Donata Meirelles Has An Eye For Fashion and A Nose for Aromatic Smells

Donata Meirelles does not only have tips about fashion. She also has some opinion about how smell affects the inside of a building or house.

Donata Meirelles knows about the effects of smell due to he experience in a place called Daslu. She filled this place with an aroma that people have missed for a long time. At her own house, she put strategically placed scented candles to give her rooms an unforgettable smell.

One tip that Donata Meirelles has for an aromatic abode is to put an incense candle at the entrance of a house. A guest will be welcomed to the house in a good, cozy way.

The entrance way is not the only room that she advises to put aromatic candles. She believes that she put candles in the main room, library and bathroom. These are rooms that people spend a lot of time in and deserve to smell nice. She does not think that you should put candles in the bedroom as they might cause you to be sick or to be disturbed by them.

When should you light the candles? You should light them at dusk or early in the evening when you get home from work.

What candles should you use for an abode? You should use candles with brand names like Jo, Tania Bullhoes and Diptyque. She considered them to be the best. In one of her apartments, she decided to go with Ralph Lauren’s Classic Holiday. The scents she chose from this brand were juniper and currant.

She does indeed have some fashion tips.

When it comes to accessories, she advises that you go with ones that have the colors red and black. They can turn any plain look into something that is more stylish and fashionable.

If you decide to ankle boots, you should go with ones that have special textures. They should give these boots special fetishistic. No matter what kind of ankle boots that you wear, you should get looks that say that they make you sexy.

Another new trend that proves that anything old can become popular again. Mini-sized bucket bags, which were popular in the 1990s, have become popular again and have become the darlings of 2019.

An accessory can become an investment. A bag, with a classic shape and special finished noble material, can last a long time and can indeed become a good investment.

Meirelles is the one to go to for fashion and interior decorating tips.

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