Ara Chackerian’s success in healthcare invention.

Ara Chackerian is a successful businessman; he is passionate about making the world a different place and this character has contributed to his projects and his many ventures. Ara is also an environmentalist, and in his quest to preserve the environment Ara has taken part in different projects one of them is the teak farm, this farm uses techniques that help- to improve the soil, this project also provides job opportunities for residents in the area.


Ara Chackerian’s most recent project has been in the medical field, he recently introduced TMS this is a form of treatment for people suffering from severe depression. A sit down with Ara reveals the idea behind TMS and how it will make a difference in people lives.


Before embarking on this project, Ara had worked on other projects and had done extensive research on healthcare improvement. He joined hands with his longtime friend and partner to establish TMS this is a form of treatment that uses magnetic stimulation hence the word TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation.



Why did Ara consider this project and what was the ‘it’ factor about TMS?

According to Ara, research had been conducted on the best way to treat patients suffering from severe depression, TMS combined with talk therapy, and medicine showed the highest potential in producing best results for the patients making it the ideal project.


Ara saw an opportunity to make a difference in the society, people suffering from depression were sometimes resistant to medication and TMS had a solution, thousands suffering from medical resistant depression could now gain access to healthcare and get a real solution to their problem which was TMS.  For more details you can visit



TMS is designed to produce the desired results by both the doctor as well as the patient, by creating an experienced tailored to meet the specific issue affecting each patient.

Since the firm’s inception, the firm has managed to establish spaces in several areas and almost seven facilities. These facilities are created to ensure patients feel safe and relaxed.

Ara Chackerian says that one way he gets his ideas is from life experiences, Ara advises people to make an effort in getting engaged in their lives and ideas will come.




A Closer Look at Drew Madden

An IT expert, Drew Madden is also the principal at the Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He studied at the University of Iowa and is an established expert in epic systems, healthcare information, and electronic medical records. Drew Madden has a lot of extensive education background when it comes to industrial engineering and he attributes this to part of the success that he currently enjoys. Drew Madden is committed to making changes in the healthcare field and is a strong believer that people can achieve affordable medical care regardless of their background standing. The career journey of Drew Madden was at the University of Iowa where he held the position of a student advisor.

After working at the university for 4 years, Drew Madden went on to work at the Cener Corporation. While working at the company, he was able to implement clinical applications at many hospitals based in Chicago. Drew Madden got certification from the CPOE, PharmNet and Emar application modules. He took up a position at the Helthia Consulting in 2006 where he was responsible for implementing Epic Inpatient applications in the Midwest. While serving at the Helthia Consulting, Drew Madden assisted the company in acquiring certification in Clinical Documentation, Willow, Inpatient Medication Orders and Procedure Orders. Drew Madden has also in the past worked as a regional sales director at the Ingenix Consulting.

In 2010, Drew madden went to work at the Nordic Consulting partners where he held the position of the company’s executive vice president. While serving at the company, he was able to grow its employee base to 725 and also increased the company’s annual revenue by approximately $130,000,000. The client base of the company also increased from 3 to 150 all thanks to the exemplary leadership and management expertise of Drew Madden. While Drew Madden worked at the Nordic Consulting partners, the company was able to win many awards and was positioned number one for its excellence in the provision of the Epic implementation services. Currently, Drew Madden serves at the Evergreen Healthcare partners where he is one f the founders. The company is involved in the provision of IT services to numerous clinical facilities across the country.