Financial Advisor and LaunchPad Holdings Executive Glen Wakeman

Before co-founding and becoming the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings in 2015, Glen Wakeman spent over 20 years working in a management position at GE. He received his training in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton, where he earned a BS degree, and from the University of Chicago, where he earned an MBA degree. His inspiration for starting LaunchPad Holdings was the fact that so many startup businesses have such a high failure rate and he wanted to try to help entrepreneurs solve this problem see also Through his business, he advises and teaches beginners in the corporate world using a software service that will help them turn their ideas into a working plan.

Using what he calls a LaunchPad Toolkit, Glen Wakeman provides those who are trying to form a new company with relevant tips and connections that will lead them to gaining the capital they would need in order to get and keep their businesses up and running. Having been responsible for leading business operations in 30 regions all over the world, he has the kind of knowledge that young entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from. The LaunchPad Holdings program teaches about a 5-step performance methodology that aspiring business owners can use to make sure that they staying on track with how they handle their operations. His focus is on preparing them to become the type of future business leaders that won’t have to struggle so hard to keep their new ventures from failing.

Due to his expertise in regional management and business development, as well as in technology, Glen Wakeman has been called on to work in several countries, and he has lived in at least 6 of those countries, some of which were Asia, Europe and South America. His strategic planning skills has made him a very effective leader in the world of business, and his desire to pass his professional knowledge and mentoring on to those who want to start their own endeavors proves that he wants other entrepreneurs to be just as successful as he has been when it comes to advancing in the business industry.

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