Marc Beer

Marc Beer Loves Helping the Underserved

Marc Beer’s career started with him helping the medically underserved. His first major job as Vice President of Global Marketing for Genzyme made his responsible for promoting product lines for over 7,000 rare diseases. Throughout his career at Genzyme, he reached more than 350 million people who fit into the category of “underserved.”

Inspired by his work with Genzyme, Beer decided to branch out on his own and found ViaCell. ViaCell collected and preserved umbilical cord blood stem cells, which is then used to develop treatments for a variety of conditions. The company was successful within five years and eventually sold for $300 million.

At the height of his career, he suffered a tragic loss. Shortly after selling ViaCell to PerkinElmer, his wife passed away suddenly. Distraught, he ended his entrepreneurial career and only focused on raising his three children. He found solace in being a full-time dad for the rest of his life but that wasn’t his destiny.

Beer would later find inspiration to relaunch his entrepreneurial career from his 14-year-old daughter. She started telling him he needed to “live with purpose;” something he’d been telling her every day for the last two years. Learn more:

The other half of Beer’s destiny began years before he founded ViaCell. Dr. Ray Iglesias had been performing pelvic floor surgeries for 35 years, and in all that time, he always believed that surgery could be avoided. Before pelvic floor disorders only affect close to 25 percent of the women living in the U.S., most pharmaceutical and biotech companies weren’t developing any therapies or devices.

After 25 years of performing pelvic floor surgeries, he devoted the last ten of his 35-year career to helping women avoid the surgical option. When he finally felt his idea was developed enough, he brought the concept to Marc Beer.

With one phone call, Beer’s career was back on track. Inspired by his daughter and late wife, Beer focused all his effort on helping the women of America. In 2016, the duo brought in Yolanda Lorie and co-founded Renovia, a leader in developing therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women suffering from pelvic floor disorders.

Recently, the company reached its first major milestone by getting one of its products approved by the FDA. Renovia also recently landed some Series B funding in the amount of $32 million. With its first FDA-approved product, Leva, selling, the company also acquired an additional $10 million in revenue for funding.

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Entrepreneur Seymour Segnit Shares The Books That Most Influenced Him


Seymour Segnit is the CEO of MAGFAST. He says that when it comes to marketing a product it’s not about logic but rather intent and emotions. In a recent interview, he said that nobody buys a new car or gets married because they are being logical about things. It is rather about how they feel.

When he was younger, Seymour Segnit would be factually correct about things but ended up annoying people over it. What changed his perspective was reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Before reading this book, he would try to be right instead of making other people feel good. Seymour Segnit learned that “you catch more flies with honey” was instead the right approach when talking to others. Get More Information Here.

Another book that influenced Seymour Segnit is “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.” He considers this book to be a big influence on how Seymour Segnit communicates to people about what MAGFAST is. It is a book that is also in keeping with the outlook of the first book he mentioned in his interview.

Seymour Segnit says that he usually has a good day when he is able to get up early and go for a four-mile walk. While he can’t do this as often as he likes, he does at least do some exercise in the morning before starting his day. He meets with his team at MAGFAST from 9 am to 1 pm. His team members are located around the world including China, Italy, Macedonia, and across America. See This Page for additional information.

His company was immediately profitable. Seymour Segnit says it garnered $250,000 within just 15 minutes of launching. This raised some alarm bells at his credit card company as they hadn’t seen a company do so well so quickly. This confirmed, though, that Seymour Segnit was offering the right product to consumers.


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Smita Shah Inspires Young Women

Technology has brought about many profound changes to the world order. An individual can go online and find like minded users to discusses their ideas or share their knowledge. This has allowed for information and ideas to spread in rapid-fire fashion around the world. As the younger generation embraces this new technology, it allows for movements to grow organically on a bigger scale than ever before. The social reforms of the present day are more widespread and passionate than ever before. Women have come a long ways, but there is still work to be done. Smita Shah is
the most recent women to lead the charge on female empowerment.
In a era of technology and social pushes on many fronts, Smita Shah did not simply stumble into her position in the ranks of this push. She spent her childhood focused on sharping her mind over her friendship. There was no greater joy for her than solving hard math problems. Smita Shah
showed off her skills on variety of stages from competitions, to logistical planning, and even even just impressing her friends. Her peers were in awe of her skills and stood behind her on whatever future she planned for herself. Smita Shah choose the hardest path as she created an engineering
firm. This became the first phase of her attempt to bring more females into the spotlight.
From this point onward, Smita Shah found herself at the center of the modern women’s social movement. She used everything she could to showcase that women not only have the power to compete equally with men, but can even do work greater than their counterparts. In the article she describes a time when she brought together many successful women around the world as a role model demonstration. Smita Shah knows all too well of the deep social barriers that are imparted on women from a young age.
The battle to overcome such hardship is one that will span generations. However at this moment in history, she feels her purpose is making easier for women to become proactive about their lives. Smita Shah expands on a series of tips for women just starting out their job. She encourages her
peers to not overdo themselves. Worker exploitation and discrimination is a real challenge. The most effective way up is cultivating a bond of trust with co-workers and those in charge. Women empowerment is a long game, not a marathon. Learn more:
Smita Shah might be leading the fight for this generation, but eventually someone else will have to pick up that job. Her goal is to leave the world a better place for women, and a healthier environment for growth up the corporate ladder around the world.

