Edwin Miranda Is Passionate About The Work That He Does

Edwin Miranda says that it was his passion that helped him start his agency, KOI. He believes that it is necessary for everyone to feel passion before they take on something big like that. And, he also has ambition when it comes to his career. He gets up early each morning to spend a bit of time with his family and exercising before he heads to work. He starts his workday with meetings before 8 in the morning.

Edwin Miranda is not afraid of making mistakes, but he learns through them. He is mature about the work that he does and encourages others to be that way. He keeps track of his accomplishments to know that he is staying on track with where he wants to be in his career, keeping lists each day that he can look back on to know that he is doing things right. He believes that it is important to be bold and to work with right team.

Edwin Miranda has many creative talents, and he uses them to help him succeed with his agency. He believes in staying present and hearing what others have to say. He has a lot of advice to give those who want to become entrepreneurs, and he says that both of those things are important. And, he also believes that it is important to be influential, and he always tries to work hard to have a great team at agency so that they can have a good influence on others.

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