Maarten de Jeu Has Some Tips to Hep Businesses Expand Elsewhere

Maarten de Jeu has spent a career working to get businesses ready to make the leap from their home country to new markets elsewhere. He was first in his class at the University of Oxford, and took his MBA to a number of different countries, working with businesses across national lines. Today, as the founder and head of SVM Advisory, de Jeu is eager to guide businesses through the daunting process of tapping into a new market and has quite a bit of advice worth sharing.


If a business is seriously considering undertaking the task of company expansion, they ought to know how their brand registers with customers and partners elsewhere. Maarten de Jeu does not encourage businesses to rest on their laurels, but to gain perspective on how they fare against other companies in the same industry in that market. They’ll have to be prepared to make a good first impression, and using their good reputation from back home may not suffice. Instead, he recommends investing in production, making sure that products and services don’t compromise quality in the new market.


A reputation goes a long way for any business, but to have lasting power in any market they’ll need good relationships. For Maarten de Jeu, a string of solid relationships speak well about a company’s overall brand, and it gives them places to export goods to that new market. It’s also a good idea to use a company’s good reputation to recruit at the local level, giving the company expertise that’s pertinent to the new market.


For a company to take its business to a new territory, there’a great deal for them to learn a contend with. Of all the things to consider, de Jeu says that one thing that can’t be overlooked are the many regulatory considerations put in place by governments. With the assistance of local counsel, businesses can make sure they’re on the right side of taxes and controls that can stand in the way of exports reaching their destination.


Expanding to new markets is also quite expensive for businesses no matter the size. If they’re lacking in capital, the business might find it hard to continue. What Maarten de Jeu recommends his clients do is look for new shareholders and investors who can provide the capital necessary to proceed with expansion while the business drums up some revenue in the new market. Learn more:


While any good business has to be open to change to keep on functioning, by going to a new market they’re entering into a new dynamic situation that introduces more variables than before. For this reason, Maarten de Jeu urges business owners to really embrace flexibility when making decisions and approaching challenges, leaving them open to a reaction to changes as they come and meet the goals needed to succeed.

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Just As In The Past, Marc Beer Is Once Again Leading A Company To Impressive Accomplishments:

Biotech and pharmaceutical industry business legend Marc Beer has built a career from helping people and leading companies to significant heights of success. He is also notable for his dedication to philanthropy. The career enjoyed by Marc Beer now spans more than thirty years and that time has seen him involved in major leadership roles as well as roles as a company founder. Recent years have seen him deeply involved in the most recent firm he has co-founded that is called Renovia. Marc Beer serves in this firm as its Chief Executive Officer and he is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors. 


With Renovia, Marc Beer is doing what he has done time and again in the past and working to help others to live better lives. In the case of this particular business venture, the focus is on finding new and innovative ways to better treat a condition that affects women known as the disorder of the pelvic floor. Marc has been using his tremendous resources and knowledge to grow this firm and he has established a truly outstanding team. He also recently put the firm through a Series B funding round which brought in a tremendous amount of money meant to be used in areas such as operating costs, and research into the development of new products. The first product that has come out from the Renovia team is Leva and it has already been approved by way of the FDA. This is a major feather in Marc Beer’s cap as far as the work he has done in quickly establishing this outstanding firm. This is by no means the first time that Marc Beer has managed to quickly grow a business that he has been involved with. The work he is doing with Renovia is typical of the type of success that he has become well known for. Learn more:


The first company of note that Marc Beer was involved in after his graduation from Miami University was a firm called Genzyme. This pharmaceutical firm was able to reach a much larger base of patients as a result of the work that Marc did as one of its Vice Presidents. He showed his impressive skills in the fields of marketing and sales during his tenure with Genzyme. The fact that he was able to help millions of people who were previously in a medically underserved situation also made a big impact on Marc Beer and this is something that has stayed with him over the years. 


Marc Beer took this experience with Genzyme and used it to help him build a company that he founded known as ViaCell. This firm did outstanding work in helping to facilitate vital research on stem cells collected from umbilical cord blood. This research was aimed at finding treatments for rare diseases. Marc Beer once again showed his ability to grow a business and from the 2000 founding to the year 2005, the company grew to include 300-plus employees. Marc Beer later sold the firm in 2007 for a substantial asking price. This was another example of the abilities that he continues to demonstrate in the work he is doing at Renovia.

