Stream Energy: Extending Help to Communities Affected by Hurricane Harvey

The city of Dallas experienced the worst when Hurricane Harvey hit, and alongside the state’s major cities like Austin and Houston, they also experienced damages from the excessive rain coming from the hurricane. Dallas is home to many companies, including Stream Energy, and the effects of the disaster were devastating for the economy. Stream Energy provides affordable energy alternative for people living in Texas and the northeastern United States, and their services were affected heavily by the disaster. However, instead of realizing how much losses the company incurred as the devastation sweeps into the state, Stream Energy decided that they would have to mobilize their rescue team and provide relief to those who were affected.

Stream Energy introduced Stream Cares to the public shortly after the devastation brought by the hurricane. Stream Cares is a philanthropic department which will handle activities that will provide assistance and rescue operations to those who are affected by any disasters. Texas has never seen a hurricane like Harvey, and they were surprised by the power that it unleashed. Hurricane Harvey unleashed its power, destroying everything in its path. The torrential rains coming from the hurricane also resulted in the swelling of rivers across the state, flooding inland cities and towns. Communities were swept away by the flood, while coastal areas were pounded by huge storm surges. Survivors have no way to go but to the evacuation centers, where they will be safe.

As the number of people inside evacuation center swells, Stream Energy decided to step up and provided enough budget to Stream Cares to help those who are in need. The company collected food packs, water, clothes, medicine, and hygienic products to be distributed to those who survived. The company also handed out $20,000 as a donation to the American Red Cross. The company also ensured the survivors that they will be checking their properties and assess the damage cost, allowing them to file claims in their insurance policies. The company also promised that they will help in the restoration of the state’s energy sector, which will enable the power to return to the cities and towns battered by the strong hurricane.

Louis Chenevert: how to Improve a Business by Investing in Your Workers

When business owners want to improve their organizations, they always think of numerous ways to accomplish it. They talk about using modern technology or consider hiring external help to assist in running the business. Nevertheless, the company managers tend to ignore the obvious solution that can improve the business.

Business owners should invest in their current workforce since it is an effective way of bolstering a business. That is because you already know the employees pretty well and you also know what they are capable of handling. There is a possibility that you might have workers with high skills if they are motivated and given the required resources.

Therefore, you must invest in them and get into their lives to know all this.

If you employ a new worker to fill a crucial vacancy, you need to make sure he or she goes through extensive training. They must move from zero to sixty within a short duration. Avoid promoting new employees as this will ensure that they don’t skip a potentially long training course since they already know a little about the business.

Additionally, they allow the other workers to have a chance to see that there are promotions taking place from within the business. In most cases, people tend to leave jobs since they don’t see any possibility of rising through the ranks. Once they realize that nothing is hindering their growth, they decide to remain in the company. Fewer turnovers imply that your business is running smoothly and your profits are within.

There are many ways in which you can invest in your current workers. The best way is to make the working environment the place they enjoy spending their time. This will help you avoid hiring clock watchers. The majority of corporations are surrounded by too much drama that can bring the business down.

Ensure you don’t employ negative people who will poison your workplace and never play office politics by pitting your employees against one another. Create some fun making places apart from a break room with a lunch table. This will help you have more productive workers since they will want to work every day.

Sahm Adrangi is Reliable in His Field of Work

With his vast experience and expertise in investment banking, Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital management. The company specializes in unique situations that get motivated by specific events and investments that result in a long-lasting value. The kind of research that the company conducts regarding the stock market is reliable especially in matters related to shorts, and this makes it reliable and preferred by clients. Some of the significant fields where these researches are conducted include biotechnology, telecommunication, and mining.

Through his various analyses, Sahm Adrangi has uncovered companies operating fraudulently and soliciting money from individuals and businesses a revelation that made him famous. Most of the companies that got affected by his findings which he publicized hailed from China, and he saved people a lot of losses as the offered deals seemed genuine.

Sahm Adrangi does not only concentrate on investment banking as he as well takes time to speak in conferences where he shares his skills and experience with people. Some of the conferences where he has been invited as a guest speaker include the Activist Investor Conference, the Distresses Debt Investing Conference and the Sohn Conference. In that case, he is dedicated to helping people take care of their money especially when it comes to investing because some deals only look good from the outside while from the inside, it is a disaster. For that reason, Sahm Adrangi is keen to conduct assessments of individual companies which he feels are overvalued in the eyes of the public but are suffering in the real sense. A good example is the St. Joe Company which had been valued 40% more its real value.

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of the Yale University where he attained a bachelor of arts in economics a course that has helped him steer his career wheel in the right direction. On his part, he is keen to note when companies are struggling and advises on which one to invest in and which to do away with altogether. The fact that his advice is based on evidence means that investors trust his judgment and whatever path he picks, it is bound to work effectively hence his preference for an advisor and consultant.