Betsy DeVos Stands Strong As Secretary of Education

When President Trump was inaugurated at the beginning of his term, the political world was shocked. How did a political outsider go from a fringe candidate to the President of the United States of America? Many people thought that after assuming his position in the Oval Office, President Trump would pivot back toward being a moderate. Instead, President Trump stuck to his campaign promise of bringing in other outsiders in order to address the very real problems that Americans throughout the country were facing. One of President Trump’s most prominent outsider appointments was that of Betsy DeVos who now serves as the Secretary of Education for the Department of Education.


Betsy DeVos was brought on board in order to continue her lifelong pursuit of true education reform. Born in a little Dutch community, Betsy DeVos was raised as a reformer. Her brother, Erik Prince, would become an international success thanks to his overseas security contracting company. Her father successfully operated an auto business. Betsy DeVos chose to make education her pride and joy and she has committed her entire life, and much of her fortune, toward making that a reality.


After attending Calvin College, Betsy Devos fell in love with the concept of school choice. Inspired by the works of conservative icon Milton Friedman, DeVos and her husband Dick would begin to immediately spread the word about his concept. Friedman believed in a limited role in regards to the government in the realm of education. DeVos took his writing one step further in order to fully embrace school choice and the education voucher system.


Essentially, DeVos believes that religious institutions and private schools should receive the same benefits that are rendered unto public schools. Betsy DeVos believes what so many other parents have found to be true: there is no ‘one size fits all’ facility for educating children. Each child is unique and their needs can only be met when at the proper educational institution. With that frame of mind, it is obvious that alternative educational opportunities should be available to children who need them.


The DeVos family has done more than just spread the word about school choice, they’ve also financed it. Over the lifetime of the DeVos family, they’ve given more than $1 BILLION dollars to various philanthropic foundations. Betsy DeVos herself has chaired several prominent charities that all aim to reform education. Now, DeVos is operating at the highest level of the field of education and real change is firmly in her grasp.


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