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Aloha Construction believes in giving back to the community. They were one of the first to respond to the devastating impact Hurricane Maria had on Puerto Rico. The goal was rebuilding the small island. However, their most recent charity included giving to a small child with a depilating disease. Anthony Lynch, 12 years old was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Unfortunately, since his birth, he has been through 5 open heart surgeries. As an act of kindness, Aloha Construction was able to help him with his dream of going to a Bulls game.


Who Is The Aloha Construction Group


The Aloha Construction Group has been known as the leaders in home remodeling. They’re the supreme leaders in the wake of a storm. In fact, they help you with your roofing and siding. You have an opportunity to remodel your home. They operate as family owned and operated roofing professionals in the Lake Zurich area. Aloha is committed to getting the job done right the first time. Their in-house financing helps customers that need work with limited resources. More importantly, most home owners insurance is accepted for your insurance claim.


Their technicians are licensed and trained to serve you. You can enjoy the top roofing shingles from a comprehensive list including cedar oak. Stop the entryway that pests could be using to enter your home by repairing or replacing your roof. Plus, enjoy a 10 year warranty on their guaranteed services. They offer the same deal for their siding installation that can lower your energy bills. Get your television mount installed properly with just a phone call. They’re dedicated to professional service that will make you feel better about where you live. Learn more about Aloha Construction by visiting their official website for more details.

Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences: Working Towards Helping those Affected by Rare Diseases

Jeff Aronin is a renowned Biotech Entrepreneur. Currently, he serves as the CEO and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences. Apart from his role at Paragon, he participates in charitable acts is a board member of several prominent companies and groups. Paragon’s portfolio companies share Jeff’s vision and are committed to assisting individuals who have been affected by various ailments that are not treatable or may have little treatment options currently available.


Background Information


Over the past decade, several medications have been developed by Paragon’s portfolio companies and have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Paragon and Jeff Aronin have been able to help these companies become successful through their unique business model.  The process involves identifying patient needs, investing in the appropriate resources, and incubating these companies, providing strategic guidance along the way. Aronin’s expertise and leadership have been critical to Paragon’s success.

Identifying, Investing, and Building

Paragon’s process begins with identifying a rare disease or patient need and then looking into the treatment options available. After that, Paragon Biosciences engages dynamic companies that will strive to make advances towards the development of cures or remedies. The process of bringing drugs to market is complex and often takes several years which is why Paragon Biosciences provides substantial resources to its portfolio companies in order to ensure they have the best chance for success.

With that said, Paragon Biosciences seeks to invest in companies that are ambitious and innovative. This helps them attract top biotech entrepreneurs, healthcare industry leaders, and respected researchers who further aid in advancing breakthroughs for these rare conditions. A lot of hard work, research, and strategy goes into building a successful biotech company. In this respect, Paragon Biosciences and Jeff Aronin have shown dedication towards improving the lives of people in need and are revolutionizing the healthcare industry in the United States.




Over the years, Jeff Aronin has helped establish several innovative biotechnology companies. As an expert in this industry, Jeff Aronin has utilized his expertise to make a significant impact in healthcare specifically when it comes to research concerning rare diseases, complex science, and drug development. Aronin’s expertise when it comes to business development and brand marketing has helped him attract a pool of influential individuals in both business and healthcare who have helped him on his path towards making a positive change in the healthcare sector.


You’ll Never Believe What Dr. Saad Saad Has Done For Pediatric Medicine

Without some of the world’s best and brightest minds dedicated to inventing potentially useful products and processes, humanity’s current state of affairs wouldn’t be remotely close to where it stands today. While all inventions are important – at least all inventions that hold significant utility – developments in healthcare and medicine are unarguably leaps and bounds more important than a vast majority of other creations, innovations, and adaptations.


Where do medical developments come from? Bright minds like Albert Einstein and Nikolas Tesla?


Not really. In almost all cases, medical advancements are contributed to humanity’s overwhelming, constantly-growing wealth of knowledge by physicians, nurse practitioners, surgeons, and other professional healthcare practitioners. Further, such developments can pay millions upon millions of dollars per year to those who make them. One doctor in St. Louis, Missouri, invented several devices for spinal surgery that net him some 50-odd million dollars in each of the past few years.


Check out this leading healthcare field product creator, innovator, and process inventor


Saad Saad, a trained medical doctor who practices within the United States, is a graduate of the medical school at Cairo University – one of the Middle East’s finest traditional universities – and childhood resident of nearby Kuwait.


