The Story of Gump’s


An article from Premier Gazette gives the story of a retailer called Gump’s who was founded by two brothers named Solomon and Gustave Gump. Their selling point has been in supplying special products from all around the world. Gump’s is based out of New York City and San Francisco, California.

At first, they were selling artwork, but, it would soon turn into selling other items such as furnishings, jewelry, and other artifacts. Gump’s main store burned down in 1906 as they relocated and expanded from it. Famous individuals would go to the store like the president of the United States in Franklin D Roosevelt and an actress named Sarah Bernhardt.

Gump’s fortune would change in 2005 as the Chachas family slowly increased their interest in acquiring the iconic retailer. One of the sons named John Chachas liked a Buddha statue and wanted it for himself. Many years later, John would purchase the statue from the retailer and replace it with a replica. Go To This Page to learn more.

The statue that he bought would become a smart investment that would pay for the ages as he sold it later to a buyer in Hong Kong for a high price of $4 million dollars. The son had earned a fortune off the Buddha and started a firm. Even more ironic, John Chachas decided to use some of the money earned to put back into Gump’s for their marketing, image, and overall business.

Gump’s is now currently owned under the Chachas family as they plan to open a new store location in the upcoming 2019 holiday season. The store location is still undecided so the retailer suggests people follow them on Instagram and Twitter for announcements.


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