Maximize Your Momentum with To-do Tips from Upwork

Upwork is the leader in connecting freelance workers with clients, so they can collaborate in a remote setting. They were founded in 2015, and are a cost-effective way for clients to search for the right freelancer.

When making a to-do list there are several factors to consider, so that your goals are obtainable. It is important that your to-do list is easily accessible at all times, so you can write everything down that you think of throughout the day. Keeping your mind clear and free of what you need to do, will help you focus on the one thing you are supposed to be accomplishing. Adding times that you wish to start your task, and the time it will take to finish, will help keep your schedule obtainable.

Priorities are important. Your list should include tasks ranked by priority, so you can decide what will take the most energy. Your energy levels are highest in the morning, therefore you should create your to-do list the night before and work on your hardest tasks in the morning.

If you are having a hard time completing a task on your to-do list, Upwork suggests that you either re-evaluate the task to decide if it is important enough to do or delegate the task to someone else who has the time.

Batching tasks together will help keep you organized on flowing through-out the day. Emails, phone calls, paperwork, and meetings can all be done back to back, so you can keep a steady pace.

Staying on track with a to-do list is not only for freelancers and remote workers, but these tips from Upwork can help you accomplish goals at home as well. Many people who freelance, also work remotely from home and can add tasks to their to-do list that have a lower energy priority.