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How Marc Beer Bounced Back

As the chairman, co-founder and CEO of Renovia, Marc Beer is no stranger to adversity in his career but many people are wondering how the 58-year-old businessman and entrepreneur has managed to stay on top all these years. He recently agreed to chat with Stephen Callahan about how he got to where he is today and where he hopes to go in the future of his career. He first started college in the autumn of 1983 where he realized he wanted to major in business. After graduating with a business degree in the spring of 1987, he then received his first job offer from a company called Abbott working in their sales department as one of their developers. He held this role for about six years before he moved on to Biostar where he worked in their marketing department.
After two years with the company, he accepted a position as the vice president of global marketing at a business known as Genzyme. He worked for the company for about four years before making the conscious decision to start his own business. Headquartered in Cambridge, Viacell was first
established in May of 2000 to analyze the blood stem cells of umbilical cords 
in order to try and uncover various vaccines and cures for a wide variety of diseases. He decided to go public with the company in 2005 and they had close to 500 employees but, not long afterward, they decided to close up shop and sell the company for a massive $300 million to Perkin Elmer.
Upon completion of the sale, he was all set to move on to his next big entrepreneurial venture but, before he could, there was a tragic death in the family as his wife passed away of a pulmonary embolism at the age of 42. After the funeral, he was forced to step up as the primary parent,
driving them to and from soccer practice,
 packing their lunches and helping them with schoolwork as per necessary. Two years later, however, his daughter made him realize the business world needed him and he resolved to open a new company called Renovia. Established in 2016, the
company is the brainchild of Dr. Ray Iglesias, Yolanda Lorie, and Beer and is dedicated to developing and producing medical products to help patients who are suffering from various conditions.

Learn more:
This new venture has already been successful as the FDA just approved their first product for public use and they were awarded a $32 million grant continue researching and developing new products. In fact, some of the conditions they are currently attempting to treat affect nearly a
a quarter of the female population nationwide and this includes types of pelvic floor disorders.

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Pursue Your Passions Advises Max Salk

Max received his education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He studied and majored in both history and finance. His interest in the stock market began when he was in college. He continued to develop this interest by actually investing and researching potential stock during his free moments. 

His love of photography began in college as well. He took some time to study in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. During that time, he realized that his interest in photography was to the extent that the wanted to make it a big part of his life. He has a website that features some of his photography and he also shares his photos on Instagram. 

Upon graduation from college, he worked for PPM America, which is an investment management firm based in Chicago. He enjoyed his job, which involved researching financial investments and making recommendations to clients. He moved to New York City after three years and started working at Blackstone, which is where his current job is. He is the Vice President and also works as a U.S. credit research analyst. 

His advice to others is to make sure that you do what you enjoy. He feels that if you do not enjoy it, then you will not be motivated to put the extra effort and energy into it. He feels that if you enjoy it, then it will not seem like work. Apart from the work in investments and his photography, he is also very interested in sports and loves listening to music

Max Salk feels that success comes to those that stay open and take advantage of opportunities that come their way. He feels that success takes on many different forms and there are many ways to achieve it. He encourages others to try things they are interested in, and if it does not work out, then try something else.

