Vijay Eswaran Talks About Plans For QI City

Dr. Vijay Eswaran has started many businesses under his multilevel marketing corporation, QI Group Ltd. One of the organizations he started under it is Quest International University Perak in Malaysia which provides training in various business and research fields. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

But if that wasn’t enough, Eswaran has also mentioned upcoming plans for QI City, a housing and commercial building lot that will accommodate both students and local businesses in the Ipoh City area. According to his interview at, Vijay Eswaran wants this housing unit to have clean energy powering it and even be green in the public transportation provided there.

Vijay Eswaran started his business career back in 1984 after he completed a bachelor’s degree in socioeconomics at the London School of Economics. It took some time for him to find his footing in a career choice and he even spent a year in manual labor jobs including grape harvesting and construction.

He completed his MBA a year later and then worked in the marketing departments at several IT companies including Synaptics and IBM. But he also gained exposure to multilevel marketing and decided to venture into it in 1998. He embarked on a mission in his home country of Malaysia to make changes in the tough economic climate and help others start their own businesses. And soon Eswaran and his friend Joseph Bismarck and established QI Group.

In addition to QI University Perak, QI Group also owns QNet, Q-Style, Quex Courier and QI Asset Management. QNet is where most of the company’s sales are made through ecommerce, and anyone who wants to make a profit and is willing to refer others to the program can join.

Q-Style is a similar company whose direct sales focus on lifestyle and vacation products. Quex Courier is responsible for logistics and mass product storage and QI Asset Management is a financing and loan subsidiary.

Eswaran has established core philosophies to his work including meditation and moments to observe in silence. He’s had several books published about this including In The Sphere Of Silence and On The Wings Of Thought. Eswaran also is a founding member of RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayratnam Foundation, two organizations that have donated millions back to the Malaysian and Indian communities.

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