Inheriting and Growing a Legacy

Inheriting a Dedication to Football

Gino Pozzo has shown a real passion for the sport of football over his dedicated career, beginning with his early beginnings in Udine, Italy when his father purchased the Udinese Football Club, to his participation in Barcelona, Spain with the Granada Football Club, to his acquisition of the Watford football club in 2012, which is, what many says, is at the center of his passion for football. Gino Pozzo has a hands-on style of football management. While he daily spends time in his office on Vicarage Road, he is also a practical coach who is in daily touch with the activities of his team daily.

Coach with Hands-on Style

It is Gino’s responsibility to carry out the administrative duties of the Warford Club he also deeply enjoys his day to day activity with his club on the field. Gino has been lauded by his football peers as one of the top football owners worldwide as well as ranked in the top 5 football club owners taken from anywhere in the world. The Pozzo family has amazed the football club worldwide by taking their club to the top-level of performance in the short span of three seasons.

Premier League Standing

Since 2018 Gino Pozzo and Javi Gracia, his latest manager, have kept their team in the Premier League, with only a couple of defeats to their roster of competitions. Fans are in agreement across the sports world that the team at Watford Football Club are among the best in its most recent history. With a celebrity status honorary life member, Sir Elton John, assists Gino Pozzo and his manager with often daily text comments and feedback and suggestions for future signings, but its left to Gino Pozzo to make sure the Watford Team has daily hands-on management. Sir Elton John is the honorary life president to this day.

Moving the Legacy Forward

While the Pozzo Football Legacy moves forward thru Ginos’ work with the Watford club he can still look back to his previous generation begin by his father to draw upon more than 30 years of experience and accomplishments in the sports football field. Gino Pozzo has created a very stable reputation as a coach who can take a very dull team and train it to rise to the premier level of performance. This is one reason why today Gino Pozzo is spoken about as a significant figure in European sports today.

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