Barbara Stroke Green Structure Homes Readiness to Act during Catastrophes

After Hurricane Harvey land falls near Corpus Christi in 2017 August, a lot of pain and devastation was caused. This cyclone is seen as the second most costly cyclone in the history of America. The cost of the relief from the hurricane alone cost approximately $125 billion. Some of the most hit counties included Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, and Kentucky. The federal government could not single-handedly assist millions of people in picking their pieces all over again. It had to turn to small scale construction contractors such as Alabama’s GHS to help the citizens in the rebuilding process.

After the Hurricane, there were several proposals requests by the federal government. Luckily enough a small company in Alabama was awarded the award. They were to build and deliver a vast number of FEMA manufactured homes for $28.5 million. This was to be completed before 2018 March. Barbara Stokes was the founder of this company in 2008, going by the name Green Structure Homes (GSH.) Follow Barbara Stokes on

Led by Barbara Stokes this company is a devoted and innovative disaster relief contractor that offers a wide array of the solution to both the public and private sector customers. They use top of the range engineering and manufacturing technology to supply the places affected by catastrophes such as Harvey with temporary housing as they rebuild their lives once again.

In a statement, and having learned several lessons after the cyclone, Barbara Stokes pointed out that the company is at continually looking for ways to make temporary homes more safe, and more durable and comfortable. Barbara Stoke herself studied manufacturing and management and thus she knows a few things about design and manufacturing.