Goettl Air Conditioning: Fresh and Exciting

Fresh and exciting are probably two words that a lot of people probably would not have associated with Goettl Air Conditioning at one point before Ken Goodrich took over. However, now the company is being looked at in a whole new light thanks to him. They are seen as a company that is trying new things and they have a whole new business model thanks to Ken’s idea, his entire staff, and remembering to keep the customers first at all times. In fact, in a recent article, Ken Goodrich even said they didn’t even worry about money anymore at first. You read that right. They put all of the focus on the customer.


That is beyond rare for a company to do that. However, sometimes in order to do wonderful things in the business world, there needs to be someone that is willing to make some changes. Every company has to start somewhere and they have to try new things. If the older model before Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl Air Conditioning was not working, it was time to change it up and really think what was going to bring people in and get people to stay. Not only did they figure it out, they also became part of the community by giving back to so many people.


They can do many things as a company as well, which is vital to their success. When it comes to repairs, they can find out what is wrong with the air conditioner right away and get to working on it as soon as possible. There is nothing that is going to baffle them, throw them, or confuse them. When it comes to installing a whole new machine, they also make that a painless process. They explain everything they are working on, so the customer is not left in the dark.