Madison Street Capital Has Lent Its Expert Advice To Another Major Firm

Madison Street Capital is a financial firm that works in the investment banking sector and takes a strong view that emerging markets are one of the most critical areas in today’s modern financial market. These emerging markets are currently instrumental in helping to drive growth on a global basis. The Madison Street Capital reputation has been garnered largely due to the fact that the company’s clients have developed a significant amount of trust in the firm and its dedication to serving their needs. The company works significantly in the area of advisory services in the corporate realm as well as providing advice in the areas of acquisitions and mergers as well as being able to offer expert financial opinions. Valuation services are also a major area of the Madison Street Capital business model.


With an innovative service that helps businesses to boost productivity, RMG Networks is a company that is redefining the communications sector. The company offers an innovative digital messaging program that helps company’s to boost their overall efficiency and also helps in the boosting up of overall engagement. This firm is based out of the Texas city of Dallas but also has offices in operation around the world.


Sachs Capital Group is a financial firm that has a track record for making disciplined investments. These investments tend to have a strong valuation focus and the firm looks to invest in companies that have strong fundamentals to their businesses. In a major recent headline, Sachs Capital Group was assisted by the team at Madison Street Capital in its move to move RMG Networks into the private sector. Other firms involved in this transaction include Merion Investment Partners and Virgo Capital. According to the distinguished Madison Street Capital head executive Charles Botchway, the team from his firm was headed up by Barry Petersen. Barry currently maintains the position of Senior Managing Director.


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Why GreenSky Is Poised to Keep Growing

If you’re looking for a strong stock to invest in, GreenSky may be worth buying. Its stock appreciated by 17.1% in the month of August, and there are many reasons to be bullish about its future. Let’s take a look at what GreenSky does and why it has been so successful in the second half of 2018.

The Company Makes Loans to Homeowners and Medical Borrowers

GreenSky acts as the middleman between consumers who need financing and contractors who want to offer it to their customers. It makes money when it generates a loan and also makes money from the lending institutions that service the loans on its behalf. This allows the company to make money from both sides of a loan without having to take as much of the risk. They also don’t have to worry about marketing because the contractors will let customers know about the financing that is available to them.

GreenSky Is Poised to Continue Growing

Although the company is currently growing at a fast rate, there is a strong belief that it can sustain that growth over the next few quarters. Although it primarily makes loans to homeowners and medical professionals, there are other sectors that it hopes to get into. The company also has partnered with American Express, which may allow it to develop relationships with a variety of different service providers that is doesn’t currently serve.

How Do You Get a Loan?

The process of getting a loan is relatively simple. All you need to do is to the organization’s mobile app, fill out the application and wait for a loan decision. The process takes about 60 seconds to complete, and lenders will compete for your business. This means that you get a loan at affordable terms to fit your needs and budget.