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Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast WesternThe solid business relationships with Matthew Fleeger as the CEO have helped the growth and success of Gulf Coast Western.  The mutual interests and talents are combining with efforts to consider utilization planning.  The Dallas energy company Gulf Coast Western and the company’s CEO have led industry improvements with successful partnerships focused on development efforts for exploration.  The leadership is important and the partnerships are able to be an integral part of how the progress goes forward.  Matthew Fleeger has earned additional respect with his understanding of smart investment decisions.  The communication for the full knowledge of the potential payoffs involved is smart to share with Fleeger encouraging an active role with the management decisions.  This has resulted in federal tax benefits and the advantages of benefiting projects within this important area of exploration.

Fleeger has been actively participating with many philanthropic efforts in the Dallas and Fort Worth communities where the company has been headquartered.  His support for organizations benefiting children has been helpful for educational institutions that provide a focus on technology’s best for helping children prepare for their understanding of important fields with community health and wellness.  Hosting charity drives and helping the communities are part of the efforts for Matthew Fleeger and his respected reputation is important with business ethics as one of his main focus areas.

Matt FleegerThe philanthropic beneficiaries include the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas and this makes his partnership venture and collaboration success even more impressive with so many children understanding the importance of business ethics and a focus on the community.  Matthew Fleeger has a strong background that supports his focus on integrity and ethical practices.  His degree in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in 1985 helped him build his skills in the areas of management, sales, marketing, and finance, along with corporate structuring.  The success and progress of Gulf Coast Western with steady growth are part of the reason for Matthew Fleeger’s involvement with charities.

Marc Beer

Marc Beer Loves Helping the Underserved

Marc Beer’s career started with him helping the medically underserved. His first major job as Vice President of Global Marketing for Genzyme made his responsible for promoting product lines for over 7,000 rare diseases. Throughout his career at Genzyme, he reached more than 350 million people who fit into the category of “underserved.”

Inspired by his work with Genzyme, Beer decided to branch out on his own and found ViaCell. ViaCell collected and preserved umbilical cord blood stem cells, which is then used to develop treatments for a variety of conditions. The company was successful within five years and eventually sold for $300 million.

At the height of his career, he suffered a tragic loss. Shortly after selling ViaCell to PerkinElmer, his wife passed away suddenly. Distraught, he ended his entrepreneurial career and only focused on raising his three children. He found solace in being a full-time dad for the rest of his life but that wasn’t his destiny.

Beer would later find inspiration to relaunch his entrepreneurial career from his 14-year-old daughter. She started telling him he needed to “live with purpose;” something he’d been telling her every day for the last two years. Learn more:

The other half of Beer’s destiny began years before he founded ViaCell. Dr. Ray Iglesias had been performing pelvic floor surgeries for 35 years, and in all that time, he always believed that surgery could be avoided. Before pelvic floor disorders only affect close to 25 percent of the women living in the U.S., most pharmaceutical and biotech companies weren’t developing any therapies or devices.

After 25 years of performing pelvic floor surgeries, he devoted the last ten of his 35-year career to helping women avoid the surgical option. When he finally felt his idea was developed enough, he brought the concept to Marc Beer.

With one phone call, Beer’s career was back on track. Inspired by his daughter and late wife, Beer focused all his effort on helping the women of America. In 2016, the duo brought in Yolanda Lorie and co-founded Renovia, a leader in developing therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women suffering from pelvic floor disorders.

Recently, the company reached its first major milestone by getting one of its products approved by the FDA. Renovia also recently landed some Series B funding in the amount of $32 million. With its first FDA-approved product, Leva, selling, the company also acquired an additional $10 million in revenue for funding.

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Maarten De Jeu Explains a Career in Corporate Development

In a recent article on how to successfully establish a career in strategic business development Maarten de Jeu the advisor to many industry-leading companies and people with a very large net worth offered his advice to individuals seeking to enter the field and the skills someone in the field need to possess or develop in order to be successful in the field.


Careers in corporate development require the individual to be a dealmaker, business analyst, and strategic decision-maker. At various times individuals working in this field will be involved in business mergers and acquisitions, developing strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and divestitures. 


Big companies and conglomerates routinely purchase smaller companies in order to benefit the parent company. Typically the smaller company possesses assets the parent company can utilize such as intellectual property, revenue, a customer base, or other useful assets. Individuals involved in corporate development may be required to establish a list of companies a parent company may be interested in acquiring and establish a potential valuation and any associated risk of acquiring a company. They may be called upon to take part in the negotiations and assist in the acquisition process helping to make the integration process a success. 


People in this field may also be involved in divestiture, the exchange, sale, closure or some other means of disposal of an asset in the company’s portfolio. 


