Talkspace: An app for mental illness

Not everyone knows how to deal with mental illness. It used to be difficult to find that right therapist that understood you and your issues. Now a new platform has reached consumers to help them in the time of need. Talkspace is a revolutionary application that is growing fast among those seeking relief from struggling with their mental issues privately. No longer do users of this platform have to wait to be diagnosed and get their problems addressed. Reviewers are sharing their insights on how Talkspace has changed their life and given them hope for the future. They are talking with therapists via text and getting treatment plans that work with their lifestyle.

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Many are making note of the affordable cost of only $49 a week that allows them to not only connect with a therapist, but get on a schedule to start getting some needed help. Others have shared the methods that these therapists are using and it’s remarkable. One user shared how her therapist, which all are licensed, was 100 percent a real person she could connect with. Further, she shared that the experience was very helpful and even recommended Talkspace to friends that are in their own private struggle.

Talkspace, as one reviewer states, was given a program where they could work out their daily struggles by using affirmations, CBT and other powerful strategies on staying positive. Many suggest using Talkspace at least once and give it a try to see if it works for you. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a long drawn out contract and you can cancel anytime you want. Another interesting note that a reviewer stated and loved was the discount of $45 to try the app out for a month. Talkspace was the way to go for them and encouraged others to see if it’s a fit for them as well. Check out this article:

Talkspace Offers A Private Innovative Option for Mental Health Therapy

Text therapy is a new concept where patients can discuss their mental health with licensed therapists online and through text messaging. Talkspace is an innovator in this industry, and the company provides text therapy to patients at a monthly cost that is generally lower than traditional in-person therapy.

In the culture of chatting online with nurses or internet doctor diagnoses, mental health counseling online or through text is less unusual. Although mental health is treated as requiring face-to-face interaction to be successful, both realms require in-person contact for about the same amount of reasons. Find out more about Talkspace at

When discussing physical health concerns over the phone or online, healthcare professionals advise patients to call 911 if their matter is life-threatening or a serious emergency. The same would hold for mental health concerns. If a patient has a cold, they can get a diagnosis online or by phone, and they should follow up with their doctor if their conditions worsen. If a patient is experiencing mild depression, text therapy can talk them through and again; if their condition worsens, they should follow up with an in-person visit.

Text therapy is a way to speak with a professional on the patient’s own time. The patient doesn’t have to schedule an appointment or arrange the time to meet with a therapist in person. Talkspace arranges an intake session at the patient’s convenience. Once the patient is set up with a therapist, they can text 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As expected, therapists do get time off, but that is discussed with the patient well in advance. Patients get the option to switch therapists if they choose to without feeling uncomfortable or having to be concerned about feedback from the current therapist. Talkspace is required by law as with any other healthcare provider to protect patients’ privacy. However, they do ask for an emergency contact person. Talkspace provides an opportunity for patients to discuss their issues with licensed professionals who are trained to listen, provide feedback, and offer actionable plans to improve patients’ mental health.

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Neurocore And The Portland Trailblazers

What is Neurocore?:

Neurocore is a company that focuses on neuroscience. Putting that together with athletes is not a common thing. However, Neurocore has developed some great concepts and practices for training the minds of athletes. Some studies that have been conducted have indicate that players can recover and perform better on and off the court with Neurocore training methods. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

How doe Neurocore help?:

These brain training methods are helpful with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. They are being called high tech meditation techniques. After a game or a practice, players look forward to going into the “brain room” where the players are shown movies while their brain activity is being monitored. They wear a device called the Neurocore Pro. Brain activity is monitored and when the player loses focus, the Neurocore Pro will stop playing the movie until the players are focused on it again. Each session lasts about thirty minutes. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Who benefits from Neurocore?:

Athletes have hectic schedules which demand high performance and little rest in between games. The Neurocore brain sessions help them recover from injuries faster, mentally and emotionally from the game itself and the business of the games as well. Athletes are subject to heightened adrenaline and find it difficult to relax after a game. The device may look like it came out of a science fiction movie but the players don’t care because they know the benefits of the session. The Trailblazers have been shown the benefits of the Neurocore Pro and find it to help them out.


Neurocore is a company that focuses on helping athletes become better at their game. Using a meditative vehicle to enlist concentration, ability to focus, and all senses in a high tech device after a game. Thirty minute sessions alleviate anxiety, stress, and improve healing from injuries.