Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences: Working Towards Helping those Affected by Rare Diseases

Jeff Aronin is a renowned Biotech Entrepreneur. Currently, he serves as the CEO and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences. Apart from his role at Paragon, he participates in charitable acts is a board member of several prominent companies and groups. Paragon’s portfolio companies share Jeff’s vision and are committed to assisting individuals who have been affected by various ailments that are not treatable or may have little treatment options currently available.


Background Information


Over the past decade, several medications have been developed by Paragon’s portfolio companies and have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Paragon and Jeff Aronin have been able to help these companies become successful through their unique business model.  The process involves identifying patient needs, investing in the appropriate resources, and incubating these companies, providing strategic guidance along the way. Aronin’s expertise and leadership have been critical to Paragon’s success.

Identifying, Investing, and Building

Paragon’s process begins with identifying a rare disease or patient need and then looking into the treatment options available. After that, Paragon Biosciences engages dynamic companies that will strive to make advances towards the development of cures or remedies. The process of bringing drugs to market is complex and often takes several years which is why Paragon Biosciences provides substantial resources to its portfolio companies in order to ensure they have the best chance for success.

With that said, Paragon Biosciences seeks to invest in companies that are ambitious and innovative. This helps them attract top biotech entrepreneurs, healthcare industry leaders, and respected researchers who further aid in advancing breakthroughs for these rare conditions. A lot of hard work, research, and strategy goes into building a successful biotech company. In this respect, Paragon Biosciences and Jeff Aronin have shown dedication towards improving the lives of people in need and are revolutionizing the healthcare industry in the United States.




Over the years, Jeff Aronin has helped establish several innovative biotechnology companies. As an expert in this industry, Jeff Aronin has utilized his expertise to make a significant impact in healthcare specifically when it comes to research concerning rare diseases, complex science, and drug development. Aronin’s expertise when it comes to business development and brand marketing has helped him attract a pool of influential individuals in both business and healthcare who have helped him on his path towards making a positive change in the healthcare sector.


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