A Collaboration In The Offing As Jacob Gotlieb’s Altium Capital Moves In With Stuart Weisbrod

Jacob Gotlieb and Stuart Weisbrod last worked together during the biotechnological revolution at the turn of the millennium. They had come together to see Weisbrod’s pet healthcare hedge fund, Merlin Biomed Group, off the ground with Gotlieb serving as its portfolio manager. The collaboration would achieve an incredible success that saw firm report returns of over 100 percent in 1999 and 2000, thus ushering them to the world of healthcare investment and landing them new clients.

The hedge fund’s success would continue up to 2007 when Merlin capital wound up and returned investor funds. The winding up would also see two industry titans go on separate ways, with each starting their own independent firm. Stuart would go on to start the successful Iguana Healthcare partners while Gotlieb founded Visium capital that wound up in 2016 and Altium Capital that he now seeks to grow brick by brick.

Decade of separation

Dissolving Merlin Group never impeded on the finance titans resolve to direct investments into the healthcare industry. With a starting capital of only $300 million, Gotlieb would what would start Visium Capital, a healthcare-oriented hedge fund, which soon morphed into one of the largest alternative investment firms in the country. By the time it was winding down in 2016, Visium had managed to accumulate over $8 billion in assets under management. He hopes to replicate this with his new firm, Altium capital.

Weisbrod has had an equally successful run with his Iguana Healthcare Partners firm that he started soon after disbanding Merlin. Like Merlin, Iguana specializes in healthcare related investments with a keen interest in technology-related sectors like biotechnology and healthcare information technology. The fact that Weisbrod is an industry professional with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry further gives him an edge when it comes to gaining investor confidence.

Coming together

Just recently the former colleagues made public the news that Jacob Gotlieb’s Atlium Capital had moved in with Weisbrod’s Iguana, and that the two would share office space under the same roof. The announcement received an overwhelming response from the healthcare industry players as it signals a potential collaboration between the two experienced healthcare investment professionals.

Bringing these two minds, their established firms, and the financial backing they attract together in a collaborative healthcare investment project would have immense positive impacts on the industry. Such a move is also likely to receive significant support from investors as well as steady demand from the healthcare technology firms seeking to inject new ideas into the industry.