Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast WesternThe solid business relationships with Matthew Fleeger as the CEO have helped the growth and success of Gulf Coast Western.  The mutual interests and talents are combining with efforts to consider utilization planning.  The Dallas energy company Gulf Coast Western and the company’s CEO have led industry improvements with successful partnerships focused on development efforts for exploration.  The leadership is important and the partnerships are able to be an integral part of how the progress goes forward.  Matthew Fleeger has earned additional respect with his understanding of smart investment decisions.  The communication for the full knowledge of the potential payoffs involved is smart to share with Fleeger encouraging an active role with the management decisions.  This has resulted in federal tax benefits and the advantages of benefiting projects within this important area of exploration.

Fleeger has been actively participating with many philanthropic efforts in the Dallas and Fort Worth communities where the company has been headquartered.  His support for organizations benefiting children has been helpful for educational institutions that provide a focus on technology’s best for helping children prepare for their understanding of important fields with community health and wellness.  Hosting charity drives and helping the communities are part of the efforts for Matthew Fleeger and his respected reputation is important with business ethics as one of his main focus areas.

Matt FleegerThe philanthropic beneficiaries include the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas and this makes his partnership venture and collaboration success even more impressive with so many children understanding the importance of business ethics and a focus on the community.  Matthew Fleeger has a strong background that supports his focus on integrity and ethical practices.  His degree in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in 1985 helped him build his skills in the areas of management, sales, marketing, and finance, along with corporate structuring.  The success and progress of Gulf Coast Western with steady growth are part of the reason for Matthew Fleeger’s involvement with charities.

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