Jeremy Goldstein Talks about Protecting Your Business Using Non-Compete Agreements

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney based in New York. He is a revered lawyer, and his level of professionalism is impeccable. On the onset of his career as a lawyer, Goldstein was employed by a large law firm in New York City. During his employment period, he was able to oversee different legal transactions such as mergers and acquisitions.


As an employee, Goldstein realized that contract enforcement, conflicts of interest, and other issues were common in the field of law. He then carried out a search before launching Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, and his main focus was on the employment law and how the issue related to corporate governance and executive compensation. The firm has been operational for more than a decade. Goldstein formed the firm, and he made sure that the main focus would be on the CEOs and other individuals who serve as executives in various firms. Throughout the years, the company has been dedicated, and they have been offering exceptional legal services to all their clients.


Jeremy Goldstein also engages in other activities outside the office. For starters, he is a member of different boards. He also addresses people at different events. Since he is a philanthropist, some of the organizations that have been benefiting from his charitable endeavors include the Fountain House. He is also a member of the Board of Directors at the non-profitable organization. Most of the adults with mental illness issues have benefitted greatly from the Fountain House.


As an attorney, Jeremy Goldstein has proven to be passionate about protecting the interests of his clients and some of the areas that he has focused on include non-compete agreements. Such an agreement is always designed to protect the rights of the employers’. There are instances whereby employers are exposed to various risks, and if they fail to come up with an agreement suited to the unique situation. The agreements should always be fair to the employees.


A law firm that deals with employment law can draft a non-compete agreement. The agreement is usually formulated during the hiring process, and it is always presented to the recruits. Nevertheless, the non-compete agreement can be drafted even after the hiring process. When scheduling for an appointment with a law firm that deals with employment law, it is good to look into the reason why a non-compete agreement is needed with regard to your business and the employees within the organization. For starters, a non-compete agreement outlines the period that the employees should wait before seeking other employment opportunities. The employers may want to limit the employees since they may have access to different forms of information such as business strategies and formulas that they could exploit for their own personal gain. Exploiting such information may bring about some significant losses to the businesses, and that is why a non-compete agreement is important.


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