Smita Shah-Admirable and Inspiring

There was a time when women had only a few professions that were considered suitable for them to work in. Through the years, the landscape for female workers has changed and the opportunities for women to enter more difficult fields has broadened dramatically. Still, with all this progression, there are still fields that are heavily dominated by males; such as engineering. Smita Shah has found a way to break the mold of the engineering industry. Throughout her career, she has been able to combat stereotypes and create a path for herself to become not only successful in
engineering, but an industry leader. Smita Shah has paved the way for other women to become leaders in engineering and any other field they have the talent and desire to break through gender stereotypes.
According to Smita Shah, the largest obstacle that most women and young girls face is a poor self-image. She recognizes the large gap of strong female role models in the workforce. Women and men face very different challenges during their quests for leadership in the business world. As such, the successful entrepreneur believes that women need specific mentors that have been through the fire and know how to tackle these unique obstacles. If more women break the mold and achieve a noticeable level of success, other women and young girls will be able to feel strong and empowered by the possibility. Smita Shah is a firm believer that the more a woman sees other successful women the more confident she becomes in her own abilities and the possibility of achieving that same level of success also becomes more attainable.
Having broken molds and stereotypes in her own career, Smita Shah hopes to become a strong role model for women and young girls striving to be successful in all aspects of the business. She spent her youth working on difficult math equations rather than playing outside with her classmates.
Shah participated in math relays and became well known for her skills amongst her peers. She went on to study business and engineering at Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford University.

Learn more:
In 1998, Smita Shah founded SPANN Tech, Inc. SPAAN Tech is an engineering firm that focuses on finding unique solutions to complex technical problems in the engineering field. Today, the company is considered to be one of the most reliable and sought after firms in the industry. With a highly successful business venture under her belt, Smita Shah is continuing to focus on becoming a role model for other women entrepreneurs. She hopes that her perseverance and support will open up more avenues for women and young girls to achieve success in their chosen
professions. With her firm belief in believing in oneself along with her abilities are keys to empowerment, Smita Shah hopes to inspire the next generation of women in business.

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Find Out What Isabel dos Santos Has Been Doing To Earn Her Decorated Status

Africa has been experiencing favor in recent years with a significant population getting empowered. Women, in particular, are now airing out their concerns and voices demanding equal opportunities in employment selections, leadership, and educational platforms. It’s safe to say that little by little, oppression is becoming weaker by the day. Among the women leading these changes is Angola’s princess, Isabel dos Santos.

Isabel dos Santos has been recognized for years now as one of the wealthiest and youngest women in the world. She has built business empires in Africa and other places in the world, earning her rightful position at the top table. Isabel is known for her rich portfolio where she runs businesses mostly in the telecommunications, energy, banking, and construction industries.

Asides from spotting opportunities and transforming them into money-making machines, she is dedicated to supporting the role of women in the current world and economy. Isabel dos Santos has stated her firm beliefs severally in making women empowered as a powerful force in transforming an entire community. Through her initiatives, she has managed to create numerous employment opportunities for the youth, education, and inspiration for many young women with potential. Read more about Isabel at

The Angolan queen has made many investments in Africa, especially in her home country. She is passionate about enriching her home and following the adage, “Charity begins at home.” Through her experiences and life journey, Isabel has learned a lot about natural resources. She believes that Africa is rich with untapped potential. Among the most exploited resources are human resources and natural resources. She hopes to continue formulating ways to yield more benefits from these readily available items. Isabel dos Santos has been behind the agricultural sector for quite sometime campaigning that more people should take up the sector seriously.

Isabel has been idolized for being a formidable woman in a male-dominated world. She has worked to see her status rise into one of the most respected women in the world. As she continues to expand her territories, she is hopeful that we will change her home and empower more women by leading the light. Her blog entitled “Sharing” clearly shows she is a woman of honor.


Smita Shah Talks about the Best Practices to Empower Women at the Workplace

Smita Shah has gained a lot of recognition since she is an entrepreneur and also a fully-fledged engineer. In the current society, most of the opportunities are mainly accessible by men. Smita Shah has been empowering other women since she was able to succeed in her endeavors. Over the years, she has also managed to gain an influential position.


Smita Shah refers to herself as a nerd. While in elementary school, she would focus more on her studies. Shah would excel in complex subjects such as mathematics. Smita Shah then applied her math skills in different areas as she progressed with her studies. She was able to pursue engineering successfully. Smita Shah then established SPAAN Tech, Inc., an engineering firm that has managed to gain some prominence over the years. The company has mainly focused on solving technical projects that are complex.


