reputation in the market. Sponsorship programs have women the chance to reach equal status to males.

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