Mr. De Jeu explained that the role an individual plays within the company can be based on the size of the company. Larger companies tend to divide work amongst multiple teams with each team being responsible for specific aspects of the business. People in this field can also expect to be involved in data analysis, develop business projections and establish valuation based on those projections, research a particular industry and develop business offers based upon that research among many other things.


A key area many corporate business development professionals are involved with is the integration of smaller companies after an acquisition. This will often involve the facilitation of computer software and back-office system changes, integration of the smaller company’s systems and information with the parent company and ensuring the integration is a success. Learn more:


Mr. De Jeu said most people entering this field come from investment banking, although he says that a background in investment banking is not always necessary. He states that experience with acquisitions, negotiating skills, management experience, and overall knowledge of the industry are required. They will also need basic computer skills and knowledge of fundamental programs such as Excel. A grasp of accounting and the ability to understand and prepare complex financial statements is also necessary. A Bachelor’s Degree in business or accounting is adequate for most positions, but highly competitive positions will require an MBA.


Maarten De Jeu is a leader in the area of corporate development having the role of advisor to numerous Fortune 100 executives, high net worth individuals, and promising start-ups. He earned his MBA from Oxford University and works in Chicago.

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Matt Fleeger Navigates Gulf Coast Western: Review Of The Family Business

Gulf Coast Western

Matt Fleeger has spent many years focused on positive thinking and ways to build success. To navigate your successful path, Matt Fleeger explains to” visualize a positive outcome first, then create a path to obtaining it”. Matt Fleeger attended school at Southern Methodist University. Through a few years, Matt Fleeger successfully graduated with a degree in finance and marketing. Matt Fleeger has had a bright future for success, having a father in the industrial industry. His father was the president of Gulf Coast Western for many years before Matt Fleeger took the captain’s seat. He took on many entry positions during the start of his career path. Eventually, Matt Fleeger attained several years of experience in executive positions, moving from job to job.

He gained a Chief Executive position working at Medsolutions, which he founded in 1993. Matt Fleeger and his team were responsible for the management, treatment, and disposal of medical biohazardous waste for hospitals and other medical facilities in the United States. Matt Fleeger managed Medsolutions successfully for 14 years with the title of Chief Executive Officer, until he sold the medical disposal company to Stericycle in 2007. Through many meetings of negotiation with Stericycle representatives, Matt Fleeger settled and sold his company for $59 million.

Gulf Coast Western

With years of experience, leadership skills, clever negotiation skills, and CEO experience, Matt Fleeger was a prize candidate for president of Gulf Coast Western. These days, Matt Fleeger starts his day, by first taking some personal time by dropping off his children to school every morning. His personal time with his children is some time of his life that he cherishes. His children are the motivating factor to succeed in his work life. As he starts his workday, Matt Fleeger spends an hour to prioritize the critical issues to address first, then he moves on to the rest.

Matt Fleeger’s strategy for expanding his business working for Gulf Coast Western is a simple strategy. He believes that honesty, integrity, and creativity has helped him at his family’s oil and gas company. Matt Fleeger is very excited about the innovations that have been developed in recent years. He remembers that 5 years ago, the technology didn’t provide many opportunities than it does today. The technological advancements of today have provided Matt Fleeger the tools he and his team need to navigate his oil and gas company to success.

Smita Shah Talks about the Best Practices to Empower Women at the Workplace

Smita Shah has gained a lot of recognition since she is an entrepreneur and also a fully-fledged engineer. In the current society, most of the opportunities are mainly accessible by men. Smita Shah has been empowering other women since she was able to succeed in her endeavors. Over the years, she has also managed to gain an influential position.


Smita Shah refers to herself as a nerd. While in elementary school, she would focus more on her studies. Shah would excel in complex subjects such as mathematics. Smita Shah then applied her math skills in different areas as she progressed with her studies. She was able to pursue engineering successfully. Smita Shah then established SPAAN Tech, Inc., an engineering firm that has managed to gain some prominence over the years. The company has mainly focused on solving technical projects that are complex.


Since she has managed to succeed in a society that has been dominated by men, Smita Shah is now empowering more women by elaborating her experience. According to Smita Shah, some of the major issues that women are facing include having a poor self-image. Few female role models are in positions of power; as a result, women do not feel empowered, and they also fail to believe that they can attain a certain level of success. As for Smita Shah, she believes that for other women to succeed, there must be a self-image shift, and it can be achieved by interacting with successful women who have managed to conquer the business world. Also, women are underrepresented, and they usually face different challenges as compared to men. The successful female entrepreneurs should illustrate that it is not difficult to succeed in the business world. Learn more:


Smita Shah goes ahead and says that many women have held leadership positions throughout the globe. The number of businesses that are owned by women worldwide is close to 100 million. Although the number of businesses owned by men is considerably higher, the statistics show that women have a chance of setting up a business and also succeeding in their endeavors. To succeed, women must be determined. Also, they should focus more on their talents.


