One Of The Top Employers Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management is one of the top investment firms in the world managing assets that are currently estimated at 17.7 billion. The company is based out of Dallas, Texas. Two gentlemen by the names of James Dondero and Mark Okada founded Highland Capital Management in 1993.

Highland Capital has a very diverse set of clients which include pension plans and financial institutions. Highland Capital Management is an expert in leveraging credit and loans. The company recruits the best employees to work for their company. Highland makes sure that the employees they vet are extremely talented and intelligent.

When an individual land a job with Highland they will be working with one of the best companies in Texas and receiving some of the best continuing education. Get More Information Here.

The candidates considered must have an excellent proven work history, can work in a team environment, and has integrity. The company regularly has job openings in the following sectors investment research, sales and marketing, legal, and operational teams. Highland Capital Management also has some of the best retirement plans and pension plans available.

In 2018 Highland Capital Management with labeled one of the “Best Places to Work in Money Management” by Pensions & Investments. Highland is a great company and treats its employees well. The company has been a benefit to the local community in Dallas by providing gainful life-changing employment to many people.

So, if you are in the field of investing and looking for a great career opportunity, I would recommend exploring an opportunity with Highland Capital. This company cares about its employees and their employees seem to be very happy. See This Page for additional information.


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Clément Perrette Pioneers European STRIPS Market


Clément Perrette has spent his career in the financial industry. He started at Société Générale Paris where he became an expert in STRIPS. These are zero coupon government bonds that only pay out once they mature. While STRIPS had existed in the United States for a while, they were a new type of investment in Europe so he pioneered this market.

Perrette brought his expertise in STRIPS to another financial firm, Paribas, in 1995. It was while he worked at Paribas that the European Union was fully established. This gave Clément Perrette the ability to invest in STRIPS across Europe. He next joined Deutsche Bank Paris in 2002 where, along with STRIPS, he also invested in government bonds and linker programs.

He next joined Barclays Capital, where he eventually became its managing director. In 2011, he stepped down from his position and became a strategic advisor to Barclays Capital. This gave him time to fulfill his dream of sailing a boat in the North Atlantic for three months. This led to him taking an active role in marine conservation efforts, something he still pursues today.

Clément Perrette now splits his time between working in the financial industry and marine conservation. He manages a fixed income fund at RAM Active Investments. Rather than working with STRIPS, he is involved in asset management and the global bond market. See Related Link to learn more.

Clement Perrette is involved with multiple philanthropic projects focused on saving the oceans, whales and other sea life. This includes educating people on the importance of the ocean and what can be done to protect it.


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Dick DeVos – One of Michigan’s Biggest Supporters

Dick DeVos, has spent his career working in various capacities with his family’s businesses, Amway, the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and the Windquest Group where he is its President. He is also active in several philanthropic activities as well. He and his wife Betsy, who is now serving President Trump as Secretary of Education, have supported education, the arts, cancer research and more over their lifetime.

Dick served as President of Amway from 1993 to 2002. He had the responsibility for the company’s operations in over 50 countries. In 2002, the company reported sales of $4.5 billion. Before serving as its President, Dick was Vice President of Amway International. While in this position, the International sales tripled. He served as President and CEO of the Orlando Magic from 1991 to 1994, while his family owned the company.

DeVos has been involved in community initiatives as well. He started the Education Freedom Fund, which gave over 4000 scholarships to underprivileged children in Michigan. He started the West Michigan Aviation Academy, that helps children with an interest in aviation and science, develop their interests. He and his wife have donated over $36M to the Grand Valley State University over the years.

Dick has been involved with various Grand Rapids revitalization projects. He supports health care improvements for the community as well. He helped with a $75M arena in downtown Grand Rapids, as well as a $212M convention center. He supported the building of a $130M Heart Hospital and a $90M medical school in the area.

In 2006, Dick DeVos ran for Governor of Michigan. His campaign was not successful. He wrote a New York Times best seller, “Rediscovering American Values” which was published in 1997. He has a love of sailing and is involved in several sailing competitions each year. In 2016, DeVos was the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup Champion. His team also picked up the Blue Water Series Ranking Champion Title. His team consisted of Mark Mendelblatt, Scott Nixon, Sam Rogers, Drew Weirda, Peter Kinney, Erika Reineke and Mike Hall. Dick gives credit to all who competed, claiming the event to be a great experience for everyone.

Dick and Betsy DeVos have been married for 35 years. They have seven children and five grandchildren.

Dick Devos is proud of the West Michigan Aviation Academy

Dick DeVos is one of Michigan’s most famous businessmen. He had a great impact as the head of Amway, and he oversaw the Amway’s transition into Alticor. People throughout Michigan love Dick’s keen business insight and his willingness to work hard to get things done the right way. Dick DeVos retired in 2002, but he has found plenty of activities to keep himself busy.

DeVos is proud to work with several charities. He regularly funds arts projects throughout the United States, and he also offers several amazing scholarships for great students. DeVos loves giving back to the state and country that have made him so wealthy.

In recent years, DeVos has had time to devote to several exciting hobbies. He’s participated in numerous yacht races, but his biggest joy is flying. Flying offers a rush like no other. He sees flying as a great way to experience life, but he knows that too many people do not have the means to fly. Dick DeVos wanted to offer educational opportunities to those that wanted to fly, so he launched the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a charter school like no other. The school offers around 500 students a grand opportunity to get hands-on aviation education. This school offers an amazing curriculum that is truly changing lives. Students learn all the regular subjects, but they also can learn to be pilots while still in high school. Many students are enrolled in the flight science track. For four years, students get hands-on experience with flight. If they complete the program, then they will receive their Private Pilot Certification. The Academy owns a Cessna 172 to educate their students. Other students at the academy chose to focus on engineering, so they can work on airplanes in the future. The academy is getting amazing results, and they hope to continue serving the people of Michigan.

Dick DeVos is extremely proud of his time at Amway, where he was a major business leader, but establishing the West Michigan Aviation Academy is his greatest accomplishment. He is extremely proud of everything his students have accomplished.