Since she has managed to succeed in a society that has been dominated by men, Smita Shah is now empowering more women by elaborating her experience. According to Smita Shah, some of the major issues that women are facing include having a poor self-image. Few female role models are in positions of power; as a result, women do not feel empowered, and they also fail to believe that they can attain a certain level of success. As for Smita Shah, she believes that for other women to succeed, there must be a self-image shift, and it can be achieved by interacting with successful women who have managed to conquer the business world. Also, women are underrepresented, and they usually face different challenges as compared to men. The successful female entrepreneurs should illustrate that it is not difficult to succeed in the business world. Learn more:


Smita Shah goes ahead and says that many women have held leadership positions throughout the globe. The number of businesses that are owned by women worldwide is close to 100 million. Although the number of businesses owned by men is considerably higher, the statistics show that women have a chance of setting up a business and also succeeding in their endeavors. To succeed, women must be determined. Also, they should focus more on their talents.


Smita Shah advises women to always believe in themselves. They must also possess a healthy self-image. Also, women should highly-regard their skills since they have allowed them to attain some progress in terms of career growth. Some bad and good experiences also exist, and they are supposed to empower an individual. Always ensure that you have given yourself the credit that you deserve. Smita Shah also advises women to scrutinize their abilities. When you come across an obstacle as a female entrepreneur, you shall overcome every challenge if you believe in your abilities.

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Marc Beer Has Soldiered Through Adversity To Create High- Tech Medical Devices

As one of the most successful high-tech developers in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector, Marc Beer is quick to give credit to others. He said that none of the cutting-edge healthcare innovations he has introduced into the market would have been possible without the dedicated
people that made it happen.
Marc Beer believes that assembling teams and recognizing “good people” is a key to entrepreneurial achievement on a higher level. You not only have to recognize and surround yourself with the best staff, but you must also trust them and get out of their way so they can deliver results. If everyone shares a common goal and vision, Beer said, magical things can happen.
Marc Beer is the man behind a number of medical device innovations that have saved lives and help doctors treat patients for painful conditions. He began his career after graduating from Miami University in 1987 with a degree in business. His first job was in the pharmaceutical sector. He
accepted a position with Genzyme. There he worked his way up to Vice President of Global Marketing. It was an opportunity for Marc Beer to make global connections and gain deep insight into the realm of developing treatments and cures for diseases.
After his stint with Genzyme, Marc Beer was ready to create his own enterprise. This was ViaCell, launched in 2000. His approach was aggressive and relentless. ViaCell is a biotechnology company focused on the application of human cells as medicine for an array of treatment protocols. Within two years ViaCell has 300 employees. It went public in 2005 and is listed on the NASDAQ as VIAC. After seven years, Beer sold ViaCell for $300 million.
It should have been a time of triumph for Marc Beer, but life has a way of intervening. Not long after the sale of ViaCell, his wife tragically died at just age 42, struck by a pulmonary embolism. Marc Beer was left to raise his three children as a single father. It was a tremendously difficult time. Marc Beer needed to pause and re-evaluate his life and focus attention on the needs of three young children. Learn more:
But it was one of his kids that prompted Marc Beer to get back into life. His 14-year-old daughter urged him to take on a new project. She reminded him about the thousands, if not millions of people his work had helped as the result of his work with Genzyme and creating ViaCell. His current project is another high-tech start-up, Renovia. This company is developing treatments for women suffering from painful disorders of the pelvis. Its first product, Leva, has just received approval by the FDA. Marc Beer is off and running with his next great success story.

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Jason Hope Has Insights Into The Future That Motivate Him In The Present

Jason Hope, entrepreneur and investor, has a reputation for understanding how technology will dictate where the future takes us. He uses his futurist ability and research using innovative and unorthodox thinking to make profitable investments. Hope is also involved in philanthropic endeavors. You can find Jason Hope on Twitter @JasonHope for updates.

Jason Hope has a focus on the future of aging and how people can be protected from its devastating effects, from diseases that affect the body and the mind. In 2010 he made a donation of $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation that strives to discover treatments for many diseases including Alzheimer’s and cancer. A program called AGE-breaker has been one of the SENS projects that interests Hope. AGE is a form of metabolic waste that ages the mind and body. One example of this process is the affect that AGE has on decreases of elasticity in blood vessels. This can lead to so many negative effects such as tiredness and also to the negative appearance of the skin. Ways to remove this waste or prevent its buildup would improve the lives of millions of people. Jason Hope’s focus is on medical care being proactive and not just reactive. Giving people not only longer lives but better lives is his idea of how healthcare should function.

Jason Hope comments that he is very excited by the growing influence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Society depends on technology. There will be new ways for things to connect with each other as well as to other things. In the future, not only will people depend on devices to monitor so many things in their homes, devices will also give knowledge of how people are living and provide information that companies can use to market products. Hope has written an E-book that explains how The Interenet of Things functions and help people to understand the world of this new technology.

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