Smita Shah advises women to always believe in themselves. They must also possess a healthy self-image. Also, women should highly-regard their skills since they have allowed them to attain some progress in terms of career growth. Some bad and good experiences also exist, and they are supposed to empower an individual. Always ensure that you have given yourself the credit that you deserve. Smita Shah also advises women to scrutinize their abilities. When you come across an obstacle as a female entrepreneur, you shall overcome every challenge if you believe in your abilities.

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Sergey Petrossov’s Leadership has Propelled JetSmarter’s Continued Growth

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is a young entrepreneur. He is the individual who established JetSmarter. Since he has succeeded in most of his endeavors, he mainly advises other investors to invest in each business endeavor wholeheartedly. Although there are many risks present in the business world, what matters most is ensuring that you have achieved all your goals. When Sergey Petrossov was officially launching the company, he had to raise some funds. Fortunately, JetSmarter had attracted many investors from different parts of the globe.

Some of these investors included Shawn Carter, famously known as Jay Z. The Saudi royal family also invested a significant amount of money into the business endeavor. JetSmarter was able to raise $105 million. The company is currently worth more than $1.5 billion. According to Petrossov, the firm had less than 50 employees in 2015. The corporation also launched its service in more cities in 2016. The organization has offered employment opportunities to many individuals in each state. At the moment, JetSmarter has over 260 employees.


JetSmarter is currently flying in different regions, including Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. Petrossov and his team at JetSmarter announced that the company is also set to offer its services in other areas including China, India, and South America. Fort Lauderdale also serves as the headquarters to JetSmarter. They also have offices in other regions, including Moscow, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Moscow.

Some individuals are not conversant with how JetSmarter operates. For starters, JetSmarter has a mobile app that allows people to book a private jet. They can book the entire plane or choose to share with other interested parties. The firm does not own the aircraft; they have just partnered with different charter companies. All the members of JetSmarter are required to pay an annual membership fee of $14,000. At the moment, JetSmarter has more than 8,000 members. The services offered by JetSmarter include on-demand and scheduled flights. The company’s client base has also grown progressively. As a leader at JetSmarter, Petrossov said that the firm’s main vision is to formulate a community that enjoys travel and lifestyle while also delivering a unique experience to each client.

Marc Beer

Marc Beer: The Importance of Illumination

During any surgical procedure, adequate illumination is the most important factor. Even the most experienced surgeon with the most skilled hands can cause irreparable damage to their patient and their career. For years, no one product has held the title of “most preferred by surgeons” when it comes to lighting.

One product most people think of when they think about illumination during surgeries is what they see in movies and on TV; one big light hanging over the operating table. While surgeons and doctors alike have used electric bulbs for many years, they never really liked to use them. Those giant electric bulbs were extremely bulky, they burned hot quickly and burned out, they offered poor illumination, and they consumed way too much energy.

Recently, LumeNXT, Inc. announced a new line of products that made the company’s new Chairman of the Board, Marc Beer, excited to be a part of the company. LumeNXT created a product line that combined white light-emitting diodes, micro-electronic switching technology, and compacted high-power batteries. Its new product line features small high-intensity non-tethered lighting sources.

That may all sound technical and boring, but to put in laymen’s terms, the company’s new lights will allow doctors and surgeons to place precision lighting into or on the edge of the surgical site. The notion of lighting from within has the entire medical industry up in a roar but in a good way. Everyone is excited to start working with an illumination source that can improve surgery safety and quickness.

These little lights are latex-free and come individually wrapped for convenience. They can only be used one time, but they required approximately one-twentieth of the energy required by the standard large electric bulbs, and they produce better lighting. They’re small enough to fit into a cavity, they produce no heat, and they’re inexpensive.

Marc Beer made a great choice for a new Chairman of the Board because he’s used to looking for and bringing new medical solutions to the field. One of his first companies was Renovia, Inc., a company dedicated to creating therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women suffering from pelvic floor disorder.

Though Renovia made Marc Beer an industry-known name, he also founded Minerva Neurosciences Inc., a company that looked for medicines that would help people suffering from schizophrenia, insomnia, and other mood disorders, including depressive disorders and Parkinson’s disease. Learn more: