Clément Perrette Pioneers European STRIPS Market


Clément Perrette has spent his career in the financial industry. He started at Société Générale Paris where he became an expert in STRIPS. These are zero coupon government bonds that only pay out once they mature. While STRIPS had existed in the United States for a while, they were a new type of investment in Europe so he pioneered this market.

Perrette brought his expertise in STRIPS to another financial firm, Paribas, in 1995. It was while he worked at Paribas that the European Union was fully established. This gave Clément Perrette the ability to invest in STRIPS across Europe. He next joined Deutsche Bank Paris in 2002 where, along with STRIPS, he also invested in government bonds and linker programs.

He next joined Barclays Capital, where he eventually became its managing director. In 2011, he stepped down from his position and became a strategic advisor to Barclays Capital. This gave him time to fulfill his dream of sailing a boat in the North Atlantic for three months. This led to him taking an active role in marine conservation efforts, something he still pursues today.

Clément Perrette now splits his time between working in the financial industry and marine conservation. He manages a fixed income fund at RAM Active Investments. Rather than working with STRIPS, he is involved in asset management and the global bond market. See Related Link to learn more.

Clement Perrette is involved with multiple philanthropic projects focused on saving the oceans, whales and other sea life. This includes educating people on the importance of the ocean and what can be done to protect it.


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