Specialization in Business with Hussain Sajwani

We are told that success comes from specializing. Specialization helps in mastering an art. When you do something consistently for a long time, you become a titan in the field. The business life of Hussain Sajwani can relate to this statement.

Hussain Sajwani has a large portfolio. It is the success of his multiple investments that have led to his net worth of $4 billion. To begin with, he is the owner, Chairman, and Founder of the DAMAC Enterprises in Dubai. There are a lot of reasons as to why the DAMAC Premises is the leading organization in the development of property in Dubai, Africa, CIS and the whole of the Middle East.

The DAMAC Premises ensures that there is transparency in the foundation. Some channels make sure that the shareholders are aware of all the happenings in the organization. They keep the shareholders abreast of financial matters, to avoid surprises. The firm has also gained popularity as a result of the quality property provision.

Hussain Sajwani is also involved with the Nine Elms Property Limited. The latter is a partnership between Hussain Sajwani through DAMAC International Company, which has a share of 80%. The other partner is the DAMAC Premises in Dubai. Nine Elms Property Limited has been a success as well because it is responsible for the development of AYKON London. AYKON London is ranked as the most classic and quality residential address in the state.

Hussain also has shares in Mina Al Sultan Qaboos with the Omran. The company is under renovation. The redesigning is estimated to cost USD 1 billion. The company will be a tourist center, with multiple leisure activities. Then there is the AYKON Maldives Resort. The resort is a development of Husain Sajwani through DAMAC International Company. The firm provides fitness programs, first-class luxury hotels, bungalows, among other entertainment facilities.

Hussain Sajwani is also the Chairman of the largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles; Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. Their products have been quality since its establishment in 1998. There is also the Al Amana Building Material that is known for its provision of the construction materials from all over the world.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Talks Property Development Industry

Hussain Sajwani is both Chairman and Founder of DAMAC Properties, a property development company that began in Dubai and now operates globally. He prepared for what would become a successful career as a businessman by attending the University of Washington where he was a student of economics and industrial engineering.

According to roayahnews.com, Sajwani launched an independent catering business in 1982 that has grown to become an industry leader and serves 150,000 meals on a daily basis.

Perhaps what Hussain Sajwani is best known for is the pioneering effort he has made at helping to expand the housing market in Dubai. Sajwani formed DAMAC properties in 2002 once identifying the market and the company is one of the largest in the Middle East now. DAMAC has delivered on nearly 18,000 homes and has 44,000 units presently in various stages of development.

What Was The Inspiration For DMAC

I helped a lot with the family business when I was a kid. The experience it gave me nurtured a desire for entrepreneurial pursuits. While attending college in the United States, I sold time-shares. The money I made would eventually be used to start my own business. After two years of working after college, I knew that it was time to start my own venture.

What Is A Day Like For You

As DAMAC owner, I spend a lot of time meeting with various members of my management team to stay abreast of all aspects of my business. I also spend time with business partners as nurturing present contacts and developing others is of utmost importance to my business.

How Do Your Ideas Become Reality

I like to imagine what a particular geographic location can look like in twenty years. I take risks that I feel are well calculated and when I decide that something will work I will not let the fear of failure stop me.

Are There Any Trends That Excite You

I am intrigued by social media and how it has changed since its inception. The ability to communicate with businesses and customers that social media has provided is amazing to me.

If You Could Begin Again Is There Anything You Would Do Different

I consider all that it has taken to get me here, both good and bad, as part of who I am. I would change nothing.

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DAMAC, President Donald Trump and Dubai

The Hussain Sajwani family is one that is well received by many as the creator and owner of DAMAC Properties. Located in Dubai, it has an interesting history to explore. Many aren’t aware of the facts, so here is some history and more details about this family.


In 2002, the Hussain Sajwan projects began setting up the DMAC Properties in Dubai. This was made possible by the Dubai authority, which allows people that are not native to Dubai, to be able build. These properties are now for sale.

For those that are not familiar with this man and his family. He was awarded with recognition for his contributions to the army during Operation Desert Storm. His family and business helped the USA in their time there. This caught the attention of Trump. Since, the two have created some interesting projects that began to be discussed at that time.


Probably their best creation yet to date for philanthropic creations is the charity for the poor children of the area. The concept is simple. If the poor are raised in poverty, they will become less than if they had an advantage. Their philanthropic work offers those children the opportunities that they need to become a success.

Relationship to Trump

This work, coupled with the original projects from 1991, came from the teachings of now president to the United States, Donald Trump, who has mentored the family in property development. There are several projects now in Dubai that President Trump helped create with Hussain Sajwani


DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani wanted to create a residential property like Trump Tower in the USA. He did so by creating DAMAC in Dubai as an ongoing project for the future. While it is already stunning, more projects are yet to come. Here are those properties.

– DAMAC Maison de Ville Hotels & Resorts
– International Golf Club Dubai

These are projects that have grown to become the best-known properties in Dubai today. They offer all of the luxuries of the world, with the culture and decor of Dubai.

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Donald Trump Partner Hussain Sajwani Shows His Skills As A Luxury Real Estate Developer

Until 2016, the majority of people around the world were largely unaware of the name of luxury real estate developer Hussain Sajwani despite the success he has achieved in a number of different industrial sectors. The main reason Hussain Sajwani has leaped to the attention of the public and media in 2017 is his close working relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump which was uncovered at a New Year’s Eve party when the New York real estate mogul namechecked Sajwani during a high-profile speech.


The press has made much of the fact President Trump has agreed to forgo any new international deals while he is the resident of The White House despite being offered a lucrative $2 billion deal by Hussain Sajwani to create more luxury properties in the Middle East. President Trump has reportedly turned down the deal offered by Hussain Sajwani but the Dubai-based real estate developer has already spoken of his admiration for the U.S. Commander-in-Chief who he hopes will partner with Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties in the coming years.


Hussain Sajwani formed DAMAC Properties in 2002 after initially finding success as a food services provider for the oil and gas exploration industry and the U.S. Military. DAMAC Properties was initially born from the change in law from the Government and Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates which allowed non-citizens to purchase and develop land in the desert kingdom; Hussain Sajwani was one of the first foreign nationals to create luxury developments in a successful way from the very first luxurious block of apartments created by the former oil and gas industry financial expert.


Despite making his name selling billions of dollars in luxury real estate one of the most impressive aspects of the career of Hussain Sajwani has been the ability of DAMAC Properties to remain untouched by the financial crisis of 2008. Hussain Sajwani has often spoken of the success he feels he has achieved by ensuring the financial future of his own DAMAC Properties company when many of his competitors have fallen by the wayside. Learn more: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/dubai-billionaire-hussein-sajwani-ready-do-more-deals-trumps-n695566