Doug Levitt’s Journey and The Greyhound Diaries

If there is one inspiring story that you can read among many real life novels today, it is the novel The Greyhound Diaries written by Doug Levitt. The book is so powerful that you can probably relate yourself with it. It is like being inside the actual experience when you read it.

The Greyhound Diaries

This book is based on the actual stories Doug Levitt himself experienced during his 7 years of journey through Greyhound bus. During such period, he traveled 70,000 miles away from home across America and encountered many things that he believes unknown to many people.

Doug Levitt shared some of his discoveries:

1. Many people are still struggling to get by

Doug Levitt expressed that people who ride the Greyhound bus are those who simply can not afford to drive. Some of them actually live from hand to mouth.

2. Common people are diverse

Based on his encounters with many people during his journey, he realized that the term “common people” are actually diverse.

3. There is another world behind media stories

Doug Levitt stressed that there are still many life stories of people in America that are untold an unheard of.

Who is Doug Levitt?

Levitt is a singer and a song writer. He used to be a London-based media correspondent working for several known media networks such as CNN and NBC. He grew up in D.C. And is the son of a former D.C. council member Carol Schwartz. He studied at Wilson High School, a public school where he used to sang in a gospel choir.


Doug Levitt is not the only American artists who have traveled thousands of miles just to share stories. However, his own stories he shared in his book The Greyhound Diaries is one of a kind.

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