Doe Deere and Lime Crime Destined for Greatness


Lime Crime is a makeup product line begun by an intelligent young woman, a transplant from Russia, Doe Deere, who has single-handedly taken her brand and created a firestorm of interest and controversy. Lime Crime was started on Ebay in 2004 by Deere and thanks to her leadership and insight has never looked back. Deere is helping to rewrite the fashion standards for the brave new world we all inhabit. In interviews, Deere has blatantly gone against all the fashion rules. She is truly a rebel with a cause, and her cause is the advancement of her makeup company, Lime Crime, into a major player for cosmetic sales in America and Europe.

Deere is not without detractors, but the adage that all publicity is good for the product holds true and may even be a part of her business model. Deere’s revolutionary appearance, which you can see on her blog, with chiffon blue hair, expressive lips and eye makeup on top of her diminutive frame is seen everywhere that Lime Crime makes an appearance. The success of her makeup company is directly related to Deere herself. She was recently honored by being named as one of the “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” by Self Made Magazine.

The simple truth may be that Deere is an enigmatic and beautiful young woman whose life is fantasy and all people can relate to that sense of otherworldliness that is her playground. She has repeated in interviews that she is lucky to be playing like a child with colors and living the life of an artist, and a business mogul in her fantasy world. Deere has become an icon and her company, Lime Crime, is on its way to becoming a brand and garnering even greater success for Deere and more attention and credibility to her fellow unicorns who inhabit this fantasy world of business and life. Check out her product line on Doll’s Kill.

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