Lori Senecal Outlines How An Organization Can Turn Its Employees Into Innovators

Initiating a business model that would tap employees to create change is a concept that many organizations have tried but only few have succeeded. Change programs like motivating employees to be innovators cannot be achieved by the top-down approach that is employed by many companies. However, according to the founder of Cbridge Partners and co-author of “Strategic Conversations: Creating and Directing The Entrepreneurial Workforce,” Bruce A. Strong, strategic conversation would be the most effective method to ignite change in an organization.

The management should structure strategic conversations to elicit relevant ideas from the employees. Research conducted at Rite-Solutions, KBS+ and Red Hat showed the feasibility of strategic conversations at a work place. According to the authors of Strategic Conversations, competition is one of the ways of steering innovation. Lori Senecal, the former CEO of KBS+, held a competition aimed at shaping the ad agency’s business model. The contest’s winning idea was an on-site art gallery that showcased the creations made by staff and local artists. Today, the gallery serves as a multi-use hub.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of CP+B where she is in charge of the firm’s global growth and expansionary strategy. Lori coordinates operations of all the ten international offices of the agency while overseeing progressive global development. She joined CP+B in 2015. Lori focused on transforming the company to an inventive, collaborative and agile modern global agency. Her major focus on talent has fueled overall development and growth in the company. Due to these achievements, Fast Company Magazine named CP+B as the Creativity Innovators of the Year. In addition, the organization named Lori Senecal among the four Agency Executives to Watch in 2016.

Under Lori’s transformative leadership, CP+B has secured significant partnerships, including Hershey, Pay Pal accounts and American Airlines. Recently, they were awarded the Titanium Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions Festival for their Dominos work. In her previous role as the global chairperson and CEO of KBS, Lori Senecal grew the agency from a 250-person domestic agency to 900-person award winning agency. Previously, she was a president of the flagship New York office of McCann Erickson. In her career, Lori has distinguished herself as a visionary leader. Notably, Lori holds a Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation. Follow Lori Senecal on Twitter.

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