Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Success As An Adapting Business Owner

Richard Liu Qiangdong, a household name in China’s e-commerce domain, found tremendous success in his industry out of hardship. Before delving into his career highlights, let’s take a look at Richard Liu’s upbringing. The son of two ambitious parents, Richard Liu Qiangdong vowed to echo their triumph by putting his all into his education. He thrived in school, eventually earning a coveted position at the prestigious Renmin University of China. This juncture proved enlightening for Richard Liu, and it was during his collegiate studies that he discovered and mastered art of computer coding.

Upon realizing the value this skill held in professional settings, Richard Liu employed his newfound expertise. As a result, he received an auspicious job offer at JapanLife. The two years he spent with the company proved invaluable, and Richard Liu Qiangdong attributes his enduring success to the diverse experiences he was lucky to partake in. 1998 marked the beginning of Richard Liu’s entrepreneurial career, and he was exceedingly excited to dip his toes in the corporate waters. Jingdong, the shop Richard Liu Qiangdong established, offered magneto-optical products and was a hit among the public. However, in an unfortunate series of events, Jingdong came to a standstill.

When the SARS outbreak reached China, Richard Liu knew that his enterprise would suffer financially. As an attempt to keep the business afloat, Richard Liu switched gears and transformed Jingdong into an online e-commerce platform, Given the skills he’d garnered in college, this transition proved a cinch for Qiangdong. Cut to today, and is currently worth an astonishing $57.6 billion. With that said, companies are champing at the bit to acquire a fraction of WeChat is one organization that successfully accomplished this. Richard Liu sold 15 percent of for a whopping $215 million, and it’s a business move that he invariably reaps the benefits of.

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The Magnises Black Card– It is a One-in-a-Million Concep

The Black bold metal Magnises card is just not any other debit or credit card. It provides a ton of social activities. According to CNBC or Forbes, the card is easily tied to a debit card or bank card, according to the company’s CEO and founder, Billy McFarland.

The card has the underlying component of cool going on. The places where McFarland has provided his co-peers with stupendous discounts are some of the trendiest establishments inside of the city. By paying a highly reasonable membership fee of only $250.00 per annum, the Millennial is able to enjoy all of the most stylized venues within his city.

In example, the card provides it member with access and attendance to unique gallery openings, free bottles of fine wines, discounted table packages at some of the city’s foremost establishments, no-wait access to the trendiest nightclubs in New York by way of its ClubPass amenity; a stylish penthouse location, at one of the city’s most premier hotels, exclusive invitations to private concerts, special parties on yachts, tickets to preferred seating at Broadway shows, special upgrades with regard to travel, discounted pricing at some of the best hotels, a concierge app that allows the member to plan his evening out—and access to other recreational venues and sporting events.

The card is cool and it provides the Millennial user an upgraded lifestyle; however, without a heavy price tag. It allows the user to experience a great entertainment experience at an affordable price: nothing gets better than that!

It is a card designed for the budget-conscience Millennial professional; who wishes to experience the lifestyle of a millionaire without the associated price.