Is Allied Wallet The New Payment Processor Of The Future?

It isn’t always fair to do a comparison; however, if a new payment processor such as Allied Wallet is determined to become the best in the industry it certainly helps to know how consumers and merchants will benefit.


Who Is Paypal?


Paypal is a leading global payment processor worldwide. As popular as Paypal is and as successful as they are the company has still managed to piss off consumers and merchants to the point where professionals are constantly seeking new services. But is Allied the solution? Let’s take a look at some of the information we were able to gather about Allied Wallet (Affiliatedork).


Who Is Allied Wallet?


Allied Wallet was founded in 2002 based off in London, UK. This company is an online payment processor for companies of all sizes. Allied believes in protecting merchants and consumers. Their services are offered in over 190 countries. The good news is Allied Wallet can accept over 160 currencies. This is great news for businesses in the USA who have a large database of clients worldwide. They do accept over 100 of the most popular payment methods which do include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more.


Customer Support


This company does offer 24/7 customer support through online chat and telephone support, Paypal does limit their over the phone support. Some of the fees Allied Wallet company will charge you for includes the following: monthly maintenance fee, transaction fee, refund fee, retrieval fee, chargeback fee, wire fee, holdback reserve.


Questions To Ask to Allied Wallet


Before signing up for an account you need to ask some questions and do a bit more research. Find out what types of companies Allied allows to use their services. Companies such as Gambling or MLM may be prohibited from this payment processor. Find out what the fees are on international sales. The only way to know if Allied is right for you is to ask the right questions and participate.

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