Besides George Soros, Philip Diehl Calls For More Gold Investments

It’s hard to find fault with U.S. minted gold coins these days: the coins are legal tender and with a volatile stock market, gold coins are a sure bet. That’s the conclusion drawn by Philip Diehl, US Money Reserve President, who happens to be the former U.S. Mint Director. Diehl was interviewed on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio where he recalled his tenure at the U.S. Mint and how he successfully transformed the agency. “US Money Reserve required an about-face on several issues, and one pivotal role was its customer service. We corrected deficiencies and eventually coordinated a well-run organization that became a poster child for customer satisfaction,” said Diehl.

Widely considered by many, the most fortuitous of U.S. Mint Directors, Philip Diehl has used the same enterprising dogma to turn the U.S. Money Reserve into a thriving distributor of precious metals and coins. “In today’s uncertain economy, it makes more sense than ever before to invest in physical gold,” said Diehl. U.S. Money Reserve recently started a new IRA program for precious metals where investors can stake more claim in gold for wealth protection.

Along with Diehl, billionaire investor George Soros is currently advising to buy more gold. In fact, according to a article, Soros recently took advantage of reduced production costs and low mining debt to invest millions [$264 million] in physical gold.  According to Soros, there is a global weakness in stocks and bonds today, but gold offers safety for your retirement.

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Why Gold Investments?

Gold is in demand around the world and investors can benefit with long-term profit. Although there are limited natural resources, gold production continues to rise, pushing prices higher. Gold is also a safe haven because it prevails, even in a lagging economy. Precious metals are another way to diversify investment risk. Bullion coins and bars of gold are the most obvious solution for many when it comes to buying gold. Also, they offer the opportunity to actually hold physical gold, which oftentimes gives a sense of security to the investor.

Although the price of precious metals investment may fluctuate in the short term, this type of investment is for the long term, and their value always remains stable. Lastly, Philip Diehl reminds us, “The value of gold and other precious metals is recognized everywhere on this globe and accepted, making it a stable investment.”

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