Lovaganza Brings It’s Traveling Show To The World

The reputation of the Lovaganza foundation is growing as anticipation grows for the series of live events, movies, and animated series the group is looking to bring to the people of the world. Lovaganza hopes to become much more than just a provider of high quality entertainment, but also hopes the people of the world will be inspired by its positive message to become more understanding of the various cultures found in the world; Lovaganza also hopes to provide a basis for improving the standard of life enjoyed by everybody in the world by improving water quality, education, and promoting peace across the planet.

Lovaganza is headed by filmmakers J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon who have recently made their way to London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios to begin working on the musical score for the animated series that will accompany the trilogy of movies known as “The Lovaganza Convoy”. Abbey Road Studios were chosen for their iconic status because of the fact the best technicians and ground breaking equipment have been used on the movies and planned global event from Lovaganza.

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“Lovaganza Begins Recording Musical Soundtrack for Animated Film Series, “”The Marvelous 12,”” at Historic Abbey Road Studios”

Over the course of recent years Lovaganza have been building up to the release of the trilogy of movies that will form the basis of the work the foundation hopes to complete. “The Lovaganza Convoy” has been created to take in a global approach to movie making that has taken the crew around the world, and allowed a range of well known technicians to work on the three feature films being filmed simultaneously; “Follow Your Sunshine” will be the first release from the trilogy telling the story of a traveling show battling a group of people determined to keep the people of the world from achieving future happiness.

The traveling show theme has been carried on to the work of Lovaganza as the foundation will exhibit the work they have completed via a traditional release and form part of a screening festival that will criss cross the globe. Known as the “Lovaganza Caravan” the group will exhibit the movies and promote the many different cultures of the world through “The Marvelous 12” animated series that will be seen by people across the planet.

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