Dr. Saad first started working in the United States’ competitive medical field just five years after leaving Egypt’s Cairo University. He undertook pediatric surgery as the sole focus of his four-year tenure in residency to become licensed to practice in the United States.


Today, countless big-name, top-tier, highly-important contributions to the world of medicine, surgery, and the greater field of healthcare can be attributed to Saad Saad.


Look no further for medical developments that are all frequently used in pediatrics and elsewhere


Once, Saad Saad created a catheter – a device inserted in the urethras of both male and female patients in cases of incontinence, or an inability to retain and dispel urine that the in-shape human body should be capable of – hallmarked by a tiny electronic component that helps nurses, doctors, and caretakers know exactly where patients’ catheters are located without having to painfully move them around.


Dr. Saad Saad has effectively taken the guesswork out of locating catheters for countless years.


Another popular medical tool of Saad’s brilliant mind is an irrigation tool to remove fluids while using an endoscope, all while not having to make extra, unnecessary incisions in patients. Learn more:


Visionaries for the Future of Architecture

     Society is generous in heaping praises and benefits on visionaries who have solved some of the world’s most difficult problems. Not only do visionaries see things differently, but they also live life differently. Robert Ivy has been named a visionary by his peers for many reasons. Presently, Robert Ivy is the CEO of American Institute of Architects and a successful architect. If architects are faced with finding the best aesthetic pleasure when designing a structure the future of architecture expects different challenges which are being anticipated today. Robert Ivy and many forward-thinking architects have already are making plans and sending out warning signs to future architects. For example, with the concern of global warming on people’s minds, architects must be able to anticipate patterns of weather change as well as design buildings that will undergo more drastic weather changes in the future.

One of the key opportunities Robert Ivy sees for architects of the future is to provide the infrastructure which is commensurate with the growth of the planet. Robert Ivy believes that one of the challenges of future architects will be to design buildings that are both densities sensitive to the growth taking place in its specific location and for a specific culture, but also safe, habitable and provide a structure which is healthy for its residents. The density of population is a major concern for future city designers since persons have to be able to travel throughout the city to make either commuting or work possible, while at the same time allow citizens to travel in a safe and economical way. It is the same with architects of the future. It is important that the architectural designs of the infrastructure of cities be both safe for its inhabitants as well as economically viable for the number of occupants it will hold. Another major factor that future architects must face is the way in which resources are used and the application of sustainability within infrastructure.

Agora Financial- Take control of your Finances

Agora Financial, based in Baltimore, is a financial publishing company that provides subscribers with content relevant to help them improve financial health. Agora offers over twenty publications that help its users navigate through the different areas of the market. Agora’s material is completely free of influence from major companies and corporations, leaving its readers with unbiased content based on Agora’s own independent research. Agora has grown to 1,000,000+ users in over ten years of establishment.
Agora actively funds new research in order to provide its readers with the best new investments on the market. Agora’s team includes many experienced professionals such as a Harvard trained geologist, a New York Times Best Selling Author, an Award winning Filmmaker, a Pulitzer prize nominated journalist, and a Self-made billionaire. Over the past 15 years, Agora has successfully predicted some of major financial trends. The rise in the price of gold, the housing market collapse, the spike in oil prices, and the growth of the biotechnology industry all were predicted prior to their occurrences by Agora Financial. These predictions have allowed Agora’s users to withstand the changes in the market and protect themselves from future market fluctuations.
Agora has been featured in multiple mainstream media sources such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg, U.S. News & World Report, Financial Times, The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, RT, Los Angeles Times, The Daily Telegraph for it’s on target financial forecasts. Agora Financial is recognized as one of the best financial content providers available.

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Honey Birdette’s Successful U.S. Launch

