Stream Energy: Extending Help to Communities Affected by Hurricane Harvey

The city of Dallas experienced the worst when Hurricane Harvey hit, and alongside the state’s major cities like Austin and Houston, they also experienced damages from the excessive rain coming from the hurricane. Dallas is home to many companies, including Stream Energy, and the effects of the disaster were devastating for the economy. Stream Energy provides affordable energy alternative for people living in Texas and the northeastern United States, and their services were affected heavily by the disaster. However, instead of realizing how much losses the company incurred as the devastation sweeps into the state, Stream Energy decided that they would have to mobilize their rescue team and provide relief to those who were affected.

Stream Energy introduced Stream Cares to the public shortly after the devastation brought by the hurricane. Stream Cares is a philanthropic department which will handle activities that will provide assistance and rescue operations to those who are affected by any disasters. Texas has never seen a hurricane like Harvey, and they were surprised by the power that it unleashed. Hurricane Harvey unleashed its power, destroying everything in its path. The torrential rains coming from the hurricane also resulted in the swelling of rivers across the state, flooding inland cities and towns. Communities were swept away by the flood, while coastal areas were pounded by huge storm surges. Survivors have no way to go but to the evacuation centers, where they will be safe.

As the number of people inside evacuation center swells, Stream Energy decided to step up and provided enough budget to Stream Cares to help those who are in need. The company collected food packs, water, clothes, medicine, and hygienic products to be distributed to those who survived. The company also handed out $20,000 as a donation to the American Red Cross. The company also ensured the survivors that they will be checking their properties and assess the damage cost, allowing them to file claims in their insurance policies. The company also promised that they will help in the restoration of the state’s energy sector, which will enable the power to return to the cities and towns battered by the strong hurricane.

Stream Energy the Provider You Want

The article “Stream Brings Energy Services to Delaware” discusses their expansion into Delaware. Stream Energy is now available in 8 states throughout the continental United States. The journalistic piece expresses that in 2017 they have had two growths within the energy sector. A brief biography of the company is also provided (Technewsspy).

Stream Energy is a direct selling energy company that was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They employee between 200 to 500 people. The Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the company is David Faranetta who was added to the company in December of 2017. Stream Energy is ranked among one of the top 20 direct selling companies due to its ability to make over $8 billion in just 12 years. They have been awarded the Better Business Bureau A+ rating and won the award Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Provider in Texas (

Stream Energy offers clients a variety of options. The services available include wireless, protective, home services and energy. The wireless services available to clients are phone plans. These plans included coverage and data. Protective services are another option that clients can choose. These services consist of virtual MD. Also included in the protective services are roadside assistance, identity protection and credit monitoring. Clients with technical need will also find tech support as one of the option under protective services. One other part that is provided by Stream Energy is home services consisting of digital voice. Stream Energy is located nationwide in the wireless, protective and home services however their energy services are currently only available in the following states of Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., New York, Illinois, and their latest expansion in Delaware. Energy services that are offered consists of electricity, natural gas, clean energy, and commercial services. Stream Energy are looking to expand even further into more states.