Herbalife Nutrition offers sponsorship to Footballer Jonathan Dos Santos

May 29,2018, saw Herbalife Nutrition Company announce a signed sponsorship deal that is multi-year with a member of Mexican Football National Team, Jonathan Dos Santos. The Mexican citizen was selected to be Herbalife Nutrition partner in sports performance nutrition Jonathan Dos Santos was best suited for the position as he is naturally interested in community service and nutrition. Herbalife will efficiently improve his performance in the field as a footballer by allowing him free access to their nutrition products that are linked with improving performance in sports. The products will ensure he is well nourished with the required nutrients and more so adequately hydrated.

Jonathan enrolled in FC Barcelona’s academy at a young age together with his brother. Both together with others at the time in the academy formed the first Barcelona teammate in 2014, and he joined his brother, Giovani in the Villarreal CF. It was at this time he confidently marked his territory as an excellent midfielder in the Spanish League. He has grown in his career to become one of the reliable and respected players in the LA Galaxy.

Herbalife Nutrition Company works towards making the world a healthier place by being a world-class global nutrition company with over ninety countries having access to their products through various independent distributors. The 1980 established company has changed many lives of individuals across the world by offering products that enhance personal care, weight management, fitness, and energy. The products have helped the obese, aged and children who cannot afford the currently expensive nutrition programs in their countries. Herbalife Nutrition internally produces their products and get knowledge support from communities that support good health in clearly defining their health needs or problems and in knowing this, the company designs products that suit to fill that health niche present in the society effectively.

Herbalife Nutrition company works towards making the world a better place by giving back to the society in various ways. The company organizes Health missions in their Casa Herbalife and Herbalife Family Foundation programs that provide healthy nutrition programs to needy children in the community. Moreover, Herbalife Nutrition Company sponsors more than one hundred and ninety athletes including Cristiano Ronaldo and Jonathan Dos Santos to improve their performance in the field and increase their chances of winning at competitions. They also facilitate many sporting teams and events across the world like LA Galaxy. Finally, the company has employed more than 8,000 employees across the globe hence improving their living standards as their salaries enable them to acquire goods and services that they require in daily activities.


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