Honey Birdette, an Australian lingerie manufacturer, has gotten a lot of international attention lately. Recently, Honey Birdette launched its New York Collection. They submitted the release with a photo shoot on the rooftops of New York buildings.
The brand has dozens of retail stores in Australia and the United Kingdom. They recently announced plans to expand in the U.S. They currently have about ten stores in the U.K., but they plan on opening 40 new retail stores by the end of 2018. And they already have 50 stores back in Australia.
Their U.S. venture comes after seeing a 374 percent rise in sales in the U.S. They even redesigned their e-commerce site to make it more appealing to American shoppers. Part of Honey Birdette’s success relies on fantastic customer service. Since the U.S. is so far away, the first changes they made to their site was including free shipping for orders over $50 and easier return policies.
When the company launched in 2006, its founders, Eloise Monaghan and Janelle Barboza, never expected to become one of the most successful lingerie brands in the world. They thought their specific niche would only be popular in Australia.
To their surprise, millions of women all over the world love their products. Within the first few years, BB Capital invested in the company. Since then, the retailer grew as more patrons sought out their high-end products. Honey Birdette specializes in beautifully designed lingerie and adult products.
The premise Honey Birdette is reintroducing sensuality back into the bedroom. They accomplish this by designing flirty and playful stores filled with unapologetic sensuality. Even their sales staff, called Honeys, brings a level of naughty play to patrons. Honeys are there to empower women and encourage them to explore their sexuality.

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George Soros Donates to Stop Trump

George Soros has Hungarian roots and was born in 1930 in Budapest. He managed to survive Nazi occupation during the Second World War and settled in England in 1947. He attended London school of economics and later moved to the United States where he accumulated large wealth through international investment funds on that he established and manages to date. Soros has a history of philanthropy giving for various causes such as funding black students to attend Cape Town University during the apartheid era.

Recently, Soros has emerged as the leading funder of Hillary Clinton campaign. He has been inactive politically since his failed attempt to stop George Bush re-election in 2004 when he had donated $27 million. According to the Federal Election Commission records, Soros has spent around $25 million to support Democratic candidates during this campaign. Soros has an estimated wealth of around $24.9 billion that is from risky currency trades. In 2005, Soros played an important role in the formation of the secretive club of liberal donors on Bloomberg known as the democratic alliance. The main aim of this organization is to build an intellectual infrastructure that will be responsible for long-term changes within the Democratic Party such as issues concerned to fighting climate change, dealing with income inequality among many others.

Soros, who is currently 85 years old has had a long-standing relationship with Hillary Clinton. They have known each other for 25 years. This year, Soros had planned to attend the Democratic convention to witness Clinton accept the party’s nomination. However, he could not attend the function as he felt he needed to look at his investments in Europe more closely. Soros is politically motivated this time round more than ever. People close to him attribute this to his faith in Clinton as well as the fear he has on GOP rival Trump. Soros believes that stakes are high during this year’s election as Republican nominees often touch issues close to Soros interests. Some of these issues include immigration reforms as well as the religious tolerance and criminal justice reform on Time. Soros success in financial markets has given him a greater degree of independence than any other investor. Soros can be able to take stands in controversial issues due to his status.

This year donations are similar to those he made in 2004 as he opposed Iraq war and other policies by the bush administration. He even compared Bush administration with the Nazi and termed defeating Bush as a matter of life and death. After the 2004 defeat, many thought that Soros would never donate again towards politics. However, Soros described this spending as an exception. Since then, he has focused on international foundations which have donated more than $ billion over the past 30 years. Often, these causes are geared towards human rights defense as well as shaping democratic processes in countries of Eastern Europe. He has also contributed towards the expansion of healthcare services and development of education in the USA.

How To Fix Your Brand’s Reputation

Developing your brand’s reputation is a process that can take years. However, all it takes is one or two negative news stories or social media posts to do severe damage to it. Fortunately you can be insured excellent reputation repair services at Reputation Management Fixers to undo the damage and help rebuild the reputation of your brand. Still, in order to get the best results you must take action quickly and be sure to choose the right reputation repair company. One with the well-trained, experienced staff and the technological savvy to bury negative press and re-establish your company’s reputation.
   
What To Look For In Reputation Management Services

Picking the right reputation management is vital. Your company’s reputation can make the difference between success and failure. You need a company that can help prevent or quickly recover from a public relations disaster, protect your brand and help to promote it. The company must also be able to quickly improve your brands online presence, add to its value and contribute to its longevity.

What They Do

Successful reputation management companies provide three very important functions for business or personal brands. They can provide positive exposure for both new and established brands using proactive, detailed, innovative strategies. They can also help to protect brands from attacks and potentially negatively situations. A good reputation management company can also quickly restore the reputation of your brand no matter what kind of damage has been done to it. The ability to use positive information to quickly build or restore a brand’s good reputation is the key to telling a good online presence management company from an ineffective one.

Whether you need help with building the reputation of your brand or restoring it, an experienced reputation management company can help. They can tailor a strategy to meet the specific needs of your brand. By simply hiring Reputation Management Fixers or contacting any other reputable reputation repair company your can save your brand.