Continues as a Leader in Commercial and Mortgage Banking Markets

NexBank Capital, a large financial services organization is involved in the commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services sectors of the market. Our clients include corporations, other financial institutions, institutional clients and individuals. We have been a chartered bank since 1922. We are dedicated to providing quality service and financing options to all our clients.


Businesses large and small turn to NexBank for a number of lending products and other services. We have trained professionals that help them find the best solution to their individual needs. We help companies find cash for seasonal needs and for business expansion. We are a leading regional bank so can give timely advice and respond quickly to client needs.


NexBank’s warehouse line of credit, allows businesses to get additional capital for new business opportunities and other financing needs, for new and existing clients alike. This line of credit. This line helps businesses compete more effectively in the marketplace. It provides for same day funding up to 4:00 pm CST. Twenty-four-hour online account access is available.


We offer a variety of lending products, deposit services and other help for both short and long term needs of financial institutions, middle-market companies, and real estate investors. Our professionals will help you manage liquid assets, cash flow and financial structuring.


NexBank offers competitive pricing for the mortgage banking sector of the industry. We are members of FINRA/SIPC* SNL Financial. The bank is the fourth largest in Dallas, Texas. Our lending limit is $87.7 million. We have syndication capabilities also. We are an SBA Preferred Lender. We are a regional bank with near $4.3 billion in government guaranteed mortgage loans. We have $4.6 billion in assets.

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